Top 5 books I will Definitely Read this year

This week Meeghan has asked what we will definitely (well almost certainly) , read this year. These are books I intending to read to complete the Locket book challenge for which there are the following prompts:

A book with a preposition in the title (e.g. in, on, through, under)

A book set in Africa

A book with a colour in the title

A book with a family member (e.g. brother)in the title

A book with the name of a town or city in the title

A book with a school subject in the title (e.g. English, History…)

A book about a journey

A book with a girl’s name in the title

A book by a local author

A book with a type of plant in the title

A book with a beautiful cover

A book with a body part in the title

My top 5

1. The 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo to finally see what fuss about Tayler Jenkins Reid is. Also in terms of the Locket challenge Husband fits into the family member category, of is a preposition and it Evelyn is a girl’s name.

2. The Geography of friendship. My sister bought me this book for Christmas. I do not know anything about the book but handily as it includes geography in the title it fits the school subject category.

3. Americanah by Ngozi Adichie which is a book club book later this year. It centres around Nigeria therefore fits the Africa catergory.

4. Black eyed Susan’s by Julia Herberlin will allow me in one swoop to tick off a lot of categories for the Locket challenge; colour, body part, girls name and black eyed Susan’s are a flower therefore also counting under category of a plant.

5. Arabian nights was given to me by book secret Santa 🎅. It falls into the beautiful cover category as it is a Penguin hardbound cloth edition with it’s own ribbon page marker. Going to be tough as nearly 500 pages of dense small text.

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Top 5 Tuesday anticipated 2021 books

I just have two but Meeghan who set the topic has five; see Meeghan’s post for her five plus links to others that have participated this week. My two are:

1. I read the Salt Path by Raynor Winn. in just a couple of days last week. The author Raynor’s husband has a terminal condition and they have been evicted it is about their journey walking 630miles. I want to read the sequel The Wild Silence to find out what. happens next; it is out 27May2021.

Reading about walking long distances

2. I read the Thursday murder book club by Richard Osman last year. I loved the characters, so wanted more of them. A little bit scared of the sequel as it is about murders in a retirement village so more of the same may start seeming ridiculous in a small community but I’m prepared to find out! This sequelae is not out until September 2021!

I wouldn’t * walk 500 miles BUT love to read about such journeys

It is a thrilling adventure to walk day after day to get from place A to place B hundreds of miles away. There is a risk of blisters though doing it therefore an alternative is to read about the adventures!

* I do contemplate long distance walks and I’m crazy enough to may be do it for the achievement and adventure. At present just reading about such journeys.

Over just a couple of days this week I have read The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. It is about true life story about a couple who upon bring evicted decide to walk the South West coast path which is 630miles. Raynor’s Winn has been told he has a terminal disease although it can only 100% be confirmed at post mortem. It has made me think what terminal means; looking it up it is a disease that can not be cured which will ultimately lead to death. Sometimes the times the term life limiting is used instead of terminal. Walking 630miles do not seem to fit with those terms although some people with a terminal condition will deteriorate faster. The book is also thought provoking as regards homelessness. I definitely recommend!

For a blog about long distance walking I recommend 50foothead about the ongoing journey from foot of England lands end to the top of the head of Scotland John O’Groates.

I also enjoyed reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harald Fry by Rachel Joyce. A fictional story about Harald Fry setting out to post a letter but walking past letter boxes to the next letterbox and ultimately deciding just to keep walking for days to deliver his letter.

A review of 2020 book resolutions

Resolutions wrote in a different time! I was not sure about committing to my book club due to journeying to it! Since April this has not been a problem as it has been virtual. I ordered a book in March from the library but it then shut before I could pick up the book! It was months before the library reopened and by that time as needed the book for a book club had bought it myself. Once library reopened it has been click and collect and they can not get books loaned from other libraries therefore not borrowed a book from the library, this meant I did not achieve resolution 6 but I did achieve all the others.

2020 book resolutions

Blogmas: 2020 Sheffield restaurant visits

There has not been as many as there would have been a normal year but I have managed to get to a lot of my favourites.

1. I left a job at the end of December so I had a leaving do at the end of January when everyone had been paid again in order to avoid my leaving merging in with Christmas. Originally I wanted to try Monki on Ecclesall Road which looks very pretty with fairy lights and swing chairs but they could not fit the numbers in, therefore this is still on my list to try. Instead for my leaving do event to the Moroccan restaurant Otto’s on Sharrow vale road. Desert was amazing as always.

2. Post storm ☔️Chiarra Wadsley Jack I sat soaking wet warming up with Bradfield beer 🍺 and a tasty Sunday dinner.

3. The next storm was storm Dennis. My parents had planned to come over on Saturday and go tot Bistro Pierre but due to Storm Denis they did not. Bistro Pierre has possibly been my favourite restaurant in Sheffield, now I will never go again as it is permanently closed due to financial issues.

Instead on the Sunday we went to Cubanas for tapas.

4. Just before lockdown I discovered a new restaurant that I wanted to return to. It is called Five Rivers. It is lit with colourful lanterns and you sit on cushions on the floor with low tables.

Long gap with no restaurants …

Mind the gap….

… of course due to lockdown.

4. My first post lockdown meal was lunch at the Park pub with my parents.

5. Next went to Browns for a friend’s 40th.

6. I have eaten at one of my favourite city centre restaurants Aagragh’s a couple of times. The first time was during Eat out to help out and the government paid 50% of the meal. The second time Aagraahs themselves kindly gave a 40% discount on food.

7. Another of my favourite city centre restaurants is the Botanist. It has lots of plants and band stands. I went with a friend for a catch up in September. We ate sharing boards of lots of tasty treats.

8. Another of my city centre favourites is Bills. I went for a catch up with a friend in October. I had gorgeous salmon and we treated ourselves to extravagant deserts.

9. Another of my city centre favourite is Piccolos which is a small Italian. I had beef stroganoff at a catch up in October with a friend.

Blogmas: Top Experiences and Achievements for 2020

Thinking about 2020 it would be easily to think that nothing happened and spent all year locked down. Admittingly life has been very limited but there had been some good exxpereinces.

Firstly in January saw first 4DX movie.

1917 4DX

In February stayed in a windmill.

Few days in the Lake District in November (should have been a week but then lockdown hit).

Created decoupage bottle art and tied dyed.

Lockdown creative pursuits

Completed Lucy Locket book challenge.

Near the beginning of the first lockdown I read in a magazine about how this was an historic time and we should diarise it. I think my blog posts about the pandemic are like diary entries and have printed them and filed in a folder as a memory of the experience of this very unique year!

Top 5 Tuesday 2020 books

All the books I have read this year can be seen by searching for the #wonderwall360books2020. I looked through myself to think about what my top 5 of the year as prompted by Meeghan were.

1. Doll by Phoebe Morgan.

2. Love the book I have just finished Thursday Murder club by Richard Osman.

3. 9 perfect strangers by Loraine Moriety

4. The Holiday by Tim Logan

5. An unwanted guest Lari Shapena

What were your favourites of 2020?

Blogmas: This or That Tag: Festive Edition! 🎄

I did my own festive My this and that earlier in December but I have now also done some of Elsie LMC questions; check out all her questions and answers in the post linked Here

Eggnog or hot cocoa

Not had eggnog on it’s own. Think may have had in hot chocolate and if so it was ok 🙂

Real tree or fake tree

My parents always get a real one. I have a fake as always at there’s for Christmas Day. This year with pandemic and not being allowed visitors, I have not put it up.

Gingerbread or sugar cookie


Classic candy canes or rainbow candy canes

Don’t usually have either. But think red white definitely traditional and therefore most Christmassy.

Angel topper or star topper

I have an angel.

White lights or multicolored lights

I have multicoloured lights.

Green Christmas tree or white Christmas tree

My tree is green it provides a good good background for multicoloured baubles and lights. My colourful baubles

Have seen beautiful white trees but think need to be more constrained decorating and limit the colours to get them to look right.

Snow or no snow ❄️

The thought of a pretty white Christmas is very romantic. But in reality in the middle of this pandemic when limited in what can do will want to do lots of walks so snow could make that difficult and make it even more isolating for people.

Christmas movies or Christmas music 🎶

Definitely music. I have not watched many Christmas movies at all…Christmas movies and me

Christmas Eve or Christmas day

Christmas Eve because the run-up to the big day just feels magical! I wish the feeling could be bottled up ✨ (I wouldn’t sell it, I’d show off about it instead 😂).

Snowmen or reindeer


Snow angels or snowmen building

Never done snow angels and it sounds a bit of a cold wet pastime, and just left with some ruined snow. So definitely snowman ⛄️ building; you end up with something that lasts at least hour or two that you can be proud of.

Peppermint or salted caramel

Salted caramel.

Blogmas First 5 ever blog theatre reviews and last 5 blog theatre reviews

As I’m coming up to my fourth anniversary of the blog I have been reflecting back on some of my first posts. The following were my first 5 theatre reviews all from 2016.

1. My first theatre review was my first ever blog post Immersive Great Gatesby

2. My review of first time I saw Everybodies Talking about Jamie at it’s premiere in Sheffield. Spoiler alert! I loved it and hence gave seen it again and again!

3. Frankinstein

4. Out of Order

5. Tribes

My last 5 theatre reviews

1. As mentioned above I have now seen JEverybodies Talking about Jamie (again!) and the latest time was February this year.

Due to the pandemic I have seen less theatre than usual therefore for reviews before the above I have had to go back to 2019.

2. Reasons to Stay Alive

3. Greenday Musical

4. Standing on Sky Edge Avenue

Showing that even in non pandemic times, I see less theatre then in 2016 for number 5, I have gone back to 2018.

5. Still Alice