intro to reading challenge 2017

At the weekend I will post about what I did not find on my Scavanger hunt from the list from this blog.

Small town ramblings

reading is my passion. I can’t not go to the library every weekend. thrift shop books? my favorite. bargain book shops? heaven to me. libraries? me in a candy store.

I am constantly reading. weather it be a real book, kindle or audio I read every day.

I found the pop sugar reading challenge of 2017.

I plan on making a separate category under book reviews about what books I add to this challenge in case anyone wants to join in. the picture below is the challenge. there is the basic list and then then advanced list. I’m trying to complete the advanced list.

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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins #BookReview

In contrast to other review I shared, for balance someone ‘who loved’ girl on the train. I agree as regards all parts. Especially that part 4 was so anti climatic!


About this book…

Julia, it’s me. I need you to call me back. Please, Julia. It’s important . . .

In the last days before her death, Nel called her sister. Jules didn’t pick up the phone, ignoring her plea for help.

Now Nel is dead. They say she jumped. And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good, to care for the teenage girl her sister left behind.

But Jules is afraid. So afraid. Of her long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of knowing that Nel would never have jumped.

And most of all she’s afraid of the water, and the place they call the Drowning Pool . . .

My review…

Having been a huge fan of The Girl in the Train (book not film!) I was desperate to read Into the Water and about 4 hours…

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1,000 Compliments, Positive Phrases, Inspirational Quotes and Lyrics That Can Fit On A Post-It Note

Slay Girl Society

Have you ever wanted to say the perfect thing to someone, but couldn’t formulate the words? Me too. I think everyone, even the most talented wordsmiths, often struggle with saying the right thing in a certain situation. It’s hard to express yourself when the feeling you want to articulate is super deep and personal. Or sometimes, we just run out of original things to say. Or other times, even the simplest compliment is forgotten because we want to makeour conversationextraordinary.

If you don’t already know, I have bipolar disorder. As someone with a mental illness, I know the amazing effect that the right words can have. I recently finished reading an inspirational book, How to Be ABawse byLillySingh.(Read the review here!) Her words were really motivating and encouraging and made me feel like anything was possible. I started to look at my recovery from a depressive episode with hope…

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Today, I blog. And we PARTY!!!!

As it is a Pink for days party 🎉, I’m going with a pink theme even though I’m not a massively pinky pink girl.


I bought the dress for a wedding 👰 🎩 , so I have got a fascinater to go with it but think that might be too much for an evening event?


The bag, I bought to go with the dress when I was in Bulgaria. In the picture above is the bottle of pink nail varnish, I’m wearing on my fingers and toes,

As the dress has beading around the neck, I do not need a necklace. I will wear a bracelet made out of cutlery, that I bought in Cuba.

2nd uses for cutterly

I’m bringing a bottle of pre mixed cosmopolitan. I bought it cheaply from Aldi, so hope it is going to taste alright. I like my cosmopolition very sweet and have been known to ask for extra sugar solution in them.

keeping with the Pink theme, I would like to strut in to Pink’s So What.

Whilst I wait for the dancing to get going, I can talk about some of my interests that I write about; travel, theatre 🎭, books and where I line which is Sheffield in England.

Chelia is offering an open opportunity to join the party 🎉  – hope to see you there.


Pink For Days

Welcome to “The 1000 Blog Party”


  • Leave a comment with a small introduction, the links to your favorite articles or 2/3 latest articles and answer the following questions:

  1. What are you wearing to my party?
  2. What are you drinking and eating right now, at the party?

  • Interact with other people!! Go over to the other party goers blogs, comment, come back and comment, answer comments, talk to people!!

  • Invite friends if you would like to have company or if you have a friend you’re dying to introduce us too;

  • Have fun, interact, meet new people, make friends!!


And there are gifts too!!

  • I will pick 4 people who interact the most with other bloggers and they will get:
  1. Featured on my blog from Tuesday to Friday. I will go through your blogs, do a post about them, leave the link, talk about your content, comment on my favorite posts…

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Every Beautiful Thing: A play by Duncan Macmillan which highly recommend watching if there is an opportunity!

Every beautiful thing is about creating a list of the good things in life; it has previously been a concept for exhibitions, installations and a Facebook group. In 2013 it was shown as a play at the Ludlow festival. subsequently it has toured globally and was shown on HBO December 2016. The script, can also be bought on Amazon.

I saw it Wednesday 17th May at the Crucible’s studio in Sheffield. I did not know in advance, but at the same time the play was also being shown in Paris.

The studio theatre has flexible set up, but for this show the seating was in the round which suited the high energy, interactive show brilliantly. There was one actor, ; Jonny Donahue who either plays an unnamed character or I can not remember their name. The play starts telling the story of his Mum’s two suicide attempts during his childhood, which is when he started the list if brilliant things for her. The audience are called upon to play some roles like vet, his Dad, his girlfriend. Some of the audience are also given cards to read out, items from the list and also the audience are asked to provide props such as books for a library scene. in Sheffield, one member of the audience nonchalantly provide Jane Austen’s Emma which got a laugh so I would advise when seeing show to either bring something very high brow like War and Peace or go the other way and offer a children’s book. It is a fantastic atmosphere because of the audience interaction. Don’t worry if you are not a natural performer because Jonny had a knack of picking excellent performers. Maybe they were just so good because it was Sheffield? But the vet was excellent, girlfriend excellent proposal, his former teacher and sock puppet ‘don’t know’ made a fabulous comedy double act. The Dad when called upon to give a wedding speech, aptly began lines that could apply to his unexpected performance and a wedding ‘ You don’t expect these situations but in these situations…’. The members of the audience may not do such a good job outside of Sheffield, but I’m sure each performance would  e unique and worth watching – I would watch again!



Mental Health Awareness: Suicide Reporting Guidelines

Vulnerable individuals may be influenced to engage in imitative behaviors by reports of suicide, particularly if the coverage is extensive, prominent, sensationalist and/or explicitly describes the method of suicide.

Preventing Suicide – A Resource for Media Professionals, WHO, 2008

It would be making light to suggest, that people commit suicide to copy suicides in the media; evidently other factors have more on an impact on this decision. However media reports can make a difference this is called the Werther effect. Due to this World Health organization and other national agencies have created guidelines for journalists and editors. In the UK, it is the Samaritans that created these guidelines. I became aware of these guidelines due to watching the play Every Brilliant Thing. The Samaritans is a charity in the UK that can be contacted in several ways by those needing support.


Below in case anyone is writing about suicide I have included 10 tips from the Samaritan’s websites.  Some tips are obvious, like you do not want to basically give instruction’s exactly how to kill self. In  every beautiful thing it also made the point about saying someone committed suicide died painless or instantaneously may make some one else more likely to copy. But then, for the family members and friends you would not want to go into too much details about how the person suffered so it is difficult. In the paly it was also noted about not making the reason for the suicide too simplistic like ‘he lost his job’ because that validates other people who have lots their job to feel the same when actually the issue is probably more complex,.

Suicide reporting – 10 things to remember

  • Leave out technical details about the method of suicide, such as describing the type of ligature used or the number and types of pills taken in an overdose. Never suggest that a method is quick, easy, painless or certain to result in death.
  • Language matters. Avoid dramatic headlines and terms such as ‘suicide epidemic’ or ‘hot spot’.
  • Include references to support groups and places where suicidal people can find help – it really does make a difference.
  • Treat social media with particular caution and refrain from mentioning websites or networks that promote or glamorise suicide.
  • Avoid dramatic or sensationalist pictures or video.
  • Young people are especially vulnerable to negative suicide coverage. Do not give undue prominence to photographs of a young person who has died and avoid repeated use of images such as galleries.
  • Try not to give a story undue prominence, for example with a front cover splash.
  • Don’t brush over the complex realities of suicide and its impact on those left behind. Remember that people bereaved by suicide are often vulnerable and are more likely to take their own lives than the general population.
  • Speculation about the ‘trigger’ for a suicide, even if provided by a close family member, should be avoided.
  • Use statistics with caution. Check with Samaritans or the relevant national statistical agency to make sure you have the most recent data and are comparing like with like.


Role of media reports in completed and prevented suicide: Werther v. Papageno effectsThomas Niederkrotenthaler, Martin Voracek, Arno Herberth, Benedikt Till, Markus Strauss,Elmar Etzersdorfer, Brigitte Eisenwort and Gernot Sonneck published 2010 British Phycology Journal.

Samaritans website

Every beautiful thing paly by Duncan Macmillian..


Some Sheffield Wonderwalls

Street art in Sheffield is becoming more popular. Everywhere you look in Sheffield you can find street art. The city’s urban landscape has provided local artists a playground to paint. The spray paint art has it’s own Twitter account, @streetartsheff, with 1,200 followers. Here are some of the few that have been captured around Sheffield’s […]

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