Lent Contemplation Tuesday 28th March Ideas to reduce stigma?

Some people used the term “sleepover” to avoid the stigma of being homeless.

Do something to help reduce stigma today. Not sure how to do that?


Lent Contemplation Mothering Sunday 26th March

Mothering Sunday today. This was the day when people used to go back to their Mother church. Those in domestic service were given the day off to go to their Mother church which in most cases also involved seeing their Mother. People may pick flowers on the way for their Mother’s or bring gifts of food from the houses that they worked in.

The following quote could be about a Mother but I suspect it, it is about a volunteer that has helped.

“She was really nice and it made you forgot your problems” Abigail 18.

Today if you are lucky enough to have your Mother instead of just buying something, do something hospitable.


35 by 35 progress

Inspired by 34 Before 34 | Is That You Darlinghttp://isthatyoudarling.co.uk/tag/34-before-34/
Some more ticked off.
1. Dye hair blue
Did in December
2. Read a Stephen King book
This was a new year resolution. I have bought Insomnia.
3. Do a park run
Need to practice.
4. Go to Amsterdam
I have been bought the bag, tulip bulbs and mini clogs for Christmas decoration.

5. Climb Arther’s seat in Edinburgh

6. See 2 more gold post boxes
Saw one in Hull need to seek another.

7. Go in a hot air ballon. One failed attempt due to weather.
8. See Bob Dylan
9. See Greenday
10. Score a Turkey at bowling.
11. Watch love actually again

Love Actually Take 2

I have watched again.

12. Watch love actually sequlae
13. Watch 8 films at the cinema
La La Land
Manchester by Sea

50 shades

Trainspotting 2
Hidden Figures

Beauty and the Beast

1more to watch!

Last year only about 3 in whole year.

14. Watch Bridge of spies
I have bought it.

15. Watch Cara Emerald

16. Do a ramblers 15mile walk
Walked from Sheffield to Chatsworth.


17. Get 100 total likes on blog.

Thank you to all who have liked my posts.

18. Try a spin class
19. Publish prompts for whole of lent about homelessness.
20. Try a yoga class
22. Go to ten belly dancing classes.
Been to 4 so far.

23. Go to the new gelato on west st.
Been twice 🙂

24. Go to the light cinema when it opens.
25. Go to the lakes.
Had a few days there last week.

26. Get shed for garden
27. Once have shed, tidy cellar

28. Buy football ground jigsaw to do with colleagues


29. Go to one of Shef’s Oct festivals: comedy, beer or off shelf.
30. Go to Peddlers market
31. Pass ski lesson 2.
32. Swim outside
33. Go on folk train
34. Go wine tasting
35. Go climbing

Reading short stories: Mark Haddon and Emma Strout

I do not usually find short stories fit into my prime reading time; in bed at night. Sometimes a short story is more than want to read in one night, but then next night you have barely and left, then hard to go straight into next.

Perhaps short stories are better for daytime reading? I have never taken a book of short stories on holiday.  However, whilst I was at the airport the other week I picked up Mark Haddon ‘a (famous author for Curious Dog in the Night) book of Short Stories The Pier Falls. I read the title story straight away and found it gripping, I could have stayed with the characters longer,  but equally it came to a logical end. The second story The Island, is more mythical, I enjoyed it  muchless but still devoured in the airport. The third story Bunny got the book on track, it is the story of a morbidly obese man; fantastic from first sentences ‘He loved Mars bars and kit Kats. He loved Double Deckers and Galaxy Caramels and Yorkies. He loved Reese’s pieces and Cadbury Crete eggs. He could eat a whole box of Quality Street in one sitting …right until, the very end captivating. The strangely titled Woodwo takes you on a bizzare journey that would not have been predicted from the cosy domestic setting at the start.

I have interrupted reading Hadden’s short stories to read Olive Kitteridge by Emma Stout. I was confused, after saying at book club our next book was short stories to read on the back of the book about it being a novel. In fact it is short stories but all mention the character Olive Kitteridge. The mention may be very small. The first story centred around Olive’s husband at work or the story may centre around neighbours with her just mentioned as being part of a crowd. I’m not sure whether all the stories are going to come to some sort of conclusion in the end. At the moment it is unclear whether the stories are random snapshots or whether together they will say something; they do not necessarily seem to be in chronological order. Again as each story is distinct and does not carry on from each other, it can be awakened reading these at night and not getting though a whole story in one go then having to decide to move from one story directly to the next. Interested to see whether the stories do ultimately intertwine however if they do not some of the stories have made interesting reading; so far I have particularly enjoyed the opening story.