Jasmine’s July blogs


As a sequalae to One Day I have been writing posts from Dexter from One Day’s daughter Jasmine. The posts continue in August. On 1st August there is a post to commentate Dexter’s birthday.

Jasmine is 19 years old and currently in Edinburgh and about to start working in an Edinburgh fringe box office.

These are the posts posted in July.


Published 15th July 10.25am

Jasmine’s Blog: 16th July 2019 The regret

Published 16July 11.55am

Jasmine’s Blog: 18th July Introducing Jasmine Viola Alison

Published 18July 10.15am

Jasmine’s blog: My degree

Published 29July 9.30am


Published 29th July 9.15pm

Jasmine’s blog: Willie spotting!

Published 29th July pm


Published 30th July


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