Great Gatesby:Incredible Immersive Theatre (Deli Moor Theatre Sheffield)

Review of the Great Gatsby
21.12.16 Moor Deli Theatre

Go once, go twice, go three times; each time you can be assured of a fabulous unique experience. Or go with friends and do not worry about getting split up following different cast members; just join back up later to discuss different experiences. From walking in and ordering a cocktail , it is easy to get into the party atmosphere. Despite entering through a previously unnoticed door next to Superdrug and ascended up to a room within ex Woolworths with peeling paint. Whether alone or in a group the actors, play a host role mingling with the audience. A typical interaction could start with ‘Fabulous dress, did you buy it in Paris?’ (which is also good for the audience ego after taking the time to dress in 1920s style). The audience are naturally directed, into various rooms with prompts such as ‘Let’s go and dance though here’. Or when Daisy needs to change; ‘Come with me to help me decide what to wear’. Despite the volume of onlookers in the intimate setting of the dressing room, complete with dressing table and a selection of 1920S dresses, the convincing performance of Daisy ensured the intimate atmosphere was not lost.
All the cast despite having to maintain their characters for over 2 hours coped admirably in their roles. Including dealing with audience members, who inspired by the acting decided to build their characters or throw in lines to build their own sub plot; when there was enough action within the actual performance or dancing to do or; without need for more drama. The cast also coped with the anarchistic use of phones to capture the costumes of the cast and other members of the audience which provided scope for the typical party conversations; look at her dress etc..
For an amazing 1920S party, fabulous cast and thoroughly enjoyable evening a well-deserved 5 stars.

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