What I wanted to do


What I did

What I would go back to do

What I wanted to do

Going to Geurnsey, I liked the idea of seeing where the Geurnsey potato pie book was set (the film was filmed in Cornwall). In the cruise excursion guide there was mention of a museum giving a glimpse into the occupation and Little Chapel.

I wanted to have ice cream 🍦 made Geurnsey cow 🐮 milk 🥛.

Coming into Geurnsey, I rembered about lighthouses and thought it would be nice to see lighthouses.


Our cruise ship anchored off the coast, we were then trabsferred to St Peter’s port on smaller boats. Arriving in St Peter’s port the main attractions listed on the excursion list seemed to be within 20-30min walk of the port. One that was not was Little Chapel, apparently you can get a number 71 bus there and it takes about 20minutes.

What I did

Military museum

I did not identify the correct museum to go to. We went to the military museum. It was a little haphazardly organised. Lots of military medals, which I did not feel like had to look at in detail. In between there was just odd nugget about occupation; letters, Nazi currrncy and stamps for example. Felt like expensive museum for £7. There was about as much information in gift shop as in museum itself. In gift shops were books including one by Molly who had been a child on island at time of occupation and I got to say hello to her in the shop.

Cxxx Gardens

Saw a plaque to say, Beatles had played there.

Museum was £7 euros so opted, not to pay for another museum.

The lower gardens was very pretty.

Victorian Shop

Went to it, but closed. Not amazing from outside.

Ice Cream 🍦 🐮 / castle

It was surprisingly hard to find Geurnsey ice cream on Geurnsey. Finally found it walking down promenade to castle in last hour. With consequence ice cream delayed getting to castle so only got to see from a distance.

What I would go back to do

* Spoiler alert I would go back*

If went back would like to:

    See Little Chapel sewing it from outside looks pretty and colourful.
  • Go to islands of Sark and
  • Go in occupation museum.
  • See a lighthouse

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