Pintrest Quirky Book Cases

I like the idea of spiral book cases.

The Read book shelf is a great idea.

The has been and will be read book case idea seems like a good idea.


National Yorkshire pudding day 13th October.

I love ❤️ Yorkshire puddings. They are made from the same batter as English pancakes; but end up different as baked in the oven. 

Yorkshire puddings are traditionally, served on a Sunday with Roast beef. However some people like them, so much that they will have with any meat they have as part of a traditional roast Sunday dinner. My Mum, makes great Yorkshire puddings but only with roast beef so I have grown to love roast beef because of that. I rarely cook a Sunday dinner myself and therefore have not made Yorkshire puddings much. 

In Yorkshire they can be served as a starter on own with gravy. The first time, I had them like this  was at a boyfriend’s parent’s house. It was presented to me in the centre of the plate so, not knowing I pushed to one side thinking needed to fit rest of the dinner on. I do not like served that way; if having starter want something else. I like my Yorkshire puddings with rest of the dinner and often will save some to eat last as best but of the dinner. Also I do not just want 1 as I love ❤️ them. I want three and then if when finished there are more left I will have another, I would probably have more than one more but in my Mum’s household it would not happen so many left…Although New Year’s Day 2017 somehow there were a few leftover so I heated up to have with golden syrup like a pancake. As mentioned, they are made from the same batter as pancakes and love ❤️ proper English pancakes.

You can buy frozen Yorkshire puddings but they can be tasteless. Homemade is best!

Also with Yorkshire pudding batter you can make toad in the hole which is a massive Yorkshire pudding with sausages in. You can also have giant  Yorkshire puddings where they are used as like an edible bowl for something like beef stewed; this gets called filled giant Yorkshire puddings.

A post from Stelliac about maki g gluten free Toad in the hole.
Enjoy Yorkshire pudding day! 


Halloween 👻 I’m not a fan

Do not know what Halloween HQ is about. I’m not a fan of Halloween.

It was not very much of a thing when I was a child. Maybe a few people did trick and treating. I have never ticked and treated. It has become bigger and bigger because of Americain influence. It is not an English thing.

Sorry Americain / Canadian readers. But why celebrate something so morbid? It  is all about greed and commercialism. Trick and treating is just begging on people’s door steps. Making people feel scared to open door in own house.

Sure some of the decorations I have seen this year are cute. Yes I have enjoyed dressing up for parties and nights out just because been an excuse for a night out. But I enjoy nights out for different occasions.