Walk a mile in my shoes: Number 8

Love these shoes! They were an impulse buy from Next. I have found them surprisingly easy to walk in; although they are high the wedge is curved so lots of pressure not put on sole of shoe. Occasionally my ankles have toppled in them, but I have not fallen over ever in them. I have not risked them for a while though as have had a sprained ankle.


My yellow clothes

Fabulous yellow dress. Bought earlier year for £89. It jumped out at me, when saw it in Marks and Spencers, bought it for a wedding party in August and today I have worn it at the races.

Yellow Primark dress.

Yellow Primark belt.

Yellow my Mum bought about 11 years ago in Peterborough as Easter present. Worn on many nights out.

Yellow vest tops from Primark.

Yellow t-shirts. Darker yellow from Marks and Spencer’s. Pale yellow from Primark.

Yellow top from Primark. Had years before cold shoulder trend, this year. Not worn much this year. The shoulder straps are in awkward place, for hiding bra straps,

Yellow hoodie from republic, which is now closed,

Just bought this jacket, last week in Primark, for £20.

Yellow cardigan £5.99 from under £5.99 shop.

9/11 Part 2 of 2

Around 3 ish on 11thSeptember 2001, I went into town with my Dad. It was then we realised it was a terrorist attack. As the afternoon went on, news ofthe other attacks came in.

When we get back from town, we put the tv on. My Dad sat down to watch; he very rarely watches tv during the day.

One thing that surprised me was the lack of any miracles. I expected it to be like when there is an earthquake and they find survivors days after; instead death toll went up.

I started uni a couple of weeks after 9/11 so then was not exposed to so much news. I can not remember talking about it with other students; which seems strange now.

9/11 Part 1 of 2

I happened to look at my alarm clock at 9.11 this morning. That time always stands out as it is now has so much significance as a date.

16 years ago today at 2pm, I had the radio on to listen to the omnibus edition of the Archers. On the 2pm news just before the Archers there was a snippet that news was just coming in that a plane had just gone into one of the twin towers. There was not more details and I had never heard of twin towers. After the Archers finished about 2.20 there was a news flash that another plane had gone into the towers. This seemed more strange. Was there navigation issues, poor fog? The story began unfurling…