September 2019 Summary


The man who did not call by Rosie Walsh – First part very intriguing thriller type of hat happened to him. Last third Ish of book know why did not call and it deals with aftermath.

Awful Auntie

Awful Auntie by David Walliams


All I know about love.

All I know about love by Dolly Alderton


The Hornbeam tree

The Hornbeam Tree (spoiler free review)


Penguin modern 05: Three Japanese short stories. All three stories did not have a dramatic climax. It was the middle of the stories in the book that engaged me Closet LLB by Uno Koju translates by Jay Rubin. It was about a lazy man’s law student days (although he actually wanted to study literature) and early post graduate times.

Carries War by Nina Bowden. Like that set during war but not much about the war. The war just provides background in that Carrie is evacuated as a child during war, but other than that war is not of relevance to her. The book has her coming back to where she was evacuated as an adult.


Reasons to stay alive

Reasons to Alive Theatre Review


No brand new clothes

Oxfam had a campaign to not buy brand new clothes in Sept. I did not buy any new clothes for myself in September. I did buy Lucy Locket leggings as Christmas presents for Mum, sister and niece. I got new to me clothes though from clothes swap at Union Street cafe in Sheffield. I had a good sort out and took whole suitcase. I brought back one long black top with sequins, animal print top, white and blue dress and a pale grey dress with polka dots that was handmade. The next of these swaps is 30th November.

Heritage and Castlegate Festival

Final weekend of Heritage week and Castlegate festival

Henry Byers Stables for horses 🐴 , Lizzie elephant 🐘 and Camels 🐫 in Sheffield (Heritage / Castlegate festival)

Sheffield Heritage Week and Castlegate Festival

Limestone weekend

Post Limestone Way Multi Day Walk Weekend Pampering

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