Finally read Great Gatsby

I have finally read the book.!

I was interested to read after an amazing Great Gatsby immersive experience which inspired a written review then the starting of this blog.

Great Gatsby immersive experience

But then I was put off reading Great Gatsby as read another Fitzgerald; Tender is the night. Finally I read as part of buddy read.

I found the first couple of chapters slow going as Gatesby hardly featured! I thought the book was all about Gatesby’s his parties so wanted it to get going!

The book’s protagonist Nick does not have an active role in the action so you do not get to know how the key characters in the action feel. But not telling it from say Gatesby’s point of view keeps him mysterious.

Gatesby is a mysterious character, who thinks he can buy anything with money but despite throwing big parties it can not buy true company. The book pivots around his unrequited love for Daisy. The middle chapters start to reveal the characters of Daisy and atom and neither are particular likeable characters; it adds interest having flawed characters.

It was the last chapters where the tangled web weaved by the characters really unravels dramatically. It is a short book so not too traumatic to read. Especially pleased to read with others; it helped me understand the ending… here the review ends unless you want spoiler explanation of the ending.

🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨

I was not sure whether it was an accident that Tom’s mistress was or targeted attack to kill her. It was explained that there was confusion as previously in the day Tom had driver Gatesby car. You have to be good to understand how the events play out; there is just a quick mention of the mistress moving the curtains and from that meant to know that is why she ran out to the car as she thought it was Tom driving and he would stop for her.

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