What wanted to do

What we did

What wanted to do

I particularly chose a version of the cruise that included Orkney, as I thought it would be fun to see an island beyond north of Scotland. Pre cruise, I did not have plans of what I wanted to do. The day before, reading the blurb on the ship I was interested in the stone circle and remains of Neolithic village.

There was a free shuttle provided by Orkney island rather than cruise ship that took between where shipped docked and small town of Kirkwall.

What we did

It is a little restrictive, going on a Sunday due to bus services and for example, the museum is closed. We did get bus to stone circle but, did not stay long or go to Neolithic village as due to bus timetables only had twenty minutes to get bus back or we had to spend 2 hours there; where circle was, was open to the sea and it was quite windy and cold. I’m pleased to have seen circle. Missed village however, from pictures did not look like much there therefore; don’t think missed much. The return bus journey was £5.25 therefore a lot better value than excursions offered by cruise.

The landscape of Orkney was scenic. Therefore it was a pleasant place to wander. Also got to try some of the cuisine; Orkney patties at La Orla which were minced meat in deep fried batter, Orkney fudge, tablet and best of all toffee swirl ice cream which was delicious and creamy (See instragram for pictures).

Would I go back?

As we went back to ship few hours before needed to then feel like pretty much done Kirkwall; and it is a long way to go. Although I’m interested in going to Shetland’s which have realised are even more North than Orkneys. Plus Orkney’s do consist of more than 70 islands albeit most unhabitated and as they appear to be scenic; if I was in that part of world, would not rule out going back.

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