September 2020 Summary


The Silent patient. Read for book club. Seemed mediocre until got to the twist! Not sure what people will say about it at book club!

Blood orange 🩸 🍊 slightly twisted book!

The Chain rather sickening concept is children are kidnapped and to get your child back as well as paying a ransom you have to kidnap someone else’s child and then they have to do the same to get their child back and do on.


My parent’s have been self isolating as in not leaving their garden, since the beginning of September and have another few weeks to go due to my Mum having surgery. To bake up for not being able to see my parents my sister and her kids did visit; this was the first time seen them since Christmas. Swing my nephew and niece and our relationship being unaffected by not seeing for 9 months and my Mum successfully getting through operation have been highlights. Finding life has ups and downs. Living alone and working remotely can get lonely.

Top 5 Tuesday the final instalment if the A-Z of character names

Over the last few weeks based upon prompt from

I have been trying to remember a book character for each letter of the alphabet. It turns out the books I read as a child were more memorable / read more series like Postman Pat rather than one off books like now therefore can recall children’s book character’s better than adult books.

Here is the whole alphabet from A to Z.




Um…I have feeling read a book with a Ursula in but can not remember what. There is the Ugly sisters 👯‍♀️ in Cinderella.

Violet from Charlie and Choclate factory far better than Verruca.

Willy Wonka for more double points! This is another character from from Charlie and the Chocolate Factor.

X just a cross here. Amongst the 5 letters for this week.

Yao from 9 perfect strangers by Lianne Moriety from 9 perfect strangers,

Zoe as above from 9 perfect strangers.

Top 5 Tuesday Characters P-T

Continuing trying to remember a character’s name for every letter of the alphabet per the prompt from This week is is P-T.

Postman Pat does that get double points? It has been a favourite for generations of children in the UK.

Queen Camilla by Sue Townsend.

Rosie from Rosie project series by Gramme Simison. Rosie Project series

Sarah from Specially Sarah. I bought this book as a child because it was close to my name (Sara) and have kept the book.

Topsy and Tim twins 👯‍♀️ more double points? These are twins from another children’s series. I seem to be able to remember names from children’s books better than adults!

5 Random things learnt due to lockdown

1 Woman’s hour is not an hour long.

2. Baby coots are called cooties.

3. Iron bru came from New York it was first manufactured in the UK in Mansfield. The manufacture then moved to Scotland hence association with Scotland.

4. Heron’s nest in trees and their babies are called chicks.

5. England millions of year’s ago was on the equator because Earth’s plates move around.

Top 5 Tuesday Characters K-O

Following on with the prompt last week for A-J from… it is K-O

Kate from my Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Piccoult. The book is mainly told from her younger sister’s Anna’s point of view but Kate is also central. In fact Anna was only conceived to supply bone marrow for Kate. The story is about what happens when Kate now needs a kidney.

Lisabeth Salender from the Millenuim magazine setries (i.e The Girl with Dragon tattoo etc..) a realy fierce female.

Maura Isles from Tess Gerritsen Rizzoli and Isles series. She is a pathologist.

Napoleon from 9 perfect strangers.

Olive Kitteridge by Emma Strout.

19 years since 9/11

This morning I listened to the Archers that I missed last night on radio player on the web. 19 years ago today I had also missed the Archers the night before however I was not in the habit of using the internet then and not sure whether the Archers was available on the internet. Therefore I turned my radio in my bedroom on at 2pm to listen to the repeat.

On the 2pm news just before the Archers there was a snippet that news was just coming in that a plane had just gone into one of the twin towers. There was not more details and I had never heard of twin towers. After the Archers finished about 2.20 there was a news flash that another plane had gone into the towers. This seemed more strange. Was there navigation issues, poor fog? The story began unfurling…

Around 3 ish on 11thSeptember 2001, I went into town with my Dad. It was then we realised it was a terrorist attack. As the afternoon went on, news ofthe other attacks came in.

When we get back from town, we put the tv on. My Dad sat down to watch; he very rarely watches tv during the day.
One thing that surprised me was the lack of any miracles. I expected it to be like when there is an earthquake and they find survivors days after; instead death toll went up.

I started uni a couple of weeks after 9/11 so then was not exposed to so much news. I can not remember talking about it with other students; which seems strange now for such a big event. Although a big tragedy it did not physically affect me unlike the current global pandemic.

You can keep your mask on! Full Monty walk.

Linear walk from Bamforth street to Middlewood tram stop: Full Monty film locations and other Hillsborough sights.

From Bamforth tram stop walked down to Burton Street school. This is the school in the film that Gaz’s son attended.

From here headed down to Penistone road. Incident my past a stone on a garage forecourt next to New Barrack tavern which marks location of the Rose Inn which apparently played a role in the aftermath of 1864 flood. I suspect that it’s role was that cellar used as mortuary.

Turned off Penistone Road by going through B&Q car park to Reagents flats. These flats are where Lomper and Guy are disturbed in bed and escape over the balcony (given height of even lowest balcony not sure that really possible).

From the flats crossed road to Borough Road and veered on to Park view road. Before turning down Burrowlee road to Burrowlee House. At the time Burrowlee House was built in 1711 by Thomas Streade the surrounding area was rural. Burrowlee house is grade 2 listed; it is the oldest house in Hillsborough and one of the first brick houses to be built in Sheffield.

Circuited to the back of Burrowlee house by walking to Pennstone Road then taking next right up Broughton Road. This road was named after Thomas Steade’s son Broughton.

Thomas Steade built another house in 1779 which is what is now Hillsborough library. He called his new house Hillsborough hall after his patron the Earl of Hillsborough. Ultimately the whole area became known as Hillsborough after the Hall.

Hillsborough Hall was inherited by Broughton from his Father. Various families owned it up until 1890 when the last owner of Dixon family died. There is a Road the other side of the park called Dixon Road after the Dixon family who had lives in the Hall. When Dixon’s estate was split up and sold the hall and some surrounding land was sold to the Sheffield corporation.

In turn in 1889 Sheffield corporation sold the land that that Sheffield Wednesday’s ground which is now across from the park is built on. In 1902 when there was a football match a parachutist parachute 🪂 Edith Brooks was hired to entertain the crowns before the match. As Edith was doubled booked she instead sent her sister Maude. Sadly Maude’s parachute 🪂 malfunctioned and she died a few days after the jump. The place she landed is marked by an innocuous flat stone with no inscription in the park that must go unnoticed by most who use the park. Maude was burried in Liverpool.

We passed Hillsborough hall which is now the library and then went into the accompanying walled garden and admired the pretty dahlias. Upon exciting the other side of the walled garden we exited the park after working along the tree lined avenue. We crossed the toad on to Wadsley lane and proceed up until turning at the Green shop (recommend for Our Cow 🐮 Molly ice cream 🍦 and local bottled beers 🍻 like Loxley and Bradfield breweries) into Marcliffe Road.

We turned off Marcliffe Road on to Vainer Road up to Wadsley church and then walked through the graveyard looking at graves. Including seeing down right hand side from the back of the church a grave adorned with a cricket 🏏 bat of a critter who died in Victorian times at the time the cricket bat 🏏 was not thought appropriate and the grave was damaged before being repaired.

Walking through the gravestones we came to a area of grass with no gravestones. However this area of grass actually has over 2,500 graves in it. There is just a lowly placed stone at one end of the grass which I have missed numerous times. It explains the graves are of men, women and children who died at the nearly asylum and because of the stigma of the asylum they were not burried with gravestones. The latest ones burried without a gravestone was 1947, thankfully as a society we have become more clued up about mental health.

We headed towards the asylum by exiting the churchyard on to Prescott Road then turning at the top of the road on to xxx.

We continued on Dykes Hall Road, passed Hillborough golf course then a dip in the road before coming to a path off from the road on the right. We followed a windy path down through the trees. At the bottom is a fossilised tree. We crossed the road into the park opposite. Then walked past the front of the asylum clock tower building which is very grand looking and has now been turned into apartments. We made our way to Middlewood tram stop. Passing a building that have SYA inscribed into the brickwork which I previously puzzled over what the letters stood for but now think it will be South Yorkshire Asylum. See Wonderwall360 instragram for photos of walk locations.

Double Top 5 Tuesday Favourite Charcters A-J

Great prompt for September from Meeghan Reads

Each work listing top characters for 5 letters of the alphabet. I missed last week’s therefore today doing A-J.

It is difficult to remember character names sometimes as they can be ordinary sounding names. But as the below shows the more unnusual names from children books stick in head more!

Anna from 34 Days by Anita Waller. I like this character as she is from Sheffield where I live.

BFG Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl. What a fantastic name and a actually fgiant and when that is friendly and blows dreams through children’s bedrooms at night into theitr heads; what more do you want from a character.

Celia from the series by Penny Vinzenzi starting with No Angel. I can not remember how many books are in this series but Celia is the matruiach and series takes her from 18 years old to elderly years and kept me entertained.

Dexter from One Day by David Nicholas. I love this book. He is one of half of the will they won’t they romance this book centre’s around.

Emma from One Day. She is the other half of he will they won’t they romance this book centre’s around.

George from George’s Marvellous medicine. Another fabulous character from Roald Dahl.

Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Such beautiful books showing all that the caterpillar eats before metamorphosing into a Caterpillar.

Ian from the unwanted Guest. I pondered this letter for a while then looking at books around me realised Ian is a character from this murder mystery I have just finshed. Upon further reflection thinking for I could have an unnamed character from a first person perspective book as in ‘I did this’

Jasmine from  One Day. She does not actually appear much in the book as she is only a baby in the book. But in the absence of a One Day sequala I had a go, a couple of yeares ago, at thinking myself what Jasmine would be like as a young asdult blogger.

Who I suspected in The Unwanted Guest (Major spoiler 🚨)

This book by Shari Lapena was a Richard and Judy book club book. Richard described it as a locked room Murder mystery. It was set in a remote hotel that gets isolated when snow and ice cuts power and phone lines. The hotel has no Wi-Fi or mobile reception. I got through the book in a couple of days. I did suspect different people at different times but ultimately narrowed it down. These were my thoughts as I read…SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

When Dana was killed wondered if was going to end up being her fiancé or otherwise not knowing enough it could be almost anyone else. Wondered about Riley as she was alone for part of the night whilst Gwen with David.

Then when Candice was killed the possibility of unknown killer roaming hotel was raised due to the messed up room.

Then there is a while when all together without a murder. During this time there are various pointers to Ian. Thought he could have slipped out and killed Dana as Lauren had taken sleeping pills. Then Bradley is killed and he is still in the frame. He is implicated further by Lauren saying they were apart for part of the afternoon. But then I also started getting an inkling it could have been Lauren as she could have slipped Ian her sleeping pills, they were not together when Candice or Bradley murdered. She then of course tried to direct blame on Ian. There was a clue about her not wanting to reveal her secrets.

Suspicion that it was Lauren was confirmed when the earring was found; indeed it was confirmed as her then the reasons for the murders disclosed. When Henry found dead I straight away thought Beverley had done it thinking it would be covered by the other murders.

So the book did have me guessing but ultimately I guessed correctly.

I have previously read by the same author the Couple Next Door. I probably enjoyed the Couple Next Door more as it was a less twee setting but it also had me guessing! It centres round a baby going missing when the parents are at a dinner party next door.

August 2020 Summarry

Books I have read are pictured on Instagram Wonderwall360.

Lockdown is easing in the UK but I still feel very limited because trying to be cautious. I’m still working fulltime from home.Living alone without a car is restrictive. I’m used to just jumping on the trams in Sheffield but part of being cautious means not doing that so much. I have only seen parents from my family and distances from them. On public transport and in shops have to wear a mask. I have now had a few meals out but the most has been with friends from two households for a friend’s birthday; I would not want to sit around a table with more than two households as you can not distance enough. When there were three of us at friend’s birthday we had a round table to enable maximum distancing. I have however with both me and business wearing mask had a massage, pedicure and haircut (hairdresser said I had not done too bad a job with my Covid cut).

I have been in most evenings of lockdown whereas pre lockdown would be out at least an evening a week. Unfortunately tv is getting more boring because production issues mean less new shows. Although part of the issue is that tv companies have saved some shows for autumn rather than showing now.