The Marriage Plot

The caption on the front cover likens it to One Day; it is not that good! The first few chapters jump about in time, so little hard to get into. It does get better, but it has not got the same humour on poingency  as One day.

The title and mention of novels such as Austin in the description may suggest it has words of wisdom about those. However novels are mentioned in passing and do not really contribute to the plot,

Overall although readable, but not a must read.


Marmaduke hot chocolate 

Lovely heart on top. Good but not outstanding hot chocolate.

Great food in cafe. I had a lovely piece of blue cheese quiche and an interesting salad featuring grains, cauliflower and pomegranates. Followed by hot chocolate.

There are lots of menu choices for vegatarians and even some for vegans.

Pretty floor tiles at the foot of the stairs. The cafe is split across 3 floors so cute small rooms. Lots of wood and colourful cushions.



Wonderful everyday in advance of IKEA opening in Sheffield.

In advance of IKEA opening in Sheffield on 28th September there is a few interesting promotions going on as part of a promotion called Wonderful Everyday.

Firstly  until it opens there is a big Wonderful Everyday sign on the hill above the station. Made up of plants in hopes of wooden letters. The L of Wonderful has lime plants.

In the winter gardens there are IKEA cushions and rugs.

On some trams on the yellow line that will go to IKEA, the seats have been covered with IKEA fabric. I have been on an IKEA tram but my phone battery was flat at the time, so I could not take pictures. I have just taken this of the outside of one. I hope to be on another one soon but no luck so far.


Coming up there are the following events. Like the idea of a free book from the station.