Jasmine’s debut blog: 15th July 2019

My Dad and I are in Edinburgh. We will (like we have done several other times, during my life) climb Arthur’s seat like my Dad did for the first time on this day in. They walked from where the love of his life Emma had been sharing a house in Rankeiler street. Emma is not my Mum though. My Dad and Emma did eventually get together after I was born but, first my Mum and Dad had me and called me Jasmine. I can not remember them being together; they are very different people! Anyway that meant my Dad did get to be with the love of his life Emma for a while but then she sadly died on this date. How strange a coincidence is that, that this One Day 15th July, became so significant to my Dad?

I have not always, seen my Dad on this day. Sometimes he has spent the day drinking alone or with adult company, even on weekends that were meant to be my weekend for staying at his. But we have been to Edinburgh on this One Day a few times.

This Edinburgh trip is a bit different! It is not just about commerating that One day, so significant to my parents. This one day, is a new chapter for me or maybe even a new book?; well at least it is going to be a blog! I’m starting my own Edinburgh adventure, I’m working up here over summer. I get to the experience the whole of the fringe and the other festivals in August. One day, I would like to perform at the fringe. My Dad appeared on tv. You may remember him *cringe* he was Dexter on ; a nineties show. Moving swiftly on from that… if I don’t perform, I could maybe write a show? Emma could perform and write. My Dad says she had lots of exciting roles in touring groups after university; although he did not see her in them, his self as he was busy travelling the world at that time.

God, I have waffled on so much; should edit but Dad wants us to set out to Alfred’s seat, so without further ado, I will just press publish eek!!!

Next step Rankeiler Street, Emma’s house where Dad and Emma set off from to climb, Arthur’s seat on 15thJuly1988.

This is Jasmine Alison Viola Mathew, signing off until next time, when I will update me on my Edinburgh adventures!!!!

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence using wondewall as blog name.

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