Sheffield year of reading: Fave book One Day

Apparently 2020 is Sheffield year if readung, so there is various events going on.

There is the chance to win £100 of book vouchers by writing on a postcard or e-mailing about favourite book. So that is worth having a crack at! What do you think of this as a first draft, how can I improve?

My favourite book

I think favourite is difficult to determine in terms of books. There are not many books that I reread. However, I have reread One Day; both times I read it, it reduced me to tears. It is rare books, make me cry so this book also counts as favourite in terms of impact on me. The second time I read it was when I lived in Edinburgh August 2018 because, the book starts in Rankeiler Street in Edinburgh. I retraced the character’s footsteps from Rankeiler Street; up Arthur’s Seat.

I love it so much that I wanted the author David Nicholas, to write a sequalae; then a fellow blogger said; why don’t I write sequalae. I do not feel I have a whole book in me; certainly not one as good as One Day. Therefore last summer starting on the one day in the book, I wrote a series of blog posts as a character in the book in 2019. Coincidently in the blog posts the character was living in Edinburgh over summer like I had done the year before. The posts did not really develop the story; it more picked up parts of the book, I had loved and also allowed me to revisit some of my Edinburgh experiences. For research purposes I bought the audio version which, really brought the humour out of the book. This is a book; that has made me laugh out loud and cry; I can not think of any other book I can say that about!

Further justification of this being my favourite book is that I have bought the audio book and three hard copies of the book. My first copy and acquaintance lost, so I rebought. Then last year there was a 19th anniversary edition with a new cover; so I bought that. If I see a copy in charity shop with an original cover on, I will buy again then donate one I have back to a charity shop because I want a copy in better condition; the copy I have got slightly bashed up when reading on Portabella beach in Edinburgh. I initially read it because, I heard a film was coming out so I wanted to read before film came out. The film did not ruin book; but then I believe the magnificent author David Nicholas, did help write the screen play.

In summary I believe this could be said to be my favourite book!

Top 5 Covers of 2019!

Want to see some pretty books?

Have a look at this posts and follow some or all the links in it.

via Top 5 Covers of 2019!

It is interesting that lots of people’s 5 favourites have similarities between each other.

I have not bought enough books published this year, to come up with list of 5. So I will just mention I bought the 10th anniversary edition of One Day which is bright yellow (I already had a copy of the book but was sold on having a different brighter version of it).

Jasmine’s blog Last Edinburgh Wullie: North Berwick and Sealife Centre.


I have now seen all the Wullie’s in the Edinburgh list (there are other ones throughout Scotland; but won’t have time to see them), The last one was further from actual Edinburgh of them all, it was in North Berrwick. i took the train,  train took about 45mins then had a 20minutes walk. to where the Wullie was outside sealife centre. The Wullie was appropriately decorated for location with seabirds. I took the opportunity to go in sealife centre and some real life sealife creatures.

It has been tiring, but lots of fun. Thank you everyone who has asked I’m not feeling as bad as I did, now had few line ins and eased up on amount of shows watching. Today was last shift selling tickets, tomorrow and Sunday are clean up days.

Jasmine’s blog: Sara Cox Edinburgh Drivetime show and top fringe jokes


I went to the recording of Sara Cox’s drive time show, after my shift at work. I was thrilled that she mentioned whilst, she had been out on the streets that she had been given a leaflet for Brenda’s baby which I have been selling tickets for and loved seeing last week. Also saw a couple of comedians and the Courtneers play live.

On the show she talked about the announcement of the best fringe jokes. And the winner was:

‘Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel has won Dave’s “Funniest Joke of The Fringe” award with the niche culinary pun.

He took the title with the gag: “I keep randomly shouting out ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Cauliflower’ – I think I might have florets”.’

This and rest of top jokes are here on link to BBC.

I was off all day and had planned to see shows all day but, only made it to Sara Cox as felt so ill – Fringe flu 😦 All the long days, working, seeing shows and partying have taken toll! Working afternoon tomorrow so planning lie in and perhaps couple of shows if feel up to it; but doubtful will feel up to it with way feel now!

Jasmine’s blog threesome night!

As a Tuesday threesome I saw three shows back to back last night. SEX was a central theme to all of them.

Brenda’s got a baby

Told the story of two sister’s and their journey into adulthood. The older Amy is heading to university. As the name suggests Brenda has a baby at 16. The sister’s struggles on their chosen paths and jealousy of each other’s lives are interspersed with audio of teenage Mother’s. Funny and touching. My Godmother was writting a book abouut a teenage pregancy when she died, it would probably have plenty of laughs like this play did.

Good vibes

Set in a sex shop. Energetic performance, lots of audience interaction, lots of laughs. Additionally poignant monologues regarding different sexual journeys.

Spring awakening

A coming of age story set in the 60s; a very different time to the first two (although some of Brenda’s comments before discovering pregnancy did not reflect vast progress). Almost minimal set but, with such a rich plot it was not needed; including rape and suicide.

Jasmine’s blog: Julie Criscoll by my Godmother Emma Morley

An old set of books now, but I wanted to write about them because I’m so proud of them as they were written by my Godmother Emma who marries my Dad. In the dedication for books 3 and 4 Emma mentions all her Godchildren by name. So I’m the Jasmine mentioned.

Luke was born in November 1999 so is couple of months older than me and is Emma’s friend Steph’s son. Emma was also Godmother to Luke’s younger sister Danielle. Sadly Emma dies before Steph’s Florence was born.

Malcolm and Christopher are Emma’s friend Tilly’s sons. Emma lived with Tilly in her final year at Edinburgh university and after graduating when they lived in London. I kind Tilly, her husband Malcolm senior, Malcolm junior and Chris fairly well; Tilly is very fond of my Dad. When my Dad married Emma; Luke, Malcolm and Chris were page boys. Danielle along d watch the tv series too.

Jasmine’s blog: Dog 🐶 tearing up fringe programme photo

Check out my Instragarm posted such cute pic of doc surrounded by shredded programme. Only cute as I did not have to clear up!!! It is dog at Airbnb where I’m staying over summer. Not ideal having a dog around or the sharing bathroom, with so many people. I have been spoilt being an only child and always having own room. Even student life not bad as Dad bought a house in Sheffield so I have chosen own housemates. He says he remembers Emma sharing with Tilly and did not want same for me. He thought I should get own place in Edinburgh but, even sharing is costing more than what earning. It is only evened out by the free tickets I get for shows. So it is cheap way to do festival but not really earning. Luckily as Dad owns the Sheffield house I gave no rent there and he pays me money from my housemates rent money so it was not essential for me to earn this summer. I’m hoping that I might get some ideas of what I can do with my degree. If you missed my post about my degree, check it out here.

Don’t forget to check out that dog pic on Instragram.

Wonderwall360 instragram

Jasmine’s July blogs


As a sequalae to One Day I have been writing posts from Dexter from One Day’s daughter Jasmine. The posts continue in August. On 1st August there is a post to commentate Dexter’s birthday.

Jasmine is 19 years old and currently in Edinburgh and about to start working in an Edinburgh fringe box office.

These are the posts posted in July.

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Jasmine’s Blog: 18th July Introducing Jasmine Viola Alison

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Jasmine’s blog: Willie spotting!

Published 29th July pm

Published 30th July

Jasmine’s blog: What a night!!!!

The pressure is on! To follow up on tonight’s successful post! Over 💯 views and counting! Not that it was the best review ever, but I posted a link to it, as a comment on the theatre company’ Facebook then they added a new status mentioning it.

It was so exciting to see them highlight my post and then to see the views start to stack up, but then even more excitingly I met the cast! After the shows in all our venues finished there was a party for everyone working for the company (box office like me, PR, technicians etc) and casts of the shows. I got to dance with the rather attractive Father from the play!

Luckily today I’m doing short evening shift 4-9pm. Feel buzzing at moment, with the excitement hope it lasts! Had hoped to see at least one show before hand but, as need to eat and get bus in not sure, will have time now but as it would be impossible to see anything as good as last night, that is ok.

Jasmine’s Blog: The Weekend Child’s Hangover

This play really spoke to me! It was about a girl coming home from her Dad’s on a Sunday feeling awful; sleep deprived and coming down from a sugar high (hungover). Then in a that state having to deal with her Mum all the questions:

  • Have you done your homework?, bet your Father did not think about it.
  • Where is your school tie?
  • What day is PE this week?
  • Did you meet anyone with your Father?
  • What did your Father feed you.
  • What time did you go to bed………………

I have been there many times on a Sunday. I now know my Mum meant well, but those Sunday evenings, it felt like I was being tortured by interrogation! I also remember, how much fun Dad and I used to have on our Dad / daughter weekends and there are precious bonding memories that are priceless to me. Therefore the daughter’s dilemma in this play really spoke to me. The play is funny, emotional and there is a fantastic twist at the end…. it is on every day apart from tomorrow (Sunday) at 6pm, I highly recommend watching it!

I was lucky enough to see this for free because I’m working for the box office that sells tickets to this; however this is my honest review.