Hot chocolate and cruffin at Steam Yard Sheffield

A cruffin is a cross between a muffin and croissant. Muffin shaped, crossiant taste and flakiness albeit with little sponginess texture in middle like a muffin. I had chocolate and mandarin. It had lots of delicious thick chocolate orange filling.

Hot chocolate had good intense chocolately  taste.

My order cost just over £6. There was also doughnuts for £2.85 which seemed expensive when can buy 5 pack from supermarkets for £1. However there was a range of doughnut flavours.

A second visit to the Cabin, Sheffield featuring Canadian pancakes 🥞 

I had hot choclate as in my first visit. I had the pancakes 🥞. All pancakes come with a little bottle of maple 🍁 syrup or you can upgrade to a purer version of the syrup or salted Carmel. You can then choose one topping of pay extra pound for each extra topping. There are savoury options like bacon but I did not read the list of savery options. For sweet options, there are fruit options; banana, strawberry and blueberries. There is cream and Our Cow Molly ice cream. I chose bananas, the three pancakes came with a whole banana.

At first I appreciated they were a million times better than the Queen’s drop scones that I tried to make in a previous post. But more I ate, I found them heavy. Nothing wrong with them, think I just like soft, battery, English pancakes.

Favourite Belgium 🇧🇪 food

I have Belgium heritage, my name is spelt the Belgium way without a h: Sara. I have been to Belgium several times and enjoy the food. 

In fact this day 3 years ago in 2014, I was staying in Antwerp. I stayed in the Leopold square which was right next to the station which was handy as took, train from Sheffield to London then Eurostar from London to Brussels then local train from Brusssels to Antwerp then just short walk with case to the hotel.

The wheel was temparily there that summer and allowed you to see the top of the beautiful palace like station close up.

My favourites foods  are:

  • Belgium chocolate. There are many chocolate shops but my family traditionally go to Leonados. I managed to buy some of these at a branch in Amsterdam station in March. Previously I have also seen a branch in Chester, UK but not sure if that is still there. Apparentky you can also order these on the internet.
  • Chips with mayo.
  • Pear syrup
  • Belgium beer; lots of different ones to try and great how in bars they have a specialised glass for each one and always use the right one; that does not happen in the UK.

  • Honeycake
  • In a restaurant pink, juicy steak with garlic butter melting into it, served with chips then of course mayo added!

Raspberry and white chocolate frappacini in the sun at Cafe Nero, Peace Gardens Sheffield

Met a friend at Cafe Nero as we knew that we could get a seat in the sun.

I had a raspberry and white chocolate frappacini. It had no coffee in. Thinner consistency then milk shake; so more refreshing. Cool with all ice. Predominant taste is of sweetness;  if sucking cream drink from under the cream, but if concentrate can taste the white chocolate. If suck the cream get some of the raspberry syrup, so the raspberry flavour is syrupy raspberry rather than fresh refreshing raspberry taste.

My Sunday Al Fesco Lunch featuring Young Drinking Coconut fron Vietnam

I was buying a medium salad from the deli bar from Morrisons which cost £2.50. I saw that for £3 you could get a meal deal including the medium salad, a snack and a drink; so I wandered over to see what was offer … amongst the bottle of drinks young drinking coconut caught my eye! I ate outside, I had just been planting on my table so you may notice bits of compost in pictures.

The young coconut came with instructions.

The instructions about finding eye with thumb was bit vague. I tried scratching around with thumb and pushing straw in but, that was not yielding so I poked a blunt knife and pushed down untill I saw milk. Then pushed straw in which by this stage was rather bent.

I don’t drink milk. I imagine coconut milk is more watery than normal milk. I would not quite describe taste as cocunutty. I’m not sure that fond of how it tastes. Last year in Cuba I liked pina cola lady’s with rum, so if I had run I would try, mixing with rum. I would probably have to try and get milk from cocunut into a glass to mix with run rather than run into cocunut with tiny hole …unless cut top half of cocunut off…

My salad included an onion bhaji, falafel, sweetcorn and coronation chicken rice ( coronation chicken was first created to be payable to a range of dignities at the meal at Buckingham Palace post Queen Elizabeth coronation).

I then ate a doughnut peach that I had brought home from the work’s fruit bowl. For the snack part of the meal deal, I had chosen a piece of red velvet cake, considering it must have been mass produced it was surprisingly noisy.

Celebrating National Fish and Chip Day 2nd June


I had fishcake and chips.

What your choice of fish and chips says

A Yorkshire fishcake. In other parts of the country fishcakes consist of  mashed potatoe mixed with flaked fish in either breadcrumbs or batter. In Yorkshire they do not consider this to be a fishcake; they call that a rissole. A Yorkshire fishcake is a thin slice of fish between, two slices of potatoe then battered.

I also bought mushy peas from local fish and chip shop. Mushy peas are more popular in north of England then the south.

I had plenty of vinegar on for tang. As I have Belgium 🇧🇪 heritage, I like mayonnaise with chips. I sometimes have tartare sauce with fish and chips but, I did not have any in stock today.