Book Cllub Challenge

As I completed this year’s Book Cllub Challenge so quick this year I have gone through books read post challenge to see if could have completed for a second time.

2022 Challenge Round 1 Complete

Book Cllub Challenge 2022 Round 2

Book with a Country in the Title

This is only one struggling to find book for closest can get is link to a country from author Nicki French with their (written by a husband and wife team) book Day of the Dead.

Short Stories

If Roald Dahl wrote all about 2021.

Childhood book category

Jo’s boys by Louisa May Alcot

Book Bought Second Hand.

Bought and read lots more second hand.

A book with an Island Connection

The Island and follow up One August night.

A Christmas book

Call of penguins 🐧 and a Winter Killer by Alex Pine

A book Set in Asia

The post box on the edge is the world

A book with X in title or author’s name

Hidden lives by Judith Lennox

A book with a building in the title

Lighthouse keeper’s secret

A book with a Royal Connection


A book with weather referenced in the title

The girl in the ice.

A book set where born

I was born in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire which is an hour’s drive from where I live now in Sheffield. When in a discussion someone recommended Nell Pattison books for this category. As part of the challenge I bought and read Silent House and Silent Night. Post challenge have bought and read; third in the series; Silent Victim.

Top 5 Tuesday Books Set in the Past

Appropriately this post should have been in the past …. Sorry Top 5 Tues Meeghan; caught out as by not connecting that Nov started on a Tuesday!

I enjoy reading books about people living their lives against the background of world war 1 and 2. So not books focussed just on fighting. But books showing how people coped with the events they had no control over. Similarly think there are some great stories to come set against background of the covid pandemic – but that is the future (or present). Here’s past selection.

1.Maureen Lee books. None standout to in mind individually but there are just solid comfort reads.

2. Margaret Dickinson especially books set in my home time Sheffield. I have read buffer girls and clippie girls.

3. No Angel Penny Vinzenzi. Family saga that kept me enthralled to read the sequalae.

4. The book thief by Marcus Zeus.

5. I have also enjoyed reading fictional books about Titanic including Titanic Sisters.

Top 5 Tuesday: Books set in the present

The immediate present / very recent past would be covid times. Not sure who want’s to read about that? In this Post I wrote a few months ago about the books I had read so far set during the pandemic. It is interesting to hear what others went through; if not necessary pleasant reading.

In hindsight my 2 favourites from my post a few months ago are Apples 🍎 Don’t Fall Far by Lianne Moriety (1) and The Chalet by Catherine Cooper (2)

I have been enjoying reading this year; a crime series set in last few years (with reference to earlier crimes), in my home town Sheffield by Michael Wood. The 9th book called STOLEN CHILDREN (3) which I recently read was set March / April of 2020. I loved the book in the main but was critical of mention of masks and bubbles as they were not March 2020 terms. I have pre ordered paperback of book 10 in the series and I’m eagerly awaiting.

I’m also enjoying each book that comes out of Richard’s Osman’s Thursday Murder Club. (4)

My final pick for this topic is Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeney (5) which was published in 2021.

This prompt was curtesy of Top 5 Tues Meeghan

See previous post for top 5 in the past. I do not think I come up with 5 I like in the future as not keen on dystopian books.

20 Sep Top 5 Tuesday: reasons to be with a bookworm

Meeghan has asked us top 5 reasons to be with a bookworm. I would love to attract the right bookworm. But also I think being a bookworm is a selling point therefore my 5 reasons are a mixture of what I would value in a bookworm and positives I can offer. Will be reading other’s lists for more ideas of how I can see self!

1. If they wake up first they will read instead of waking you! Although waking up in winter when too dark to read is annoying!

2. Readers have more to talk about and discuss.

3. Readers can understand situations, feelings etc as read different viewpoints.

4. Those who have read widely know life is not a fairy story and have to work on relationships.

5. Readers have read about some evil partners so will appreciate a good partner!

Top 5 Tuesday: ways to tempt a bookworm out of their home

This week Meeghan has asked us how to lure bookworms out – as if it is a difficult mission!

I think bookworms are easy to lure out of the house! We are so interested in the world from reading and want to see the world. Plus you can take a book with you, almost anywhere!

Here are some ways to lure this bookworm out. There are many others!

1. To see a film of a book.

2. To read on a beach.

3. To the theatre. It is wonderful seeing 3D words, live in front of you. From my blog you will see I love a theatre trip!

4. I also love live music. I like songs with good, distinguishable lyrics. Live music for me involved people singing not miming and playing instruments particularly guitar 🎸 and drums 🥁.

5. To a restaurant. Food is brilliant!

Top 5 Tuesday books with bones 🦴

I have not even attempted Meeghan’s last two scavenger hunts as not reading fantasy not sure I could have come up with much for crowns or anything for shields. This week however is bones so between covers and titles it was easier.

1. Straight away I thought of Lovely bones which read years ago.

2. Bone garden is a Tess Gerritsen book but not part of Rizzoli and Isle series. I read this book or at least most of it in an afternoon.

Antlers are made of bone, and covered with “velvet”—a thin, soft layer of skin and blood vessels that gets scraped off the antler over time.

Looking through Instragram Wonderwall360 of reads over last few years books I found two with antlers on.

3. The Stag and Hen party by Mike Gayle. This book contained the story hen party and stag party running respectively from each cover to the middle.

4. The Hunting Party by Lucy Foyle.

5. Finally one that does not have bones in the title or any versions of the cover I have seen. But it is all about bones. It is Handle with care by Jodi Piccoult. It centre’s around Willow who has brittle bone disease therefore lots of mention of broken bones in the book.

Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 of 2022 so far…

This week Meeghan has asked what our top 5 of 2022 books read are; as we are halfway through the year.

1. I have only just read this so is this why it makes top 5 would it if 5months had passed?

Anyway it is Elenor and Park. Obviously this book has been around a while so I know people loved it ;so that maybe meant I read it quite critically. First thinking we’ll it’s ok but what’s the fuss about! I got into it as like the interesting characters was not sure I like his written just very short snippets from each point of view. I like music references and nostalgia of 80s listening to cassettes! I did during reading ask Alexa to play Love will Tear us apart by Joy Division. I also asked Alexa to play Elvis Costello Alison as not familiar with that but Alexa said ‘no’ unless upgraded subscription!

Then the ending first thought flat. But then it became thought provoking. Don’t ruin if not read; but as well as above I also went on about this book Here with What could those three words be?

2. Failure is not an option by Matt Whitman (U was gifted this). Thought provoking about how far push self to physical endeavours and sometimes you have to be sensible and give up but in my opinion this is not failure.

3. Normal people by Sally Rooney. Loved tv show then read conversation with friends which not too keen on. Therefore was pleasantly surprised by this.

4. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It has flaws but still an interesting read.

5. The last wife by Karen Hamilton.

What could those 3 words be? (If you, know you know)

If you know then you know I’m talking about the mysterious 3 words at the end of Eleanor and Park. If you do not want the book spoiling, maybe don’t keep reading this – read Eleanor and Park instead!

At first the ending seemed flat, I turned over pages, thinking is this it? At the end of my book the author Rainbow 🌈 Rowell explained she intentionally has not defined the words and never will. I began to think the ending was really thought provoking! I came up with various ideas. What do you think the words were? As an aside I presume she sent his postcard to her back to him?

The three words?

A lot of people think they are I love you. It would fit but what about…

I miss you

Return to sender (harsh?)

Not goodbye forever

Just sit down (echoing dialogue at the end of chapter 1 that was the first interaction)

Meat is murder (Smiths cassette they broke)

More batteries please

Thanks for batteries

Thanks for comments

A dream deferred (poem title mentioned by English teacher end of chapter 5)

Dark night returns (end of chapter 13 park says least boring Batman comic)

I’m coming back

I’m coming home

Finally read Great Gatsby

I have finally read the book.!

I was interested to read after an amazing Great Gatsby immersive experience which inspired a written review then the starting of this blog.

Great Gatsby immersive experience

But then I was put off reading Great Gatsby as read another Fitzgerald; Tender is the night. Finally I read as part of buddy read.

I found the first couple of chapters slow going as Gatesby hardly featured! I thought the book was all about Gatesby’s his parties so wanted it to get going!

The book’s protagonist Nick does not have an active role in the action so you do not get to know how the key characters in the action feel. But not telling it from say Gatesby’s point of view keeps him mysterious.

Gatesby is a mysterious character, who thinks he can buy anything with money but despite throwing big parties it can not buy true company. The book pivots around his unrequited love for Daisy. The middle chapters start to reveal the characters of Daisy and atom and neither are particular likeable characters; it adds interest having flawed characters.

It was the last chapters where the tangled web weaved by the characters really unravels dramatically. It is a short book so not too traumatic to read. Especially pleased to read with others; it helped me understand the ending… here the review ends unless you want spoiler explanation of the ending.

🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨

I was not sure whether it was an accident that Tom’s mistress was or targeted attack to kill her. It was explained that there was confusion as previously in the day Tom had driver Gatesby car. You have to be good to understand how the events play out; there is just a quick mention of the mistress moving the curtains and from that meant to know that is why she ran out to the car as she thought it was Tom driving and he would stop for her.