My 35th birthday

Ate with family at Nags Head en route to Flask Dam, just outside of Sheffield. After lunch walked round Flask Dam.

Finished time with family with nibbles and birthday cake at my house.

I then went to the pub to listen to some live music.


Birthday Jewellery from my parents

18th birthday bracelet. It was from Maysons in Keswick.

21st bracelet. A traditional 21st present is a watch but, I did not and still not really like wearing watches; I preferred to have something pretty rather then functional for my wrist. My Mum agreed I could look for a bracelet as I was living in London at the time I looked and bought the bracelet on my own. It is swarovski.

23rd birthday necklace. This was the year I graduated. My graduation ceremony was shortly after my birthday. My Mum gave me the necklace saying, I was a star for my degree and the necklace had a star on.

My 30th birthday necklace. A ruby necklace my Mum bought when she was on holiday in Turkey,


I’m not entirely sure which birthday this was, possibly 32 or 33. I did not know what I wanted for my birthday. My Mum was going to Dubai when it was my birthday so said she would bring a surprise back.

My 35th birthday necklace.

Sheffield Christmas Lights Switch On

The Christmas light switch on in the city centre brought crowds into the centre.

The moor had entertainment including Chorus choir previewing their Christmas show, a brass band playing carols, mini horses and goats, a traditional carrousel.

The lights on the moor were already on.

The other lights were switched on from a stage in the Peace gardens.

Digital Fiction: Karen 8

I said I did not think she had helped.

There was loud music playing in the background. Not sure whether this is why most of dialogue was written rather than audible. Karen ignores saying not sure helped me and talks about how helped her.

She seems to be in an empty space. For most of conversation there is just the stereo in the background. At the end the bookcase behind Karen is empty.

The designing of a lincoln knight

The design and painting of a knight, for Lincoln knights trail 2017

Apparently it has a new home as it is now owned by a private couple.