Memories of watching Labyrinth from first watch to latest Viewing at Temple of Fun

I have vague memories, of this being on every Christmas when so was young. It seems it came out in 1986 when I was 4. I was not sure, I had watched it all the way through so I went along when Temple of Fun in Sheffield was showing it.

It seems Temple of fun are having regular film nights (there is a couple of Christmas films announced for December. I ate ‘duck’ pancakes, poutine which is Canadian dish with chips, gravy, cheese, ‘bacon’ and the Sheffield product of Henderson relish followed by chocolate shortbread; would you believe this was a vegan restaurant. Food was good, hard to believe vegan! (Photos on Instragram Wonderwall360). Find it rather strange though calling something bacon, duck, chicken or beef burger when it does not contain meat! Vegetarians would not be happy if stated carrot on a menu if it was made from chicken!

I could remember Labyrinth lead actress shared my name and I in past the film scared me. This time I was not scared 🙂

I’m not one for rewatching film but although I know seen parts of it at various Christmas’s, I think I was probably playing with toys / only caught parts of it, so don’t think ever sat down and watched from start to finish. I’m pleased to now now full story. Furthermore I can see why people would see again to take in different details of the Labyrinth. There is the gourds who are like playing cards with two heads, the scrap metal yard and lots of sparkle! Then the castle in final scene is Esher like with lots of connected staircases where it hard to see whether go up or down or sideways ( see instragram Wonderwall360. I could not remember the music; considering all David Bowie, I was disappointed as not his most memorable music. Better music would make me want to watch again more!

Overall I no longer find Labyrinth scary. It is feel good family film. It has sentiments about growing up and dealing with siblings. Sarah often says it is not fair. I thought at one point she said something like ‘It’s not fair but that is just way it is’. I have tried googling to find the quote without success; maybe I need to watch film again to find out.

Watching the film in Temple of Fun was a good experience, I liked the food. There are comfortable big seats. Ideally you want, a seating room for two and share with someone want to cuddle up to. I ended up sharing a seating room with a couple so I was a bit on edge / between two units. I can not concentrate very well watching films at home, so this was a good middle ground between darkness and silence of cinema and more relaxed environment. Location worked well for this enjoyable film!

Women and Children First (fiction surrounding Titanic) by Gill Paul

I found this book in a charity shop and it fitted in with my desire to read fiction books about Titanic after visiting Southampton and museums about Titanic in Cobh and Belfast earlier this year as part of a cruise.

I enjoyed the first chapters which established characters and presented colourful image of life on board. No spoiler to say the ship then sank and it was a battle to survive.

The book continued with survivors arrival in New York. There is mystery and grief over the fate of the various characters who have not arrived in New York. The suspense waiting for mystery to be solved is interspersed with a few narrative strands that would all be enthralling on there own but together; create a rich plot.

The book ends with an epilogue summarising survivors further endeavours in their lives which was fascinating.

Following finishing this, upon seeing another Gill Paul book in New discount pop up book shop in Sheffield for 99p, I have bought that.

Remembering the past with poppies whilst aiming to prevent repeated mistakes in the future and damage environment

Today is the nearest Sunday to Armistice day, tomorrow 11th November.

I think, it is so important to remember the huge loss of lives in wars, with the aim of never allowing such events to happen again. Armistice day is also called Poppy Day and people wear poppies as a symbol of this remembrance. I have also been reflecting on whether wearing of poppies is sustainable. Every year thousands of poppies made from paper and plastic are sold. At a time when there is a focus on reducing use of single use plastics this seems contrary. Poppies can be recycled by taking them to Sainsbury collection points. But how many are recycled? Especially considering the ones that fall off people’s clothes, giving potential for the plastic parts to enter oceans.

There are alternatives such as metal broaches. A few years ago to avoid the irritation of paper poppies falling off clothes, I bought a poppy broach (which ironically fell off my coat) and some poppy earrings. At the time, I had not considered the environmental aspect, but I’m pleased I went for that option. People buying poppies each year, raises money for the Royal British Legion. Conversely a one off purchase of broach, earrings, mug etc… is probably equivalent to several years contributions annually for paper poppies. Even when not buying paper poppies there is nothing to stop you putting money in collection tins or donating by phone or online.

Can ring 0845 845 1945 to donate to British legion or

Text POPPY to 70020**Cost £3 plus standard network charges (typically £2.97 goes to the Royal British Legion).

Or can go to to donate online or print a donation form off to send by post to Freepost Plus RTZT-ATBH-RGBZ, The Royal British Legion, Bumpers Way, Bumpers Farm, Chippenham, SN14 6NG.

If you have read this far I hope you agree with preventing future conflicts and our planet. If you have managed to buy and not lose paper poppy this year, how about keeping it next year to save energy involved in recycling it?

6 for Sunday: blue books

This was a challenge set by A little but a lot at

I have scavenged my own shelves for books.

1. My favourite wife, I bought this book because I found it in The works shop, signed.

2. A collection of Roald Dahl short stories for adults: Kiss Kiss 💋

3. The pier by Mark Haddon : a collection. If short stories by the author of Curious Dog in the night.

4. A cookery book.

5. Into the Water 💦 by Paula Hawkins. My review of this is my most read post.

Blue libraries.

6. Some versions of To the lighthouse have a blue cover (although the copy I had which I have now passed on was orange).

Sorry we missed you; film review

A sad reflection of the country we live in. Any prime minister or minister who makes ignorant comments about people not using their ‘common sense’ to get out of a burning building or thinks flooding in the North does not count, should be forced to watch this film.

It could be called, thought provoking but it’s the kinds of things we often do not like to think about; they are so unpleasant. The disabled or aged served by low paid zero employees who do what they can in the limited time allotted to them. When going extra mile for careers for their ‘clients’ means neglecting their own families. Latch key kids, ruthless bosses, truanting teenagers, overcrowded emergency departments. It could be said to be full of cliches. But situations that are common and real make those cliches. You can live in a bubble and think these things don’t exist and those like me are sheltered from the worse; yet 2 minutes from the station there is someone try to get warm swaddled in blankets.

It is not pleasant viewing. Not a feel good film. However possibly so important to watch.

Our House by Louise Candlish

I had bought this book, before seeing Louise Candlish, speak a few weeks ago.

1 afternoon, 7 authors (Off Shelf book festival crime afternoon)

She talked about how this book and her most recent Those People are both centred around London houses. She said how you can own millions of pounds of property in London and therefore this amount of value could be a motive for murder.

The book is a his and her story with her narrative supposedly a podcast and his a ‘word file’. The podcast, narrative did not really work for me. It did not read as though she was speaking it, especially with punctuation like brackets. Also I could not quite understand her motive for doing a podcast; until beat the end of the book when that was explained. All her narrative was told looking back, yet was told in chronological order without revealing the end point. I guess sometimes you do watch documentary which, are scripted to keep you in suspense but I’m not sure that is how she would have spoke. You do know right from the start the situation is that she had come home to find new owners moving in. I would have accepted more having the discovery chapter then rewind to start the story chronologically again.

His story was in the sense of it’s perspective more believable.

Overall this book did not leave up to expectations.

Discussion with SPOILERS

Through the book it did not make much sense, why he was so afraid of jail; that definitely needed explaining or it would have been another flaw of the book. It was explained on last bit one page. Not that it felt like a big reveal. Also there had been clues he was planning suicide. You kind of wanted him to pull a fast one and get the money; but him committing suicide makes it anti climatic.

Her killing the Toby / Mike seemed out of character. But then as part of the narrative was hers and she had to make herself sound like a victim rather than a criminal then that makes some sense. However with that in mind perhaps she would have talked less of Toby in podcast? Perhaps not having meet between Bram and Toby? The meet between Bram and Toby could have just been in his narrative; that could have created more of a twisty story rather it all being laid out so much. Did she even need to say she had been on a weekend away with Toby as going through that and saying good time surely creates suspicion of way he disappeared after House incident.

October 2019 Summary


The girl with the pearl earring.

The girl 👧 with the pearl earring book review

In the run to Halloween 🎃 read the appropriately titled Dead 💀 Souls which was an Ian Rankin Rebus novel. It was set in Edinburgh, so I liked remembering my time in Edinburgh last year albeit the book was set whilst the parliament at the foot of Arthur’s Seat was just at a planning stage. Rebus in this book had a few cases ongoing at once.



Ange’s challenge: Read a book by a Victorian female author (bonus: one that’s new to you)

Read the follow up to Little women by so not a new female author. In this book the girls start to get married.

Kate’s challenge: Reread a Victorian book

I attempted to read a bit of Dracula 🧛‍♂️ which I first tried last year by candlelight.

Katie’s challenge: Read a Victorian book under 250 pages and/or over 500 pages


Lucy’s challenge: Read an underrated Victorian book

from the same year as your favourite Victorian classic


General challenge: Read by candlelight

Did not read much as even with 3 candles very hard to see book. Especially as my copy of Dracula 🧛‍♂️ has small print. I skipped Jonathon going to Transylvania and read a couple of letters between his girlfriend Mina and her friend Lucy.


I saw we will Rock you.

Favourite musicals: We will you rock you VS Everybody’s talking about Jamie


The Joker Film review


Enjoyed the Archers tonight which was all about Halloween 🎃 The characters largely agreed with my view of trick and treaters. There was also Jim scary Robert with a ghost 👻 story,

My views of Halloween 👻 🎃

Saw Sheffield artist Joe Scarborough talk at Weston Park museum and got him to sign a poster (see photo on Instragram Wonderwall360). He is friendly, funny and love his proper Sheffield accent.

All Lit up at Hillsborough Park (see photos on Instragram Wonderwall360)

Kelham Island beer festival and Crime afternoon of Off the Shelf festival.

1 afternoon, 7 authors (Off Shelf book festival crime afternoon)