What could those 3 words be? (If you, know you know)

If you know then you know I’m talking about the mysterious 3 words at the end of Eleanor and Park. If you do not want the book spoiling, maybe don’t keep reading this – read Eleanor and Park instead!

At first the ending seemed flat, I turned over pages, thinking is this it? At the end of my book the author Rainbow 🌈 Rowell explained she intentionally has not defined the words and never will. I began to think the ending was really thought provoking! I came up with various ideas. What do you think the words were? As an aside I presume she sent his postcard to her back to him?

The three words?

A lot of people think they are I love you. It would fit but what about…

I miss you

Return to sender (harsh?)

Not goodbye forever

Just sit down (echoing dialogue at the end of chapter 1 that was the first interaction)

Meat is murder (Smiths cassette they broke)

More batteries please

Thanks for batteries

Thanks for comments

A dream deferred (poem title mentioned by English teacher end of chapter 5)

Dark night returns (end of chapter 13 park says least boring Batman comic)

I’m coming back

I’m coming home


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