Standing on Sky Edge Again!

I went to see Standing on Sky edge again; I saw it during it’s first run in 2019. This is my Review from the first time.

I could not remember the detail from last time! I thought the Henderson’s references were new, but from my review they were there last time! It is the same format of three different time sets. From what I wrote last time the latest of the three set of narratives started in 2016 this time it started in 2015.

I first saw Standing on sky edge, March 2019, so I’m wondering whether it ended New Year’s Day 2019? The narrative for the last set finished new year day 2020 this time. Now I’m unsure whether it finished at this point the first time and 2020 just did not seem that significant then! Now I can of want to know what happened next in that flat during the pandemic!

From my memory, I think this time there were less Brexit references. The audience loved the Sheffield references and the show ended with a standing inaction. The current run of shows ends Sat 21 Jan. Then it is to be transferred to London. I’m still not sure how it will work with a London audience with all the Sheffield references! But I could be curious to see it!


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