March 2019 Summary


The woman in the window by AJ Finn

The woman in the window book by AJ Finn Review (No spoilers)

After the party by Cressida Connolly:  I found this book dull. I read it in advance of book club then did not end up going to that book club; so I have not benefitted at all from reading it or being enlightened by fellow but cleverer book club members as to the levels I missed if it. I only found out researching after that the political party in question was a fascist party and did not get this from the book and in hindsight do not know why the characters got involved with a fascist movement. It was interesting to learn after reading about Guernsey during world war 2 last year about how another British UK island was used to contain alleged, faschist party members; but again did not learn enough about life on life on the Isle of Man at this time.

Guernsey Potato Pie Film Brief Review (No spoilers)

Everyday sexism by Laura Bates

Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates (book review)


Standing on Sky Edge

Standing on Sky edge (theatre review)

Sky Edge Beer at Crucible Corner

American Idiot – Greenday musical.

American Idiot the musical at Sheffield Lyceum

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