Remembering 9/11

Source: Remembering 9/11


9/11 Part 2 of 2

Around 3 ish on 11thSeptember 2001, I went into town with my Dad. It was then we realised it was a terrorist attack. As the afternoon went on, news ofthe other attacks came in.

When we get back from town, we put the tv on. My Dad sat down to watch; he very rarely watches tv during the day.

One thing that surprised me was the lack of any miracles. I expected it to be like when there is an earthquake and they find survivors days after; instead death toll went up.

I started uni a couple of weeks after 9/11 so then was not exposed to so much news. I can not remember talking about it with other students; which seems strange now.

9/11 Part 1 of 2

I happened to look at my alarm clock at 9.11 this morning. That time always stands out as it is now has so much significance as a date.

16 years ago today at 2pm, I had the radio on to listen to the omnibus edition of the Archers. On the 2pm news just before the Archers there was a snippet that news was just coming in that a plane had just gone into one of the twin towers. There was not more details and I had never heard of twin towers. After the Archers finished about 2.20 there was a news flash that another plane had gone into the towers. This seemed more strange. Was there navigation issues, poor fog? The story began unfurling…

Walk a mile in my shoes: number 7

I bought these boots, just before I went to Amsterdam in March 2017 to replace an almost identical pair that were becoming really thinned soled. They were less than £20 from De

They must have walked miles, over 5 days in Amsterdam; I was doing over 20 thousand steps per day.

These ones again are already going thin.