Awful Auntie by David Walliams

I’m not a fan of Little Britain that William’s co wrote, so was surprised how good this was. I had access to the book for less than 12hours overnight so spent most of those hours asleep and as book over 400 pages had to skim read. I got gist of plot as some pages had illustrations or enlarged words (see Instragram Wonderwall360 for examples).

The Telegraph’s quote on the back of the book, billed William’s as new Roald Dahl. Certainly book was similar style to Dahl, vilifying certain adult characters and flights to of fancy, even down to the type of illustrations, as good as Dahl would be high praise indeed and based on one skim read book compared to all read of Dahl and my bias against Williams then I’m not in the position yet to agree with the Telegraph. But it was a rich story with twists and turns and lots of description and action. I can see how children who like Dahl would also like Williams and vice versa.

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