May Mental Health Awareness Month

A good article about exercise. When feeling low we may know exercise is a good idea but motivating self can be so hard. As the article below suggests accountability can help with exercise. The article suggests a buddy to do exercise with and writing it down as a task to do. I also find booking a class and having to go at a certain time and pay for it even if do not go helps as opposed to aiming to go to gym or swim etc at somepoint as then you just keep putting it off and have hours of trying to guilt yourself into it so an hour in gym becomes something that occupies mind all day. I like 45minute classes or when I play badminton the court sessions are 45minutes. 45minutes is enough time to feel like some something but does not drag.

I also think Fitbits are good to motivate. As they are recording what you are doing they hold you accountable. If you set step targets you literally get a buzz when you achieve them. You can also set them to buzz every hour, which is good at work to remind you to get up from screen. But I think would also be good for a day when doing anything i.e getting dressed is too much and all you feel capable of doing is being g curled up in a ball. You could at least one or two hours force, yourself to get up when buzz you get then get it to buzz again if do 250 steps before end of hour. Bonus if you manage whilst doing steps, to get dressed or have shower or move something back to where it should be.

This week’s Guest Post (I plan on publishing one every Sunday, from now on) deals with an issue that is close to my heart. Suffering from depression, one of the recommendations I get most often, both from doctors, fitness experts and even random people, is to include exercise into my routine. The relation between exercise […]

via Guest Post Sunday – Depression and Exercise by Fitness and Fueling — Pink For Days

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