Time of my life in Crucible Studio untill Saturday 3rd June

A very clever play, centered around a meal for a Mother’s birthday with her husband and their two adult sons, respective wife and girlfriend. Later in the play there are scenes in the same restaurant from one of the son’s developing relationship before the birthday meal and in contrast the other son’s disintegrating marriage after the birthday meal. Lots of drama, tension, suspense and fantastic storytelling from Alan Ackyborne; I also really enjoyed his play Relatively Speaking.

As ever the studio; set out for this play as a round, provided an intimate venue. I was practically on the stage. There was clever use of lights over three tables to highlight the table where current scene was being played.

Stage at beginning of play

An amateur company but, very professional performance of a fabulous play.


Lincoln knights 3 of 7: The fundraising for emergency accommodation 

In September all the knights will be auctioned off to raise money for a homeless charity in Lincoln; Normad Trust. The Norma’s trust will use it to buy emergency accommodation.

The Normad trust has sponsored a knight called ‘Not all stories are black and white”, which is something I learnt from my daily lent contemplation posts on Homelessness.

Instead of going for grey for their, not black and white elephant; it is brightly coloured. There are some great thought provoking messages on the back of the knight.

Lincoln knights 4 of 7: Pictures 1

Large knights with their names, interspersed with pictures of mini knights in shop windows.

Knight Rider

There were two called Lincoln(e) after the girls worn by Robin Hood

Lincoln Green

Lincoln Greene

 Knight and Day


Inspiring a new generation

Home is where the heart is

Inside Out

The Spirit of Lincoln 

Commentates vulcan and Lincoln bomber that flew from bases near Lincoln.

The Lutterworth Psalter

Knight time

Lincoln knights 2 of 7: the 2017 trial

From 20May untill September to celebrate the battle of Lincoln 800 years ago, there is a trial of knights in Lincoln.

Lincoln knights trial: The history bit from exactly 800 years ago

There are 36 large knight sculptures. A bronze sculpture called Poet Laurette knight  forms number 37 of the trial and is located inside the Minerva building of Lincoln university. We found that the building was unlocked to look at the bronze statues on a bank holiday so during daytime hours hopefully; it is possible to see this knight.

35 of the 36 large knight statues have a little green shield on. Each knight’s shield has a symbol on. In maps that can be picked up from Lincoln tourist attractions there is a key which links each symbol to a word then at the back of the map there is space and instructions to form sentences of the word. Once all knights viewed, in order to form the sentence the completed sentences can be exchanged for a certificate. We saw all knights but, was too overwhelmed to collect a certificate. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to have found all the knights and also located the shields on them; some were hidden on the statues!

The one without sheild is number 10 on the trial. Which is found I. Front of the cathedral. It is called Lincoln city knight.

Many shops are selling mini plaster cast models and many shops have painted a mini knight and placed in window. Therefore with all mini knights, I think we saw about 60 knights in a day.

We parked for free on Gray Street, just across road from Lincolnshire life museum at 10.40.

At Lincolnshire life museum there was Quintessentially English knight.

We saw the last knight on the trial, at 4pm and arrived back to the car at 4.30pm. We had walked over 10km. With two approximately 30minute breaks during the day.

Further knight pictures in other posts.

Lincoln knights 1 of 7: The history bit from exactly 800 years ago

In 1217, 800 years ago King John died leaving an infant son; some tried instead, to declare the King of France’s son Louis as king of England. Louis’s troops held Lincoln under seige with the exception of the Lincoln castle which a female knight Nicolaa de la Haye prevented been taken over.

A statue of Nicolaa de la Haye outside Lincoln castle untill September 2017
On 20th May 2017, William Marshal broke the seige of Lincoln with help of other knights therefore,  defeating Louis’s troops and stopping the English being ruled by a French king.

Now 800 years later there is a trial of knights around Lincoln. Outside,  Lincoln castle as part of a trial of knights on one side of the gate is a statue of Nicolaa de la Haye and on the other The battle of Lincoln knight.

On 6th November 1217 As part of the peace negotiations William Marshall amended the Magna Carta and included the Charter of the Forrest. On 6th November 2017 a new Charter of the Forrest will be launched. The new Charter has the principles shown below:

The former BHS in Lincoln has a giant tree poster. It forms a great backdrop for the Knight in the Forrest.

Further posts contain more of the knights.

Mental Health Awareness Month May: Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Psychosis

Mental Health awareness Month

There was also an article in the Guardian about post partum psychosis.


Of all the types of depression to have, it seems to me that Postpartum Depression is one of the saddest. Here you are with a new baby and everyone expects you to be happy. You expect yourself to be happy. So why aren’t you?

Few things change your life as much as parenthood. Your life, in many ways, is no longer your own. The days of living for yourself are over. There’s a new little life depending on you, and that can feel overwhelming. You may even feel a little resentful that nothing will ever be the same. You are no longer just “you.” You are now also “Mom.”

Your body needs to heal from the pregnancy and birth, but you can’t get enough sleep because you have to care for your baby. Your hormones are fluctuating, and your breasts and groin are sore. It’s no wonder you feel depressed!

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