Sewing Bee 🧵 🐝 update

Last week I explained about the televised competition Sewing Bee. Here follows an update following this week’s episode. 🚨 Beware, it. Contains a SPOILER of who left!

I’m kind of sad Andrew went as thought he was a character. He was good at coming up with lines and bantering with Jo Lyccett.

Damien is also character, a manly cheeky chap. Like the twinkle in his eye! He has often been shown improvising and trying to bluff through tasks, so I never thought he was a serious contender. However this week in the final task he made a dress that wowed the judges and they say it was his best yet. It was a dress for a winter party with a trendy zip down the centre. You could reveal more flesh by unzipping the dress up or down!

I think the girls Serena and Rebecca are not really characters as they are so similar to each other you can confuse them! They are competent sewers though.

Farie studied fashion although she now works as an accountant. Therefore she can design some amazing garments. However the making of them does not always go so well! She often has not finished the first of the week’s task which is making a garment per a pattern. Therefore I can not see her winning, unless in the final she gets her timing together and completes the pattern challenge flawlessly then makes the garments she is capable of in the other tasks.

Raphael is also a strong sewer and a contender for winning. Even though apparently he only started sewing during lockdown last year!

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