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#Libraryloves See reblog below for more details of library month. Feel free to also take part and share your library experiences.

1. When did you first go to the library/get a library card?

I was maybe 6 or 7 when my Mum took me to the library in the village we lived in. i had 3 pink cardboard library  envelope cards and they would take a slip out of each book borrowed and put it inside the cardboard envelope card and keep your ticket.

2. How often do you use your library?

Not regularly used a library since I was at university and that was just for course purposes. Whilst I was living in London on university placement in third year I did use the library I think in Wimbledon? to take reading books out. Since living in London I have not taken a book out of library.

3. Have you ever had a late or lost library book?


4. What’s your favourite thing about your library?

My nearest library is in Hillsborough park. I recently learned at a heritage walk that it was original built as a private house therefore it is quite grand and has walled garden next to it.

Sheffield Heritage Week and Castlegate Festival

5. Are you a browser or do you plan what you’re taking out?

Not taken anything out in years, but have browsed in Hillsborough library and Sheffield central library.

6. Name a book you took a chance on from the library.

Hard to remember what did read from library but know  I discovered Saddleback club books in the library.

7. What is best book you read from the library?

That is going back a long time. Most of my library days were in childhood. I had hours of pleasure from library books. One Wednesday in Summer holiday I went to the library got three books read them, exchanged for three others, read them then returned for three more.

I also used to go to the library in local town and borrow music. Can not remember whether cassettes or CDs borrowed but know borrowed Lightening seeds and copied it on to tape and used to listen to it a lot.

8. Have you ever taken the same book out multiple times?

I’m not a re-reader, so I doubt it..

9. Have you read a good book set in a library?

In Secrets she left behind by Diane Chamberlain  two of the characters meet in a library.

10. Have you used your library’s ebook and audiobook options?


11. Which is the best library you’ve been to?

Think never been over wowed by a library; apart from it containing lots of books, not found much else attractive about place itself. Sheffield central is quite grand and houses Graves art gallery and has art works in lobby of library that go up to the art gallery.

Would love my own library. Last year spent lot of time looking at libraries on pintrest.

My ultimate dream house: library

12. What would make you use your local library more?

If it was open in the evenings. Especially if some book events like book clubs. This is  opening times of my local Hillsborough library:

  • Monday: 12.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Tuesday: 10am to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday: 10am to 5.30pm
  • Thursday: closed
  • Friday: 10am to 2pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 4pm
  • Sunday: closed

Therefore difficult to get to when work.

Do want it to stay open though for when I have children, so I can take them! If they read as fast as I did as a child them I’m definitely going to want a source of free books! Also seen on website today they do groups there for toddlers, so  that sounds fun!

Would not mind as part time retirement job working / volunteering in a library.

Hello friends! How are you all? Like I excitingly announced last week, I’m one of the cohosts for #LibraryLoves, a month long celebration of libraries big, small and everything in between! Today I’m coming at you with the blog book tag that Jess came up with and tomorrow I am sharing with you all what […]

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