Royal Wedding Themed Cooking, Baking, and Crafting!

Wow amazing what you can do with cereal, including a lemon and elderflower cake, which is the flavour for tomorrow’s cake. This week I have been eating a lemon and elderflower cake from Iceland, see post from earlier in the week, for more details.

With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, these family friendly activities will help make the event extra special and memorable. Invite friends over for a viewing party and wow them with these easy to make gourmet hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and dazzling fascinators.


Kellogg’s partnered with former Royal Chef, Darren McGrady to give breakfast a posh makeover. I had the chance to try some of the cereal-centric, regal-inspired, recipes at a recent media-event and can guarantee they will delight your guests!

I’m a cereal lover, and it was amazing to see how versatile some of my favourite cereals could be in elevated cuisine. Chef McGrady was the personal chef to the royal household for fifteen years. Now he helps us home chefs entertain with a regal touch with inspiration from his popular cookbooks: “Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen” and “The Royal Chef at Home“.


The following…

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Top 5 books I would save from a fire!

Greats meme!

Love idea of this one …

Having a hunky fireman to help.

I love having books on shelf and some I remember reading on particular holidays, couple signed and a few had since a child. But I do not think any hold too much sentimental value that, I could not just buy another copy. I do not keep every book, I read just special ones rest go to charity shops. Last year, I even managed to give Enid Blyton’s a way to other girls who will hopefully also enjoy! I took pictures of my Enid Blyton collection before I gave away.

I think though, I need to take more shelfies so preserve memories of the books … just in case of fire 🔥.

Bionic Book Worm

Imagine this – your fire alarm goes off, smoke is in the air, and you have only a few seconds to save your books (don’t worry, you saved your family and pets first!!)…… so which ones would you save?? My dad is a firefighter so I’ve seen and heard many stories of people losing everything. Things can be replaced but people can’t. But are there some books that are irreplaceable for you? And why? Tell me all about it in this weeks topic 🙂

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme where I explore different topics. If you are interested in participating I would love to have you! Here is a list of my Upcoming topics in May – please remember to ping back a specific post of mine so I get a notification and I will add you to the participants list!


The first book I would save is

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Wonderwall360 Hump day Careers: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Thank you, so much Nicculent for being my first ever guest post writer. A post about a dream job; blogging. Think we all enjoy blogging, but not many people can make a living out of it. I don’t mind that, I like doing this for fun and no deadlines, no one telling me how and what I should write.

If anyone else wants to write a guest post about their career, it would be a pleasure to publish it.

saving lives since 1561

Good pictures of a Swedish lighthouse.


“If you close your eyes, no lighthouse can help you!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Kullen’s Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse location in Scandinavia founded 1561 by the Danish king Fredrik II. In those days, it was a “Parrot lighthouse” with an iron casket 20 feet above the ground.

The Kullen Lighthouse (Swedish: Kullens fyr) is an operational lighthouse in Scania, located by the mouth of Öresund, at the point of Kullaberg peninsula, in Höganäs, on the south-west coast of Sweden.

Kullen is one of the most prominent landmarks along the Swedish coastline, and with its 1000 Watt electric bulb in a huge lens house, also the most powerful lighthouse in Scandinavia, overlooking one of the world’s most heavily travelled waters.

The lighthouse is 15 meters tall and its focal plane is located 78.5 meters (260 feet) above sea level making it the highest located lighthouse in Sweden. Every 5 seconds, the Kullen…

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The Lighthouse at Happisburgh

Another example of what I think of when think of a lighthouse; red and white stripes.


lighthouse001Lighthouses are plentiful on the east coast, but few could boast the immediate charm of Happisburgh. The oldest of its kind left in East Anglia, construction in 1790 came in response to a dire winter the year previous, in which hundreds of sailors were lost for the lack of warning lights. Two towers were originally built, but the second structure, under threat of collapse due to erosion, was demolished in the late nineteenth century, granting the taller twin undivided attention.

lighthouse003After almost two hundred years, it seemed it was lights out for Happisburgh in 1988 when service was decommissioned, shunned for more sophisticated navigational technology. Thanks to a tireless local campaign and parliamentary action, it was saved and entrusted to a small group as an independent facility. Upkeep is entirely dependent on volunteers and tourists, thousands of whom visit each year.

The light still operates and has a range of…

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Acquainting with Ugh Mango blog, Life in Helsinki and more!

Interesting post about Helsinki. It is apparently a good place for coffee ☕️. It is international coffee day on Sunday 1st October. I will be doing an If we were having coffee ☕️ for it. One of my points will be why do people ask for coffee ☕️ extra hot?

I have discovered this blog through Life of Angela’s have you met feature. So far I have read and enjoyed post on what’s in bag, copying Rachal Green from Friends looks and a list of 15 interesting questions … good Questions which with answer could each be a post in selves.

The blog looks really neat with very good quality photos.


I have come to an point in my life where I don’t know what I want to do next. I have nice job and an education but that’s not something that I am tempted to do rest of my life. There is so much that this world could offer to me and I feel like it’s time to change the scenery. At the same time I love my country and I love living in Helsinki.

I just read a blog post from Jenny where she listed pros and cons about life in Boston. As a nosy person, I loved reading it. So why not steal the idea heheh? Now or never would be the best time to do a similar post. For myself but also for you who wonder what it’s like to live in Helsinki.


Quick run down of Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland but…

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Whose Space is it Anyway? IKEA Everyday Wonderful signs.

Whose Space Is It Anyway?

“The Wonderful Everyday” is an advertising slogan used by Ikea.  These words have been installed in South Street Park overlooking the railway station.  On the path next to the advertising slogan is the A4 laminated notice presumably attached to the lamp post by the advertising agency working for Ikea.

Many people in Sheffield have enjoyed the spectacle of the wording above the station.  I assume the space in this public park has been rented out to Ikea as part of their promotion for their new store opening in Sheffield this week.  The notice next to the word installation is a little more ominous if not Orwellian.  In order to read the notice members of the public would need to be in the park!  It suggests that simply entering the park they have given consent for an advertising agency to use their image in future Ikea…

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Today, I blog. And we PARTY!!!!

As it is a Pink for days party 🎉, I’m going with a pink theme even though I’m not a massively pinky pink girl.


I bought the dress for a wedding 👰 🎩 , so I have got a fascinater to go with it but think that might be too much for an evening event?


The bag, I bought to go with the dress when I was in Bulgaria. In the picture above is the bottle of pink nail varnish, I’m wearing on my fingers and toes,

As the dress has beading around the neck, I do not need a necklace. I will wear a bracelet made out of cutlery, that I bought in Cuba.

2nd uses for cutterly

I’m bringing a bottle of pre mixed cosmopolitan. I bought it cheaply from Aldi, so hope it is going to taste alright. I like my cosmopolition very sweet and have been known to ask for extra sugar solution in them.

keeping with the Pink theme, I would like to strut in to Pink’s So What.

Whilst I wait for the dancing to get going, I can talk about some of my interests that I write about; travel, theatre 🎭, books and where I line which is Sheffield in England.

Chelia is offering an open opportunity to join the party 🎉  – hope to see you there.


Pink for Days

Welcome to “The 1000 Blog Party”


  • Leave a comment with a small introduction, the links to your favorite articles or 2/3 latest articles and answer the following questions:

  1. What are you wearing to my party?
  2. What are you drinking and eating right now, at the party?

  • Interact with other people!! Go over to the other party goers blogs, comment, come back and comment, answer comments, talk to people!!

  • Invite friends if you would like to have company or if you have a friend you’re dying to introduce us too;

  • Have fun, interact, meet new people, make friends!!


And there are gifts too!!

  • I will pick 4 people who interact the most with other bloggers and they will get:
  1. Featured on my blog from Tuesday to Friday. I will go through your blogs, do a post about them, leave the link, talk about your content, comment on my favorite posts…

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Prioritizing mental health

Stigma of Mental Health and Homelessness. Earlier this week as part of my lent Contemplation I was thinking about the stigma of homelessness. I mainly focused on persepective that family problems either death of parents, having to leave care or relationship breakdowns leaving someone isolated. However, mental health issues can also lead to homelessness if mental health issues cause relationship issues, prevent people working so lose home or mental health issues can lead to drug use and in turn homelessness. Therefore it is important that there is no stigma to asking for mental health issues or drug use issues as not asking for help can mean the problem become bigger.

The Catalysts for Change

And the stigmatization of mental illness.

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