Jasmine’s blogs July / August Summaries

14th September is the anniversary date Jasmine from One Day parent’s married. I have written some blog posts as Jasmine as a sequalae to One Day.

I wrote it so that Jasmine was in Edinburgh July / August, coincidentally like I was last year at that time.

July blog posts

Jasmine’s July blogs

August blog posts

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Jasmine’s diary celidah

Jasmine’s blog: Sara Cox Edinburgh Drivetime show and top fringe jokes

Jasmine’s blog: Fringe music shows

Jasmine’s blog Last Edinburgh Wullie: North Berwick and Sealife Centre.

Jasmine’s blog: End of fringe

Jasmine’s blog: End of fringe

Busy couple of days as Saturday and Sunday was spent dismantling tidying up all venues being using. Long days with 9am starts. Although Sunday we did go out for a long tram lunch. Then on Sunday night as our reward for summer’s hard work, had end of season party 🎉Lots of choruses of venue 45 and anthems of our time. It was a very late night / early morning.

Yesterday was mostly a duvet day to recover from the night before and the fringe. Last night a few of us who were still around met on Cannon Hill to watch Virgin Money fireworks. The fireworks are set to classical music. We could only dimly hear the music. But the fireworks against backdrop of castle were spectacular. I have seen fireworks over Castle when I attended the tattoo preview and several times after that I have happened to be on the streets when the tattoo finished, but the ones last night were on a different level!

I have loved working at the fringe. I have seen some fabulous shows but, sorry not reviewed as many as intended as often rushed from one show to another. My favourite show is still the weekend Child. I won’t name, my least liked as from talking to the actors / comedians when they have come into the box office I know how much work and money they put into their shows so unfair to criticise them. Anyway the bad ones were still experience those 30-60 mins may have seemed long but they were less than an hour each of my time and saw so many free shows that, the bad ones have not spoiled the experience.

I will definitely come back for the fringe sometime, maybe even come back with some kind of show of my own!!!! However, next year between 2nd and 3rd year I would like to do venture further afield for a summer experience.

Jasmine’s blog Last Edinburgh Wullie: North Berwick and Sealife Centre.


I have now seen all the Wullie’s in the Edinburgh list (there are other ones throughout Scotland; but won’t have time to see them), The last one was further from actual Edinburgh of them all, it was in North Berrwick. i took the train,  train took about 45mins then had a 20minutes walk. to where the Wullie was outside sealife centre. The Wullie was appropriately decorated for location with seabirds. I took the opportunity to go in sealife centre and some real life sealife creatures.

It has been tiring, but lots of fun. Thank you everyone who has asked I’m not feeling as bad as I did, now had few line ins and eased up on amount of shows watching. Today was last shift selling tickets, tomorrow and Sunday are clean up days.

Jasmine’s blog: Fringe music shows

Been interesting in terms of my degree to learn about the music and lives of Tina Turner and Dolly Parton through the shows I have seen. The actress who sings in Tina Turner has won a fringe award for the show and for Aretha Franklin show. Cleopatra Higgins has won Mervyn Stutter’s spirit of the fringe award. I would love to see her in Aretha Franklin, but not many days of fringe left now 😦 Around my shifts and now tickets will be even more in demand not sure I will get to see it. I highest recommend seeing any of the music shows at venue 43 (symposium hall) as long as vaguely like the music; it is interesting to learn more about the artists and what I have seen the musicians are outstanding!

Jasmine’s blog: Sara Cox Edinburgh Drivetime show and top fringe jokes


I went to the recording of Sara Cox’s drive time show, after my shift at work. I was thrilled that she mentioned whilst, she had been out on the streets that she had been given a leaflet for Brenda’s baby which I have been selling tickets for and loved seeing last week. Also saw a couple of comedians and the Courtneers play live.

On the show she talked about the announcement of the best fringe jokes. And the winner was:

‘Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel has won Dave’s “Funniest Joke of The Fringe” award with the niche culinary pun.

He took the title with the gag: “I keep randomly shouting out ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Cauliflower’ – I think I might have florets”.’

This and rest of top jokes are here on link to BBC.


I was off all day and had planned to see shows all day but, only made it to Sara Cox as felt so ill – Fringe flu 😦 All the long days, working, seeing shows and partying have taken toll! Working afternoon tomorrow so planning lie in and perhaps couple of shows if feel up to it; but doubtful will feel up to it with way feel now!

Jasmine’s diary celidah

May or may not know what Scottish men wear under kilts!

I have wanted to go to a ceilidh for a long time. I love dancing! My parents had a ceilidh at their wedding.

I bought a kilt especially for the occasion. It is red, McDonald tartan. I just chose it because was cheapest, I could find after traipsing around ships on royal mile. Long day. Went swimming and steam rooms at Portabella leisure centre this morning. See Instragram wonderwall 360 for picture of my skirt, leisure centre band and Tramlines festival band.

Then did shift at work (box office). Finally at 11pm we congregated at venue 45 for the ceilidh. Great fun, learning dances, if chaotic as not many people had been to a ceilidh before. At 1pm we put on general music to dance to. We started with Brimful of Asher and was altering lyrics to venue 45.

I left the ceilidh at 2pm as was working at 9pm. At work now – very tired 💤

Jasmine’s blog: Dog 🐶 tearing up fringe programme photo

Check out my Instragarm posted such cute pic of doc surrounded by shredded programme. Only cute as I did not have to clear up!!! It is dog at Airbnb where I’m staying over summer. Not ideal having a dog around or the sharing bathroom, with so many people. I have been spoilt being an only child and always having own room. Even student life not bad as Dad bought a house in Sheffield so I have chosen own housemates. He says he remembers Emma sharing with Tilly and did not want same for me. He thought I should get own place in Edinburgh but, even sharing is costing more than what earning. It is only evened out by the free tickets I get for shows. So it is cheap way to do festival but not really earning. Luckily as Dad owns the Sheffield house I gave no rent there and he pays me money from my housemates rent money so it was not essential for me to earn this summer. I’m hoping that I might get some ideas of what I can do with my degree. If you missed my post about my degree, check it out here.

Don’t forget to check out that dog pic on Instragram.

Wonderwall360 instragram

Jasmine’s July blogs


As a sequalae to One Day I have been writing posts from Dexter from One Day’s daughter Jasmine. The posts continue in August. On 1st August there is a post to commentate Dexter’s birthday.

Jasmine is 19 years old and currently in Edinburgh and about to start working in an Edinburgh fringe box office.

These are the posts posted in July.


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