British Isle Cruise Summary

I enjoyed the cruise and pleased to have circumnavigated British isles. It was great visiting so many different places without the travel in between. A reoccurring theme was Titanic and I have enjoyed learning more about that.

The ship felt luxurious with lovely cabin, chocolates on pillows each night, fabulous free food and great service from all staff. I do not think it is too expensive a holiday apart from drinks on board. I would maybe try snuggling drinks on board in future to drink in room or maybe a bottle of gin or other spirit which could put in glass and carry into bars as could wander round ship with drinks or food in hands.

Our cruise was the first Princess Cruise to use medallions for cashless payments. The medallion is a circular disc with digital information on it. You are given them when you check in at the terminal. This was only time passport was checked, after that getting on and off boat just medallion was scanned and when it was scanned a photo they took at beginning of holiday popped up for them to check; therefore more current accurate photo than in passport. The medallion is used when paying for items. Originally given medallion on lanyard; I did not like that, it felt like being at work and swimming I worried about strangling self with it and drowning. I realised you could buy alternative accessories for the medallion. I bought a pink sports band for 12 dollars and I’m wearing it today as it matches with my outfit and it is lovely momento as it has my name on and start date of the cruise (see instragram Wonderwall360 for photo).

I have published posts about the ship itself to try and answer common questions about cruises; if you have other questions, let me know and I will answer as best that I can.

Cruise Cabin

Cruise Questions

Cost of cruising

The cruise started and ended in Southampton. We had a day in each of the following places and two sea days.



First visit to Ireland – landed in Cobh



Greenock nearest port to Glasgow



Invergorden port for Inverness



Le Harve

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