Best Picture Oscar

Best Picture Nominess:

“Call Me by Your Name”
“Darkest Hour”
“Get Out”
“Lady Bird”
“Phantom Thread”
“The Post”
“The Shape of Water”
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

I have watched The Darkest Hour, The Post and Three Billboards outside Ebbing. Think my favourite was the Hour. It is close with the Post perhaps, I like The Darkest Hour slightly more because it is more directly relatable history for me. The lead of both films are up for Oscars; Meryl Streep best female for The Post and Gary Oldman who played Churchill in The Darkest Hour for best male.

Which for you is the best picture of the nominess above? Which would you recommend I watch?


Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing: Film Review

The film centres around a woman putting up 3 billboards to try and shame the chief of police over not making any arrests for the rape and murder of her daughter. Ebbing is a place you would want to live; so many characters commit senseless violent acts. There is a lot of violence and a little gore; I did not mind that but did find the film a little too long.

The Post: Brief Film review

A film set in 1966 regarding the press reporting of the Vietnam war. Interesting in terms of what is reported in the press and how. A quote from the film is “News is the first rough draft of history”. But is it or is it just what governments allow to be said or what will entertain?

Also interesting in terms of the position of women in society.

Like the Darkest Hour, another earnest film but I enjoyed.

The Darkest Hour (Film review)

Not a light film! It is about Churchill becoming prime minster and Dunkirk. I have not watched Dunkirk so, I do not know how it correlates. It is the kind of film that makes you intrigued about the historical events it covers.

Visually it is dark; a lot is set in the war rooms which were underground. Having visited the war rooms it captures their atmosphere well (incidentally they are worth a visit).

Enjoyed scenes with Churchill and the King, his wife and his secretary.

Highlight was the underground train scene, which I will not spoil here but the second review linked to below, goes into more detail. Also the following link is where the director discusses the scene and that definitely contains spoilers.

Perhapas not a film for everyone or at all times but interesting if interested in the history. I pretty much agree with these reviews. Some may find it tedious but there are good points.

Bad Mom’s Christmas

I did not watch first bad Mom’s so did not know what to expect.

It feels far too early for Christmas. However, as the film is about not bowing to the pressure to over do Christmas, spend to excessive etc then it was ok for this time of year. It centres around 3 Mom’s preparing for Christmas who all have their Mom’s staying. It is a comedy rather than touching or poignant drama. There were others in the cinema who laughed more than myself. I found it moderately amusing with maybe one laugh out loud moment. It is ok for light relief but don’t go expecting heart warming Christmas feelings.

Home Again Film Review

A film about a newly single Mother and her daughters returning to her childhood home in LA. On her 40th birthday night out she meets three guys trying to get their film made. They all end up crashing at hers. The next day she is back to professional working Mum mode; she goes out to meet a new interior design client. In her absence her Mother invites the three guys to stay. The film then becomes about her coming home when she goes out to her daughters, the three guys, possibly her Mother and possibly her ex; modern family life.

A light weight girly movie, starring Reese Witherspoon. But not the simple formulaic girlie film.

The lasting impression the film had had on me is Witherspoon’s character’s work outfits of jeans, t-shirt / shirt and blazer inspired a smart causal outfit for myself.