The Sewing Bee Final 🧵 🐝

The result was…..

🚨Contains Spoilers🚨

As expected for several weeks that Serena won. She did make a slight mistake in the pattern challenge but still came first.

Serena seems lovely. I just find it irritating that a med student also has had time to get so good at sewing. Poor Raph he is actually studying textile design! How galling! He came up with a crazy fabulous festival outfit in round 2. I was not keen on the shiny red material he used in the final round. And unfortunately it was not fully hemmed.

After coming respectable third in the first two tasks Rebecca produced a dress of top finalist style.

Serena’s yellow Vinelle from Calling Eve inspired dress saw her secure a win.

That is that for another year!

June / July to do list 🎶 🏊‍♀️ 🦔 📚 🧺

Hathersage outdoor pool and swimming indoors after more than a year of no swimming so good to be back to it!

Currently considering nature for June 30days wild. More about 30days wild

Keep supporting hospitality businesses which have had to close during lockdowns by buying drinks and food.

Bookish picnic 📚 🧺- thank you Elaine H for the ideas 💡!!!

Afternoon tea.

Beat the street

Sheffield bear trial

Festivals 🎶

June : Bangers and Cider

July: Sheffield’s very own Tramlines!

Books to be read 📚

So far in June I have read The Rosie Project and the Colour purple for book club discussions later in the month.

Currently reading Trust me by TM Logan which I either need to return Tuesday or renew so trying to finish – not hard as it is a page turner.

Next rereading Rebecca for a book club at the start of July.

Then got some holiday related books to read.

Sewing Bee🧵🐝 Semi Final

🚨 Contains Spoilers 🚨

I was correct in my predictions in terms of who would make the final.

My semi final predictions

Inevitably Farie left the competition. Although Rebecca also had a shaky week, perhaps she has got her nerves over and will perform better in the final.

Raph had a good semi final and is looking good to offer some competition to Serena in the final. She is still looking like the one to beat!

Top 5 Tuesday Top 5 rereads

Meeghan’s topic for this week was top 5 rereads.

I’m not a regular rereader as there is always too many new books to read. However coincidently I’m rereading two books this month in preparation for book discussions.

1. I’m rereading Rosie Project by Gramme Simsion for a book discussion at the end of June.

2. I’m rereading Rebecca for a book club discussion at the beginning of July.

3. I love the book One Day. I have read it twice and listen to it on audio books. I have now purchased multiple different cover versions of it. Therefore I imagine at some stage I will reread or listen to it again.

4 I recently found in a charity shop a boxed collection of Roald Dahl’s children’s books. Therefore I would like to reread some of them possibly reading some outloud to a child.

5. I recently devoured the Wild Silence which is the follow up book to the Salt Path by Raynor Winn and I think in the future I would like to go back and read the two books back to back.

Pocket books

I have recently learnt about pocket books also called flipback books or in Holland dwarsligger (the term comes from the Dutch words “dwars,” or crossways, and “liggen,” to lie, and also means a person or thing that stands out as different). I learnt about them because I was looking to add to my collection of One Day covers; SPOILER I succeeded and will share my collection on Instragram on 15 July which is the one day featured in the book, Anyway one of the different vesions I found was a v bhnyynnnpnn so I bought that and have subsequently researched flipback / pocket books

These pocket books are a little larger than a cassette tape. Or to be more modern; their length is a bit shorter than my Iphone 6 (See Instagram Wonderwall360 for pictures). Really thin paper is used in the books to condense the books however, still the book I have is 4 times as thick as my Iphone. Therefore a you would need deep wide pockets to fit it in. Would struggle to shove in slim fitting jean pockets.

The text of the pocket books, is horizontally along the long side of the books. You are meant to be able to read them one hand by flipping the page up, similarly to swiping up a smartphone. Perhaps I’m too much of a luddite but I don’t think I could read this book with one hand. I need to hold it in one hand. Then if trying to swipe with other hand whilst holding in one hand I could not really get the pages to smoothly flip. I think I would have to turn them in a more traditional manner. But that would be fiddly too; as pages are so small, reading horizontially and the pages are so thin. Not really tried to read the book properly in this format as I have so many copies of it but think would be irritating as don’t get usual amount of text on the page so would be constantly turning pages.

This article from the New York times has more information about pocket books including the quote from author John Green

“Young people are still learning how they like to read. It is much closer to a cellphone experience than standard books, but it’s much closer to a book than a cellphone. The whole problem with reading on a phone is that my phone also does so many other things.”

My opinion so far of these books is that they are fun to look at for the novelty. They may be good if some reason really wanted a small book to carry around but as I don’t often carry books around then I do not think this format is for me. I guess it would also allow to fit more books in less space so I would be tempted to buy different books just to see covers rather than keeping full size version of the book.

Have you any experience of pocket books? If so what do you think?


From reading this are you tempted to read a pocket book, if so why?

The Sewing Bee 🧵 🐝 : Film Week

🚨 Contains SPOILERS 🚨

It was clear from the first two tasks it would either be Farie or Damien going. It came down to the final task where Farie wowed the judges more.

However I think it will be Farie going next week as she does not seem to have the same competency as the other three.

Next week is the semi final. I think the final will be Raphael, Rebecca and Serena. Potentially Serena will be victorious; she is consistent and competent but to me slightly annoying being a medical student who is also a talented sewing bee.

The Wild Silence Review

I have just read Wild Silence the follow up of The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. I wrote in this post: that the Salt Oarhis about true life story about a couple who upon bring evicted decide to walk the South West coast path which is 630miles. Raynor’s Winn has been told he has a terminal disease although it can only 100% be confirmed at post mortem. It has made me think what terminal means; looking it up it is a disease that can not be cured which will ultimately lead to death. Sometimes the times the term life limiting is used instead of terminal. Walking 630miles do not seem to fit with those terms although some people with a terminal condition will deteriorate faster. The book is also thought provoking as regards homelessness. I definitely recommend!

I was eager to read the Wild Silence, to find out what happened next to the couple. Like the Salt Path, I devoured Wild Silence within a few days. The book answered a lingering question about how the Salt Path was written. I wondered whether Raynor had wrote notes as they went on but was unsure seen as she mentioned everything they packed and she had not packed a notebook. It turns out she wrote Salt Path quite a long time after the end of the walk from her memory and brief notes that Moth had made in the margins of the guide book. I was moved when in Wild Silence Raynor mentioned she had dreamed growing up of ‘writing a book with a penguin on the spine’ to check the books spine and sure Wild Silence does have a penguin, symbolising it was published by penguin

The Wild Silence describes the process of writing the Salt Path originally written to aid Moth’s memory and subsequently the process of it being published; alongside other life events such as Raynor’s Mum dying. Raynor also reminisces about events before their walk including previous walking adventures with Moth and childhood events.

In summary like the Salt Path, the Wild Silence was another enjoyable read.

The Power Book Review

I’m getting my thoughts in order for a book club discussion later today. I groaned when it was decided it was going to be a sci-fi book. But waited to see which book it was an hoped he would not be too obscure and geeky. Indeed it was well chosen for our girlie group! It was about women developing something called the power that allows them to send bolts of lightening into people. This therefore makes them more powerful than men! It is interesting the mention of parents being told to not let boys out alone at night and the story of three women sending lightening to the base of a man’s spine to make him erect then all having there way with him then leaving him alone, violated; twists to the normal narratives we hear!

The premise of the book is that it has been written as a history book. At the front is a note from the supposed author of the book to a female acquaintance asking her to read his manuscript. The book ends with the letter back from the women with her views then back and forth letter debate about gender.

In conclusion I did not find the book so difficult to read as I feared it may be. There was as mentioned some interesting parts about gender. The book jumped around lots of different characters and found did not really engage with any of them.; perhaps the male journalist being the most memorable amongst, all the female characters. Although there were good bits to read, I felt it got repetitive towards the end and did not really have much momentum. I’am pleased I have read it so that I can enjoy the discussion later. I’m sure the discussion will prompt further from myself and others will have picked up on aspects of the book that I did not.

Sewing Bee 🧵 🐝 update

Last week I explained about the televised competition Sewing Bee. Here follows an update following this week’s episode. 🚨 Beware, it. Contains a SPOILER of who left!

I’m kind of sad Andrew went as thought he was a character. He was good at coming up with lines and bantering with Jo Lyccett.

Damien is also character, a manly cheeky chap. Like the twinkle in his eye! He has often been shown improvising and trying to bluff through tasks, so I never thought he was a serious contender. However this week in the final task he made a dress that wowed the judges and they say it was his best yet. It was a dress for a winter party with a trendy zip down the centre. You could reveal more flesh by unzipping the dress up or down!

I think the girls Serena and Rebecca are not really characters as they are so similar to each other you can confuse them! They are competent sewers though.

Farie studied fashion although she now works as an accountant. Therefore she can design some amazing garments. However the making of them does not always go so well! She often has not finished the first of the week’s task which is making a garment per a pattern. Therefore I can not see her winning, unless in the final she gets her timing together and completes the pattern challenge flawlessly then makes the garments she is capable of in the other tasks.

Raphael is also a strong sewer and a contender for winning. Even though apparently he only started sewing during lockdown last year!