Invergorden port for Inverness




-squirrel sculptures

– Willie sculptures

Would I return?


it was a 5minute Walk from the ship to centre of Invergordon which has lots of wall murals including at the train station (see Wonderwall360 instragram for pictures).


From Invergordon we took the train to Inverness which took less than 30minutes. The city is laid out either side of a river, which makes it a pretty focal point when wandering. The wandering was enhanced as I discovered that the city was hosting sculptures from not just one but two sculpture trials.

There were squirrel sculptures part of the Go Nuts Trial across the highlands to raise money for a Scottish hospice. There was a paper map to help find the squirrels.

There were sculptures of Oor Wullie Big Bucket, who is apparently an iconic cartoon character in Scotland, having appeared in the Sunday Post every week since 1936. In addition to the sculptures, this year there will even be a whole musical about the characters from the cartoon. The sculptures are to raise money, for three children’s hospitals across Scotland and are in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow as well as Inverness. In addition to the paper map, there was an app to record codes for each sculpture found, with some rewards being unlocked in the app like discounts at shops and restaurants, as more sculptures are found. See instrafram Wonderwall360 for sculpture pictures).

Would I return?

Really liked Inverness, but may have been swayed because such lovely sunny day to show it at it’s best!

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