Playlist about being strong independent woman

A friend said she was doing a strong women / feminist playlist, so I’m doing similar. Because I’am a strong independent women managing all be myself in isolation. This is what I have so far. Any suggestions?

9-5 -Dolly Parton

That Don’t I press me much – Shania Twain

I will survive By Gloria Gayner

World shut your mouth – Julien Cope

Always a Woman by Billy Joel

That’s my Girl – Fifth Harmony

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Bitch – Meredith Brooks. When added this on Alexa she beeps out the title, so apologies if this one causes offence.

I don’t need a man – Pussy Cat Dolls

Rasberry Beret – Prince

Cats 🐱 Is it as bad as the critics are making out?

I don’t think it was awful. It was not sensational either. I have not seen the whole theatre show myself; just individual songs. However, there are lots of fans of the original therefore there was a lots of potential hence possibly people’s disappointment. If it was an original picture perhaps it would not have been criticised as much.

It was watchable. I do think visually it was quite dark; with the brown cats against background of London at night. London could have been made more twinkly lights to showcase the cats. With musicals like Greatest Showman and La La Land in recent years we have probably grown to want more than just watchable.

In conclusion, not one to rush to see but if you fancy it give it a go, it will keep you reasonably entertained.

Favourite musicals: We will you rock you VS Everybody’s talking about Jamie


I’m particular about the musicals I watch. I want a good music and a proper storylines. Lots of musicals are just a series of songs, loosely connected. As my preferred type of music is indie / rock then sometimes musical music can be a bit dreary for me. Two musicals that fit the criteria are therefore my top two are: We will Rock you are Everybody’s Talking about Jamie. But which is my favourites?

Performances seen

I first saw We Will Rock you in 2003 or 2004. I loved it! I have since seen an amateur group perform it in Sheffield, a version at Sheffield arena and last week at Lyceum Sheffield.

I first saw Everybody’s Talking about Jamie at the Sheffield premiere in February 2017. I went to see it in January 2018 when it transferred to London. Later in 2018, I saw it at Sheffield showroom showing it live from London. I have tickets to see it again in Sheffield in February. There is a film version, coming out next October, which I definitely want to watch; I may glimpse myself it it as was an extra in the final scene.


We will Rock you is set in a dystopian future where rock and roll 🎸 has been eradicated by brainwashing memories of rock songs and even who let the dogs out, from peoples’ memories. Watching it this time, I saw someone similarities from the Yesterday as a few people can remember rock. Those who remember are on a quest to find last remaining guitar and play proper rock again. There is even romance a long way! I like the positive female roll model.

In Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, Jamie is a 16year old boy facing his GCSE exams but more focussed on his dreams of being a drag Queen. He wants to go to his prom is drag. The show ends at his prom. It is set in Sheffield, so I like the Sheffield references.

Timelessness of shows

I like rewatching We will Rock you as it is brought up to date with references of current music. Also in latest performance it referenced non binary sexuality.

The subject of drag in Everybody’s Talking about Jamie is very current. However, drag is already becoming increasingly msinstrain so in 16 years time will Everybody’s Talking About Jamie feel dated, or will it be a fresh as We Will Rock You?


Both have laughs in them!

Music 🎵 🎶

We will Rock you is based upon Queen music which is fantastic and also references some other classics and some cheese like My milkshake…

Everybody’s talking about Jamie music was written by writter from the band Feeling. Love opening number and have the soundtrack.

Final Verdict

I think after seeing it this week and despite thinking atmosphere in theatre was slightly lacking (maybe because back of stalls underneath balcony ceiling?), that my favourite musical is We will Rock you. Yes they both have a good plot and good music but it is hard to beat Queen music and that gives it the ultimate edge. Also think We will Rock you stands test of time better because it is easier to update.

#30 Day Summer Song Challenge



My 30day summer playlist

Creating playlist using Alexa


I heard about 30 day song challenge on One Beautiful Thing.

Once started thinking of songs that fit criteria, soon realised they could double as summer playlist for Elsie LMC summer checklist as amongst first songs thought of were Summer of 69 and We are young which was an anthem of Summer 1994.

My 30day summer playlist

1. Song with colour in the title

Ruby by the Kasier chiefs.

2. Song with number in the title

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

3. A song that reminds of summertime

In the summertime by Mungo Jerry

4. A song that reminds of someone rather forget 

One hand in by pocket by Alannis Morrisette

5. A song to play loud 

Americain Idiot by Green day

6. A song that makes you want to dance 

Uptown funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

7. A driving song

I like Driving in my car by Madness

8. A song that mentions drugs or alcohol 

Cigarettes and alcohol by Oasis. 

9. A song that makes you happy

Alright by Supergrass which was an anthem of summer 1994.

10. A song that makes you sad

Everybody hurts by REM

11. A song you never get tired of

Wonderwall by Oasis

12. A song from your preteen years

Days by Kirsty Mcall. I used to as pre teen much prefer Kirsty McCall version, now I like original by Kinks too.

13. A song like from 70s

Fat bottomed girls by Queen

14. A song you’d love to be played at your wedding

Stand by me by Ben E King.

As my bonus (because I’m the bride) twinned with Stand by me by Oasis.

Day 15: A song you like that’s a cover by another artist

20th century boy by Placebo

• Day 16: A song that’s a classic favourite

Imagine by John Lennon

• Day 17: A song you’d sing as a duet in karaoke

Ugh can not sing don’t like karaoke 🎤 Perhapas Don’t look back on anger by Oasis in hope others would join in and drown me out.

• Day 18: A song from the year you were born

A town called Malice by Jam (1982)

• Day 19: A song that makes you think about life

Why does it always rain on me by Travis

• Day 20: A song that has many meanings to you

Brimful of Asha by Cornershop. I can remember it being out as a teenager. I can remember making my friends little boy giggle by singing it to him with his Dad. Jasmine’s diary mentions singing it at Ed Fest as that is something I did in honour of venue 45. Jasmine’s blog: End of fringe

• Day 21: A song you like with a person’s name in the title

Valerie , Zutons

•Day 22: A song that moves you forward

This was last song catergory though of song for as was not sure what moved forward meant. A lot of the songs in playlist are good and therefore can motivate me to move. So just gone for another song thought of when doing this that have not fitted into another category.

Love is the Law by Seahorses.

•Day 23: A song you think everyone should listen to

Think Beatles were influential to much music after therefore everyone should know at least one Beatles song.

I will go with Hey Jude as fun easy listening song.

• Day 24: A song by a band you wish was still together

Well let’s go for yet another Oasis, I do love them! Let’s go for one that sounds summery because mentions strawberry lemonade dreams; Talk tonight.

• Day 25: A song you like by a dead artist

Wake me up before you go by George Michael

• Day 26: A song that makes you want to fall in love 💓

It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones. Can remember my Grandparents dancing to it in kitchen when it came on radio (something is telling me they had red radio). In honour of then it is another song could play at my wedding.

• Day 27: A song that breaks your heart 💔 Not sure about heartbreaking but will go with a song that sounds rather melancholy but also about beaches and theeefire summer : At the river by Hrove Amanda. I can sing on loop ‘If your fond of sand dunes and quaint little villages by coast’. Including sang a lot when with an ex near coast, not quite heart breaking to think if it. I don’t like mix of the song I have found as a whole though, so heartbreaking while song not as good as the two lines I like to sing.

• Day 28: A song by an artist whose world voice you loves

Half the world 🌍 away by Oasis. Lead vocals by Noel Gallagher (don’t tell his brother Liam but I possibly prefer Noel’s voice.

• Day 29: A song you remember from your childhood

Mr Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan As my parents played Bob Dylan a lot.

• Day 30: A song that reminds you of yourself.

Sara by Bob Dylan I first remember hearing this when I was serenaded with it on a summer Austrian walking holiday. It was not on the album my parents played most of Bob Dylan as they would have pointed it out as being my name if it had of been.

It’s title is my name. It also mentions Scorpio Sphinx and I’m a Scorpio. Then there is the line sweet virgin angel…

Creating playlist using Alexa

I created the playlist using Alexa. I just had to ask Alexa to play each song then once song started say Alexa add to my summer playlist. Then move on to next song.

It is very good playlist, lots of it has me dancing!

Yesterday Film Review


Such a good film! It had: fabulous music, strong plot featuring both; romance, and comedy, it was thought provoking and poignant with quality acting. My review which goes into these points in more detail is spoiler free until just at the end which I have clearly labelled.


Music 🎶



Thoughts provoked

SPOILER ALERT 🚨 The ending

Music 🎶

As the show is all about Beetles music, as long as you don’t mind Beatles music. For me it was the Beatles songs I like best; the rockier ones some are slower and for me a bit dreary. There is such a range of Beatles songs, that it is hard to hate everyone and if you do then this world where they have influenced so much, is a tough one for you. Admittedly as a teenager I was taken to Liverpool, and a tour that included Beatles sites. I can not remember which sites, but I can remember being bored and unimpressed by Casbah but then, I did not know it’s history so could not imagine it’s former atmosphere. As it was I was there in dimly lit, unglamorous basement with hardly anyone else and a small cut out of Beatles on stage. Later that same summer, there was a series of programmes about the Beatles which I refused to watch with my parents.

Subsequently, I have been to Abbey Road, Penny Lane, Paul Mcartney and John Lennon’s childhood homes.


No spoiler, as you get from the trailer, that this is about a world where seemingly only one person remembers the Beatles he is called Jack.. How this happens is not explained in detail; this is not a sc fun movie. You just have to accept and not question how it happens that no one else around him remembers the Beatles and then go with the flow of the film. There is a romance strand to the film. Comedy comes from Jack parents. For example, in one scene Ed Sherran calls round and the Dad is oblivious.


Himesh Patel is sterling as Jack. Lily James’s character seemed very similar to that in Geurnsey potato pie; sweet and gentle. Sarah Lancaster is so talented at accents in this she does a Liverpudlian accent. Ed Sherran playing himself managed to do it un-self-consciousnessly and therefore did not distract from the plot.

Thought provoking

In a world where many young people want to be famous this raises questions about the impact of fame.

It is also thought provoking thinking about how the world could be different without the Beatles and how the lives of the Beatles members would be different if they had not become famous. I have had to google some of the references from the film.

The film states there would not be coke cola without the Beatles.

The above article gives more examples, to what is mentioned in the film such as no Linda Mcartney sausages kand Stella Mcartney fashion and no Thomas Tank with Ringo’s voice; which has soothed so many autistic children. The film also mentions no Harry Potter without Beatles but not been able to find the logic behind them.

It is debatable the affect not having the Beatles would have had on the music scene. They were just one band. But no other band in history have had so many songs. They can claim many firsts; appearing in own films, double albums etc… but surely without Beatles someone else would have got there first.

Without the Beatles there would be no Wonderwall360 blog or instragram. As without the Beatles there would be no Oasis. Liam would not have a son called Liam. Noel would not have had fish called Lennon and Mcartney.

The ending

Overall feel good film.


It was a lovely touch that in the film John got to 78years and counting and happy. A happy ending in itself. Then of course Jack gets his girl after twists and turns.

Americain Idiot the musical at Sheffield Lyceum

Fabulous music but, then it is Greenday so it would be! Performed by some fantastic voices; including the lead male who also adopted a credible rock star proforma.

Unfortunately I found the plot a little thin and incomprehensible. The plot was also unedifying, centring about what could be described as American young layabouts lacking inspiration and indeed I did not find it to be a gripping story about them gaining purpose; I’m not even sure whether it was a story about finding purpose as I was lost by the end.

However at the end, I and much of the audience was on their feet for the cast’s encore where they performed Good Riddance (Time of life).

Kylie and Jason weekend (and childhood memories of aforementioned)

Last night I saw Jason Donavon and Monday. I’m seeing Kylie Minogue.

I can remember singing Too many broken hearts 💔 on my fisher price radio.

Fisher price radio

It is apparently 30years since, Especially for you was out, so I would have been 5 at the time. I think it is more like, when I was 6/7 years old that I became aware of Kylie, when someone came dressed as Kylie to a charity dress up day. Subsequently, when I lost my first tooth in summer 1990 and received 20p, I used it to buy a Kylie badge.

I think, I grew out of Kylie and Jason; but this weekend is about nostalgia.

Circus playlist

Circus is the prompt for this week’s 6 word story. #6wordstory

1. At the Western Park exhibition, I learnt that For the benefit of Mr Kite was about a circus performer. I can not recall hearing, so I got Alexa to play. The intro does not immediately, make me think of circus. Later there are jingly bits, that sound like music may hear at a circus. Talks about trampoling, men of horses, hoops and fire. It talks of how Mr Kite performs at three at Fishergate.I looked up Fishergate, there seems to be one in Preston but Liverpool, so not sure where that comes from.

Alexa then got a little stuck thinking of songs about circuses or clowns. But once google and had titles she could play.

2. I found Brittany Spears has a song called circus. She talks about being the ring leader, performer and fire cracker; how all eyes are on her in the centre of the ring and when she cracks the whip….

3. Circus Money by Walter Becker. Alexa could play like this. It talks about tiger sleeping and can’t wake up.

4. Cirque da rue by Plain White Tees. Alexa refused to play this despite several attempts; may have been my pronunciation. I turned to YouTube instead. It talks of pretty girls being cut in half to make us laugh.

Of course the Greatest Showman is a film about circus, so whole soundtrack could be in playlist.

5. The soundtrack starts with Greatest Show. It is very dramatic. Ladies and gentlemen this is moment been waiting for. It is fire, it is freedom. Do not know why Alexa did not suggest it, seen as had her play it before!

Are you any better than Alexa at suggestions?

Edinburgh Music 2

You do not have to be in Edinburgh long to come across a bag piper playing; at least not during August. Often a piper can be found between Edinburgh Waverley and the Scotts monument to greet those arriving in Edinburgh by train. Or alternatively on the royal mile.

I have seen this band around Edinburgh a couple of times. They are called Spinning Blowfish.

This video doesn’t exist

Edinburgh Music 1

Last night I attended the recording of Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s show in Edinburgh they discussed famous Edinburgh musicians. Here is a link to the show:

The Proclaimer’s featured providing a couple of sound bites. Additionally their song Edinburgh streets was played. They also have a song Sunshine in Leith; Leith is an area of Edinburgh which I have been going through on a bus most days. Not sure whether perhaps their, most famous song I would’nt walk 500miles, is about Edinburgh.

Also during the show a band I did not recognise name of, but am subsequently, learning I recognise songs from were played; Waterboys.

Other Edinburgh musicians that may or may not have been mentioned are; Baycity Rollers, KT Tunstal, Idlewild, Shirley Manson from Garbage, Finlay Quaye and Edwina Collins. More Edinburgh musicians is likely to be played on Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s show during this week as they continue to record in Edinburgh.

The Blossom’s played live; they are from Stockport near Manchester.

This video doesn’t exist

Former Blue Peter presenters were also on the show.