Memoirs of a childhood Bookworm by Lucy Mangan Review

This book is as the subheading on the front of the pretty cover, says is literally a memoir of the author’s childhood reading. It is nostalgic, remembering books, I have also read, the author is just a little older than me so only a small generation gap meant a lot of overlap in books read. Overlaps from early years: Hungry caterpillar by Eric Clarke, Shelia Hughes, Barber the Elephant (memoirs had no illustrations but, in my mind I can conjour up Barber in his green suit), Topsy and Tim. To Family from one end street, Roald Dahl and a whole chapter on Enid Blyton. Up to teenage years with Sweet valley high and Judy Blume. See Wonderwall360 instragram for book cover and full list of books featured in the memoirs.

This is a book have read for book club; I think it will provoke interesting discussion on what different people have read. Indeed having read other’s reviews of the book, it certainly brings up memories and perhaps It shows we all have a book in us; OUR memories of childhood reading (or at least blog posts!). In fact found this is not the only book of this name there is also one by Patricia Craig.

More than just listing books, it also delved into some history of book / author, which could be interesting. On the other hand, if not book / author interested in this could be tedious.

I found the footnotes irritating, it was difficult to know whether to jump from placeholder to footnote or wait for more convenient place, but was not formatted well in terms of where footnote was / end of pages. Some of the footnotes took up lots of space. For example, foot note took about a page and a half; split over two pages. Additionally I feel, if text of footnote, important should have been part main of text.

The book, provoked some thoughts about getting children to read but nothing earth shattering to me. Again however it may be an interesting tangent to discuss at book club or be interesting as the author said to help parent’s of bookworms understand them. Overall thinking about this book has been enjoyable and hopefully the forthcoming book club will be enjoyable.

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