Tramlines FREE Venues aka the fringe festival today 22nd and tomorrow 23rd

Leopold square

New bar in Victoria Quays in what was Quays 18-19

Greenroom on Division St parallel to West St

Royal Standard near Leadmill / Granville Road tram stop

Plug just off Moor

Crystal on Carver St near Walkabout / City Hall 

Doctors Orders on Glossap Road 5 minutes up the road from University Tram Stop

Picturehouse Social on Abbeydake Road

Great Gatesby on Division Street

Old House, Division Street

The Washington, Fitzwilliam st 5mins from west st tram stop

Gardeners Rest Kelham Island Sat 22nd from 3pm

Entertainment on Sheffield Moor.

Red Lion, just behind Hallam Student union. Nearest tram stop Train Station.

Madia Vale on West St across from Walkabout.

Friends Fest

Main activity is taking photos … on sofa in central perk, in front of central perk window, with yellow taxi, police car, dressed up in wedding dresses etc…

I want on my own, it is probably more fun with FRIENDS to share experience with and pose with.

There is a 30minute set tour which you book a slot for when book ticket. You do seem to need to book in advance to attend friends fest as it does get booked up. I got round in about hour and half then spent some time eating on top of that. So 2.5 – 3 hours max is plenty of time.

The 30minute set tour includes 10minutes looking at costumes and props in glass cases.

10minutes in hallway / Chandlers and Joey’s apartment.

Final ten minutes is in Monica’s apartment.

I ate at moondance diner, as had done everything else wanted,  but had time before set tour and thought may be rushing to eat afterwards; otherwise price may have put me off. £5.50 for burger and £3.00 for chips. Burger was very dissapointing, meat dry barely and cheese and could not taste cheese needed the addition of the lettuce and tomatoes. Chips were ok. Would recommend not planning to eat.

Other than that various places to eat; Central Perk, Chick and Duck bar, Mocklate, a big screen showing clips from Friends. Of course a shop to spend more money.

So although some interesting photos I do think overpriced.  Cheaper than real Central Park in New York though.

I went in Sheffield. If fancy paying price for some Facebook likes, this is where else it is. Also probably better with FRIENDS who were up for posing.

Insomnia – Stephen King

Someone who liked insomnia more than I did. Review clearly indicates where there are any spoilers although nothing major revealed. In comments they state Insomnia not best King book, so perhaps a shame that it was the first I found in a charity shop when looking for a King book as given how long books are then not sure would want to read another.


Since his wife died, Ralph Roberts has been having trouble sleeping. Each night he awakens a little earlier until he’s barely sleeping at all. During his late night vigils and walks, he observes some strange things going on in Derry, Maine. He sees colored ribbons streaming from people’s heads. He witnesses two strange little men wandering the city under cover of night. He begins to suspect that these visions are something more than hallucinations brought about by sleep deprivation. Ralph and his friend, widow Lois Chasse, become enmeshed in events of cosmic significance. –

I know I have mentioned before that I am a big Stephen King fan. He is a great story teller, there are no boundaries to his writing, and he doesn’t let his imagination be stunted by rules. He dreams something up, he writes it and he writes it well.


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A day in my life

I have been working in the same office for 11 years since 3rd July 2006.

During 11 years time I have lived in 3 houses (1 rented room in shared house and 2 houses I have owned), in Sheffield so my daily routine has changed slightly. 

I work managing data from trials of pharmaceutical drugs that are being developed. I can not go into details about this because in this industry really confidential, but if you have specific questions about this sort of work, feel free to ask and I will answer as much as confidentiality allows.

I’m awoken at 6.55am by my radio alarm coming on with Chris Evan’s I. BBC Radio 2. I find Chris Evan’s irritating but, I also do not like irritating jingles and adverts on commercial stations. Ideally I would like to wake to music but usually, it is sports update. I also like news bulletin within ten minutes of waking which is my cue to get up. I get up after 7 bulletin.

I dress and eat cereal and I’m out of house at 7.30. I walk to tram stop. I’m in office 35-40minutes later between 8.00 and 8.45.

My work days involve  teleconferences with internal colleagues or clients, lots of e-mails, execel spreadsheets, running reports and I have access to electronic databases   data in which I go into to check data. I usually stop for lunch at 13.30.

For lunch today I ate a bread roll with slices of chorizo in, an orange and an apple.

I can leave anytime from 4. I need to  put in 75 hours over 10 days, but have some flexibility on how much do each day. So exactly when finish depends,  if have late meetings or afterwork activities or need to do extra to get more done.

On this day met my Mum and Auntie at Centertainment Sheffield as we were going to see Greenday together at the Arena. We ate at Bella Italia. I ate Marco Pollo which was duck in a plum and spring onion sauce. I drank a glass of water.

Greenday was on stage from about 8.35 to 10.55. It is 11.30, on the tram home should be in bed for just after midnight.

VOTE NOW for the winner of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge!

For my story, as the prompt of terror has 6 letters, I used each letter to start a word of the story.

The story could describe a physical event like an earthquake or could describe a person panicking.

Earth Rocking.
Oblivion reigns.

An entry that was very chilling:

In the delivery room, baby silent.

Scottish Legend’s Blog | The ramblings of a would be writer trying to make it in the big bad world. All work is my own and some with adult content

Really the story is told in 4 words as, ‘in the’ could be omitted. So could have. Delivery room, baby silent. Medics panic. But chilling as it is!

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

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Welcome to Thursday and the opening of the vote to decide the winner of the Six Word Story Challenge.

The prompt was set on Saturday morning as usual. All week, you awesome authors have been submitting your six word creations for our reading pleasure – and ultimate judgement.

It’s Thursday so entry to the challenge has closed. Now we vote!

THIS WEEK’S PROMPT WAS TERROR. Which of the below 31 stories should win the grand prize?*

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