100years since day WW1 ended.

This year 11th of November the date 100years ago in 1918 that World War One ended, falls on a Sunday; therefore today is Remembrance Sunday. Like last year there will be 2 minute silences around the country. I’m wearing British legion poppy earrings.

Remembrance Sunday: 12th November 2017  

This week on Wonderwall360 instragram, I having been posting images of the poppy cascade and other poppy displays in Keswick.

For this week’s #6wordstory challenge for prompt darkness, I have written a story about the world wars. The world wars were times of blood shred, tragedy and therefore darkness. Theoretically, the darkness of WW1, ended 100years ago today, bringing hope: However, those who had died during the war; were still dead and therefore families still mourned. WW1 was meant to be the war to end all wars but, of course it was not.








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#SixWordStoryChallenge: 10th November

Can you write a story for the prompt darkness …. in six words? To enter follow link below to this week’s host Kirsty.

Last Saturday I walked in the dark from a bonfire at a pub about 4miles outside Sheffield, back into Sheffield. We had headtorches, but turned them off to  take a photo with the cities lights in background so we we stood in darkness.

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This week’s prompt was GAME. Mist of the stories were of the board, die, card type of game. One story using GAMEs double meaning, like in game meat.

My story was about a football game.

Missed goal. Ball knocked fan out.

Voting is open for the next 12hours.

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Loch Ness Monster! — witchlike

Just read on witchlike that, it was on this day 22nd August (several centuries ago in 565, that the Loch Ness monster was first spotted. I have just bought a t-shirt of Nessi with a Real Madrid top like Messi, so it was a big coincidence to read this.

“From ghoulies and ghosties And long-leggedy beasties And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us.” – Scottish Prayer Do you believe in Nessie, the legendary serpent that is said to dwell in the great loch of the Scottish Highlands? If so, you may owe your belief to an Irish monk […]

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#SoCS – Tea, no matter what

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Tea the drink that everyone, drinks in Britain? Not really me well until recently. Last year I started drinking lemon and ginger then Calomile became my tea of choice. On the last day of June I had my first whole cup of tea. I decided to have it neat I.e no milk. I may risk it again!

Last Saturday Noel Gallagher said the only good thing that comes out of Sheffield but,  really it is yorkshire is tea bags. I recently sent a couple of Yorkshire tea bags and a couple of my Calomile as part of a food package to Life of Angela in New Zealand. I should try a Yorkshire one my self.

Noel Gallagher was part of the T that is Tramlines. I bought a Tramlines tee-shirt to add to my collection of Noel’s band Oasis tee shirts.

Today I was in Glasgow and they mentioned how only rich people used to drink tea because of the cost of transporting it across the world. Now each tea bag is about a penny or two. More about Glasgow, here tomorrow.

Yesterday in Edinburgh zoo, I saw a tiger 🐅 I know there is a children’s book called The Tiger 🐯 who came for Tea. I do not know anything more about it though. I sometimes call the meal I have in the evening tea; which is different to afternoon tea with cakes and the drink tea.

The final T; today I set a T would for the prompt of the six word story. The prompt is TATOO.

Tramlines Fringe 2018: Venue Guide And Top Picks — Pink Wafer

Tramlines is becoming like Edinburgh festivals with lots of branches. Yellow arches having it’s own festival which charging for. There is music at Crucible corner, which according to this, is not classed as Tramlines.

With so much live music on offer at the Tramlines Fringe, it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s Pink Wafer’s rundown of Tramlines Fringe venues, along with our top picks for the weekend.

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Tramlines Festival – Signature IPA and Henderson’s Relish! — York Calling

In celebration of its Sheffield roots and to mark 10 years as the one of the UK’s biggest inner-city music festival, Tramlines has announced two collaborations with fellow Sheffield independents that are set to make the mouth water. In association with Abbeydale Brewery – one of Sheffield’s oldest family run-breweries – Tramlines has launched an […]

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