200th post and what is coming up…

As some have been reblogs and a few like this are very brief updates, do not think quite up to 200 ‘proper posts’ but there is more to come, so soon will be.

Tomorrow review of Book of Letters and Queen Elizabeth’s drop scones.

Monday another post marking mental health health awareness month.

Next weekend book Scavanger 4.


Book Scavanger 3

A Scavanger inspired by following; more of it to come next weekend.

Book inspiration including books made into films out in 2017

A book with season in title:

The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux

In this book 3 women turning 40 together, get to see how their life would have been if they took another path. After seeing this vision they then get to choose whether to keep new or old life and with each option whether they get to remember or forget alternative path. Thought provoking about, whether life leading is best or could have been better.

A Story within a Story

Think as Olive Kitteridge is a novel made up of short stories, it counts as a story within a story. See previous posts for more information.

A book with multiple authors

Previous Victims is a true crime story. It is about a family who’s baby daughter goes missing and it is unclear what has happened to the baby. Three years later the families second baby daughter also goes missing; casting further suspicion upon the family itself. The book is written by Don W Weber a prosecutor and stormy who was a prosecutor in the case and Charles Bosworth an investigative reporter who covered both apparent kidnaps.

A book with a red spine

This is my last remaining Enid Blyton. Mostly I had old paperback Enid Blyton’s, but this one my sister bought me as a child for my birthday.

Giving a way my Enid Blyton books; must have spent hours of my childhood reading them …

A book with a cat on the cover

I thought there would be multiple to choose from but could only find this.

A book made into a film released in 2017.

I had zoo keeper’s wife because I bought it to read before I watched film. I was talking to a friend who works at a cinema last night and she says it is not being shown much because it did not do well in first week. This seems a real shame as one of those true stories that is so amazing that, it would be totally unbelievable if someone had written it. The one cinema I could find that was showing it, is not showing it this weekend. During the week it was only being shown at 15.00 and next week at 12:00; so it is now rather a self fulfilling prophecy that not main people will watch. I ended up with a private screening as no one else watched it at 15:00 on a Thursday with me.

Zookeeper’s Wife Film

Are all true stories: non fiction? Review of The Zoo Keeper’s wife.



Zookeeper’s Wife Film

The film did a good job at bringing the book to life. The film and book and good companions, the film can be watched before, after or during reading the book. 

Not sure the zookeeper’s wife would have been worn, such a pale dress to work on the zoo or the heels. At least it did show her kicking off the shoes when working like resuscitating new born elephant. But when pitchforking hay not sure barefoot or heels were appropriate.

Worth watching, although not many cinemas seem to be showing it.

Sheffield Should Shout Loud & Proud About its Football History

Football exhibition, Chapel Walk, Sheffield untill 20th May.

1024-wide_crops_sheffield_01On Friday evening, From the Home of Football: An Exhibition by Goalsoul opens at on Chapel Walk with nibbles and a panel discussion. I’ll not even try to better the flyer description:

“Alongside its steel-producing heritage, Sheffield’s single most important contribution to the world is modern football. This cannot be overstated. It is the spiritual home of the modern game and boasts the world’s first and oldest football club in Sheffield FC; who, in 1857 compiled the game’s original rules and innovations document. These rules are, unarguably, the blueprint for the game we watch and play, today.

Goalsoul’s artwork pays homage to that heritage and the ongoing evolution of the world’s most popular sport. The work is a tribute the game’s diverse nature, through its rich history and eclectic cultural tapestry.”

That should have all Sheffield hearts beating with civic pride- but it should also beg a question. Why have…

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Lunch at Bhaji Cafe, Kelham Island, Sheffield 

Beef and potato curry Thali style i.e with accompaniments like pickles: £8. They do a changing, daily lunch thali with a meat or vegetable option. Lunch is untill 3pm. They also do take away on items like wraps.

Metal tray was not easy to eat off. Both food and table was pretty and colourful.

Strawberry cheese cake: £4.

May Mental Health Awareness Month

A good article about exercise. When feeling low we may know exercise is a good idea but motivating self can be so hard. As the article below suggests accountability can help with exercise. The article suggests a buddy to do exercise with and writing it down as a task to do. I also find booking a class and having to go at a certain time and pay for it even if do not go helps as opposed to aiming to go to gym or swim etc at somepoint as then you just keep putting it off and have hours of trying to guilt yourself into it so an hour in gym becomes something that occupies mind all day. I like 45minute classes or when I play badminton the court sessions are 45minutes. 45minutes is enough time to feel like some something but does not drag.

I also think Fitbits are good to motivate. As they are recording what you are doing they hold you accountable. If you set step targets you literally get a buzz when you achieve them. You can also set them to buzz every hour, which is good at work to remind you to get up from screen. But I think would also be good for a day when doing anything i.e getting dressed is too much and all you feel capable of doing is being g curled up in a ball. You could at least one or two hours force, yourself to get up when buzz you get then get it to buzz again if do 250 steps before end of hour. Bonus if you manage whilst doing steps, to get dressed or have shower or move something back to where it should be.

This week’s Guest Post (I plan on publishing one every Sunday, from now on) deals with an issue that is close to my heart. Suffering from depression, one of the recommendations I get most often, both from doctors, fitness experts and even random people, is to include exercise into my routine. The relation between exercise […]

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