Standing on Sky Edge Again!

I went to see Standing on Sky edge again; I saw it during it’s first run in 2019. This is my Review from the first time.

I could not remember the detail from last time! I thought the Henderson’s references were new, but from my review they were there last time! It is the same format of three different time sets. From what I wrote last time the latest of the three set of narratives started in 2016 this time it started in 2015.

I first saw Standing on sky edge, March 2019, so I’m wondering whether it ended New Year’s Day 2019? The narrative for the last set finished new year day 2020 this time. Now I’m unsure whether it finished at this point the first time and 2020 just did not seem that significant then! Now I can of want to know what happened next in that flat during the pandemic!

From my memory, I think this time there were less Brexit references. The audience loved the Sheffield references and the show ended with a standing inaction. The current run of shows ends Sat 21 Jan. Then it is to be transferred to London. I’m still not sure how it will work with a London audience with all the Sheffield references! But I could be curious to see it!

Ambitious, original and successful at Sheffield Theatre; actors appearing in three plays in three different theatres at the same time! (Rock, Paper, Scissors ✂️ )

Long title so perhaps it is not clear what Sheffield theatres did! There were three plays taking part at the same time and the same actors moved between the three plays.

Rock took place in the Crucible round. Scissors took place in the studio at the Crucible. The third play took place in the Lyceum theatre. For those who do not know Sheffield the Lyceum is next door to the crucible however, actors moving between the three stages and keeping three plays going is still impressive feat! Not many places have the set up of three close stages to allow this – maybe National Theatre?

The story was a very Sheffield; centring around a struggling scissors factory in Sheffield. Sheffield originally was famous for producing steel products. The people working in this factories were craftspeople and of course those skills come with a price and in these days of cheap online vendors, customers are not always willing to pay the price for crafted items.

The three plays were set within three locations in the scissor factory. They worked together and individually. Each play could have been separate with actors going off stage to virtual other areas of the factory; but instead you got to see what happened when they left that stage. Therefore seeing all three gives the most comprehensive story!

All three plays are on each being this week. On Saturday the shows are all being performed three times therefore it is possible to see all three in one day! If you could only see one I would recommend Scissors in the Studio. The studio’s intimacy and the characters particularly the actor playing Mason are fantastic entertainment!

Blogmas First 5 ever blog theatre reviews and last 5 blog theatre reviews

As I’m coming up to my fourth anniversary of the blog I have been reflecting back on some of my first posts. The following were my first 5 theatre reviews all from 2016.

1. My first theatre review was my first ever blog post Immersive Great Gatesby

2. My review of first time I saw Everybodies Talking about Jamie at it’s premiere in Sheffield. Spoiler alert! I loved it and hence gave seen it again and again!

3. Frankinstein

4. Out of Order

5. Tribes

My last 5 theatre reviews

1. As mentioned above I have now seen JEverybodies Talking about Jamie (again!) and the latest time was February this year.

Due to the pandemic I have seen less theatre than usual therefore for reviews before the above I have had to go back to 2019.

2. Reasons to Stay Alive

3. Greenday Musical

4. Standing on Sky Edge Avenue

Showing that even in non pandemic times, I see less theatre then in 2016 for number 5, I have gone back to 2018.

5. Still Alice

Theatre on Screen Cyrano De Bergerac, Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar

I forgot when I wrote my March summary, that I had been to the cinema. A few days before cinemas closed, saw a National theatres production of Cyrano De Bergerac. It was a recording rather than a live show. Some parts of play quite intimate, so we thought you got something from seeing it on screen, that would not from live performance as got close ups of faces. It was a very minimalistic production with barely any set so the close ups really helped enhance it for me. I was not wowed but at least improved after first rapped scene as would have been very tedious if the whole play had been the same.

At the moment for 48hours from 7pm on a Friday there is Andrew Lloyd Webber production available on YouTube. Last week was Joseph Technicolor Dreamcoat. I put my texhnicolour dress on especially and watched at 7pm Friday. However, I was disappointed it was an unusual version. It was made more like a film than a theatre show. Even the audience was ‘fake’. The premise was that school teachers was telling pupils the story of Joseph then ended up on the stage in the story. I did not really engage with it.

This weekend’s production available until 7pm tomorrow is appropriately for Easter Jesus Christ Superstar. I saw the same cast of Tim Minchen and Spice Girl Mel C live at Sheffield arena. I think the version being showed was filmed at an arena in Birmingham with a live audience.. In the show big screens were used at the back of the stage. This has been my favourite of the three. It is high energy, rock style and lots of powerful voices. Worth close ups for Tim Minchen’s eyes. Andrew Lloyd Webber came on the stage at the end.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie AGAIN

I talk about Jamie a lot! I saw the premiere in 2017 and fell in love. Since seen in person in London and in Sheffield cinema live from London. It has returned to Sheffield, but this time in Lyceum rather than Crucible. I have posted a picture of the stage at the start on Instragram Wonderwall360.

The actress playing the teacher character has changed and I think found original to be a more moving performance; less fake.

Hugh of Victor’s secrets is now played by Shane Richie. Considering he is of Eastenders fame, I was impressed by his northern persona.

More crucially actor playing Jamie has also changed. At first I was dubious but think perhaps that was because I see the original as Jamie having watched him for literally hours. I think I did warm to him.

Overall I still enjoyed this musical. I will watch the film when it comes out in October; not least because I may be in it. Perhaps the different Jamie actor in that will also take some getting used to.

Drag Queens to Bondage

Jamie vs we will rock you

My Mother Said I never should: Theatre review

I went to the matinee of this a few weeks ago. It has taken me until now to write a review of it, because I was not sure what to say about it. I was keen to go, because it sounded interesting and was in the studio of Crucible theatre and I enjoy the intimacy of that space, which can give rise to some different plays. I came out thinking, it was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon but a little underwhelmed and that was possibly because I had set expectations high.

The story was about three / four generations of women in a family. There was just four women in the play and they played their characters at different ages, so that was slightly confusing. Through the family there seemed to be a history of deafness so there was some signing. But, it bugged me that this was not addressed; who was affected and how; the scientist in me wanting to know about the genetics. On the other hand it was making a statement not to address it and just have it as a family fact and not something to be highlighted.

As this was an arts council production the theatre, this week sent me a questionnaire about it. The questionnaire asked me to rate the play upon different aspects. At the end it showed me how, my answers compared to other people’s answers. Mostly my answers were in a similar range to others but, I rated slightly lower. The big exception was on likely hood to come to something like it again; most people were close to neutral but, I selected strongly agreed I would. I would see something similar again. Like I said I like seeing different things in the studio. It is like Edinburgh festival; you get some quirky plays and they are worth taking a punt on because of the fabulous things you see. The not so good things generally still give you something to think / talk about. I think the least enjoyable studio play has been Krapps tapes which was one man show with Richard Wilson which bored me but at Crucible corner least got to say What just happened, did we miss something? Whereas My Mother said did not bored me and I enjoyed the theatrical experience. I have shared questionnaire results on Wonderwall360 Instragram.

Favourite musicals: We will you rock you VS Everybody’s talking about Jamie


I’m particular about the musicals I watch. I want a good music and a proper storylines. Lots of musicals are just a series of songs, loosely connected. As my preferred type of music is indie / rock then sometimes musical music can be a bit dreary for me. Two musicals that fit the criteria are therefore my top two are: We will Rock you are Everybody’s Talking about Jamie. But which is my favourites?

Performances seen

I first saw We Will Rock you in 2003 or 2004. I loved it! I have since seen an amateur group perform it in Sheffield, a version at Sheffield arena and last week at Lyceum Sheffield.

I first saw Everybody’s Talking about Jamie at the Sheffield premiere in February 2017. I went to see it in January 2018 when it transferred to London. Later in 2018, I saw it at Sheffield showroom showing it live from London. I have tickets to see it again in Sheffield in February. There is a film version, coming out next October, which I definitely want to watch; I may glimpse myself it it as was an extra in the final scene.


We will Rock you is set in a dystopian future where rock and roll 🎸 has been eradicated by brainwashing memories of rock songs and even who let the dogs out, from peoples’ memories. Watching it this time, I saw someone similarities from the Yesterday as a few people can remember rock. Those who remember are on a quest to find last remaining guitar and play proper rock again. There is even romance a long way! I like the positive female roll model.

In Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, Jamie is a 16year old boy facing his GCSE exams but more focussed on his dreams of being a drag Queen. He wants to go to his prom is drag. The show ends at his prom. It is set in Sheffield, so I like the Sheffield references.

Timelessness of shows

I like rewatching We will Rock you as it is brought up to date with references of current music. Also in latest performance it referenced non binary sexuality.

The subject of drag in Everybody’s Talking about Jamie is very current. However, drag is already becoming increasingly msinstrain so in 16 years time will Everybody’s Talking About Jamie feel dated, or will it be a fresh as We Will Rock You?


Both have laughs in them!

Music 🎵 🎶

We will Rock you is based upon Queen music which is fantastic and also references some other classics and some cheese like My milkshake…

Everybody’s talking about Jamie music was written by writter from the band Feeling. Love opening number and have the soundtrack.

Final Verdict

I think after seeing it this week and despite thinking atmosphere in theatre was slightly lacking (maybe because back of stalls underneath balcony ceiling?), that my favourite musical is We will Rock you. Yes they both have a good plot and good music but it is hard to beat Queen music and that gives it the ultimate edge. Also think We will Rock you stands test of time better because it is easier to update.

September 2019 Summary


The man who did not call by Rosie Walsh – First part very intriguing thriller type of hat happened to him. Last third Ish of book know why did not call and it deals with aftermath.

Awful Auntie

Awful Auntie by David Walliams


All I know about love.

All I know about love by Dolly Alderton


The Hornbeam tree

The Hornbeam Tree (spoiler free review)


Penguin modern 05: Three Japanese short stories. All three stories did not have a dramatic climax. It was the middle of the stories in the book that engaged me Closet LLB by Uno Koju translates by Jay Rubin. It was about a lazy man’s law student days (although he actually wanted to study literature) and early post graduate times.

Carries War by Nina Bowden. Like that set during war but not much about the war. The war just provides background in that Carrie is evacuated as a child during war, but other than that war is not of relevance to her. The book has her coming back to where she was evacuated as an adult.


Reasons to stay alive

Reasons to Alive Theatre Review


No brand new clothes

Oxfam had a campaign to not buy brand new clothes in Sept. I did not buy any new clothes for myself in September. I did buy Lucy Locket leggings as Christmas presents for Mum, sister and niece. I got new to me clothes though from clothes swap at Union Street cafe in Sheffield. I had a good sort out and took whole suitcase. I brought back one long black top with sequins, animal print top, white and blue dress and a pale grey dress with polka dots that was handmade. The next of these swaps is 30th November.

Heritage and Castlegate Festival

Final weekend of Heritage week and Castlegate festival

Henry Byers Stables for horses 🐴 , Lizzie elephant 🐘 and Camels 🐫 in Sheffield (Heritage / Castlegate festival)

Sheffield Heritage Week and Castlegate Festival

Limestone weekend

Post Limestone Way Multi Day Walk Weekend Pampering

Reasons to Alive Theatre Review

Aptly in week where Prince Harry publicly spoke about struggling to get up due to struggles with mental health, I saw a play on the same subject. Reasons to stay alive is based on book by Matt Haigh. Apparently the book has been very popular and subsequently this show has been a virtual sell out in Sheffield.

It is debatable whether mental health issues are becoming more prevalent or it is just more people are opening up. Certainly lot said and written about mental health currently. The show featured quotes from various people’s book about mental health, listed famous people who have opened up about their mental health and read tweets for the #reasonstostayalive. This was interspersed with the story of Matt Haigh’s struggles and the impact on his partner. It was an eye opener or rang true depending on your experience of mental health. The play could  be a useful basis for which to have conversations about mental health. I found it a little disjointed flipping between the story and different insights, but overal think well acted and raised important points.

Googling today I have found Matt Haigh is a popular writer of adult books like Reasons to live and also chidren’s books.

Ending spolier


In the show I was rather disappointed when it seemed the solution to Matt’s problems was going to be that he published a book, because not everyone can do that. However,  when it actually was suggested his problems later reoccurred, I was also dissapointed because it be nice to think that if someone have ot face such issues they only have to face them once.