Book Cllub Challenge

As I completed this year’s Book Cllub Challenge so quick this year I have gone through books read post challenge to see if could have completed for a second time.

2022 Challenge Round 1 Complete

Book Cllub Challenge 2022 Round 2

Book with a Country in the Title

This is only one struggling to find book for closest can get is link to a country from author Nicki French with their (written by a husband and wife team) book Day of the Dead.

Short Stories

If Roald Dahl wrote all about 2021.

Childhood book category

Jo’s boys by Louisa May Alcot

Book Bought Second Hand.

Bought and read lots more second hand.

A book with an Island Connection

The Island and follow up One August night.

A Christmas book

Call of penguins 🐧 and a Winter Killer by Alex Pine

A book Set in Asia

The post box on the edge is the world

A book with X in title or author’s name

Hidden lives by Judith Lennox

A book with a building in the title

Lighthouse keeper’s secret

A book with a Royal Connection


A book with weather referenced in the title

The girl in the ice.

A book set where born

I was born in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire which is an hour’s drive from where I live now in Sheffield. When in a discussion someone recommended Nell Pattison books for this category. As part of the challenge I bought and read Silent House and Silent Night. Post challenge have bought and read; third in the series; Silent Victim.


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