Syndey Harbour bridge and opera house

So many photos must have been taken of the Syndey harbour bridge and opera house. I took a few! On New Year day when I did the bridge climb and we were talking about the bridge I asked a native Sydney resident whether they had taken a bridge picture. They never had!

The first time I saw the bridge and opera house I was not expecting to see them; we had arrived in Sydney late in the day, almost dinner time and our tour guide recommended fed walking from hotel to the circular quay. I wandered out mainly looking for someone to eat. Then I saw them! After about three weeks of being in Australia; these iconic buildings! Wow! That night I ate a pub meal outside looking up at the bridge.

Our tour the next day around Sydney meant we saw the bridge from lots of angles. In the afternoon I took a ferry to Manly and therefore sailed under it.

The following day was nye years eve or as the signs said SYD NYE. In the morning before the botanical gardens closed for the afternoon to get ready for the night I was able to have a wander in them. I saw the opera house and bridge from more angles. There is a gate at the bottom of the Botanical gardens which you can normally walk through and be directly at the opera house but the gate was closed due to it being New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve was spent on a boat circling around in Syndey harbour. Therefore saw plenty of the opera house and bridge and they were lit up. At 9pm and midnight there were fireworks from the bridge. Completely amazing that I saw Sydney fireworks from a post anchored right in front of it. In fact, our boat was part of a light possession with other boats in front of the bridge.

New year’s day I did a bridge climb. The most nerve racking part was taking a breathlaser test! Being on the bridge did not feel that high or precarious as feet on wide pathway far from the edge. Firmly attached to the bridge. Just a couple of ladders to climb. You can not take own camera up there but photos are taken of you with fabulous Sydney backdrop. Of course you buy to add to collection of photos of the bridge!


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