Surprise package from Lucy Locket in Sheffield.

Lucy recently offered free headbands with the design randomly selected from the range, for just postage cost.

It arrived in a pretty flowery package.

Inside was a another pretty bag, which is a gift in itself for storing jewellery in or as package for a gift.

This is the headband inside.

I have previously bought for my self, a friend and my sister a top from Lucy Locket in Sheffield; with the slogan Gym and Tonic. Also for myself one with the slogan Running on prosecco. Lucy also sells cool leggings.

Although Lucy is based in Sheffield the clothes / accessories are available online.


Ella’s cafe near Hunters Bar,Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Great customer service. Straight away without being asked bought water a large jug of water to the table and poured a glass.

They apologised for large size of the carrot cake because it was last slices. It was huge! Had cream on top and two layers cream in the middle. Then on the side underneath raspberrys and mint was clotted cream. There was also some syrup on the plate. Also it was nut free. The cake was soft and fluffy. 

A respectable hot chocolate.

The hot food someone ordered whilst I was there smelt good. 

Every Friday and Saturday night is Georgian night with bring own wine. A cafe to remember for the day and evenings to remember. 

Mango Bean

This recently opened cafe on Division Street, Sheffield is very bright and colourful. There are a couple of slogans on the wall.

There was a special offer they for a pound more got cake so I succumbed. Hot chocolate and cake for £3.60 is less than most of the chains charge for hot chocolate. When you get a mouthful of hot chocolate with some of the chocolate from the top, it has a good chocolate taste. Otherwise it does not have much flavour although a smooth milky Hot Chocolate. I chose Creme brûlée brownie. Brownie fab intense brûlée flavour, nice chewy taste.

I got a loyalty card and only need 4 more stamps to get a free drink, so it is likely I will be back.

New Year Shoping Haul


Knee length boots for £9.99 reduced from £14.99


Baby clothes and yoga mat.


Bought 2 dresses with gift voucher.

Red one has fabulous flamboyant sleeves.


Along the escalates in Sheffield town centre Meadowhall there is a Wonderwall with a Sheffield map. Anyone seen anything similar in other Primarks?

Exercise leggings

Flamingo light

Velvet dress, very short but only £5.

Long sleeve too for just £1.

Marks and Spencer’s

White top for £3

Green silky blouse that I can for Work,

Black top with pink criss Cross detail on the back for exercise so totally justified!

Yellow top for £3


Sparkly diary for 75p.