Memoirs of a Child Bookworm: 6 for Sunday Books I read at school

This was a challenge set by A little but a lot at

1. The first books we were given to read at primary school were the village with three corners.

2. During first year at secondary school read Stig of the Dump.

3. First Shakespeare was Romeo and Juliet in year 9 (aged about 15). Yes story is good but language off putting. We saw it the year the film with Leonardo Di Capro was our so we went to see that as a class.

4. For GCSES exam at 16, studies Macbeth for Shakespeare.

5. Also for GCSES studie Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry. About a black farming family experiencing racism.

6. Finally the one that I remember most fondly that I studied for GCSES: An Inspector calls. Loved reading this play, it is very intriguing. As an adult I went to see it at the theatre.


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