Top 5 Tuesday: Anticipated Reads April – June

Got my TBR read pile right down so think time to stock up! Also fits with challenge set by Meeghan

1. I recently read Stolen by Michael Wood and realised not only was it a book 6 of series but it was also set where I live in Sheffield. So now I want to go back to the beginning of the seties.

2. Paris apartment, Lucy Foley. I hope this is of the ilk of the Hunting party rather than her historical novels.

3. Another series I want to continue is the Lake District mysteries by Rebeca Tope, the next To read in the series is the Troutbeck test mounds.

4. The silent suspect the third book by Nell Pattison set in deaf community.

5. A slow fire burning by Paula Hawkin. It heard much about it so doubt as good as girl on the train but hopefully will be a good read.

Top 5 Tuesday Book Resolutions 2022 Complete!

I have completed the following:

1. Read Book Thief for January Book CLlub

2. Took part each Tuesday in March in Top 5 Tuesday scavenger hunts. Only tweaked one topic in order to find 5 books.

3. Read King short stories. This fulfilled book CLlub challenge category short stories and also give me more to judge Stephen King on! I’m not in rush to read mire although there were goos points within some stories.

4. Bought a second hand book for second hand category of Book Cllub challenge. I also completed the whole challenge!

5. Read a Colleen Hoover book. I read Ygly Love and not sure what the fuss around her is about! But nah read another … if came across it in a second hand challenge.

Top 5 Tuesday books set in 2019 / 2020 / 2021

This week is a a choose own topic for Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Meeghan. I have listed 5 books wrote covering the extraordinary last 2 years and how subject handled. There will of course be more written! I think there are real life stories and stories that can be imagined about the pandemic creating dilemmas for those leading double lives with two lovers, for example. Of course there are all sorts of stories of the trauma of covid – having lived it; I’m not sure I’m ready for them yet! Or there may be stories where the pandemic is just in the background.

1. Apples never fall by Lianne Moriety. The ‘present’ part of the book starts on Valentine’s Day 2020 and continues forward from there. It flashes back to Sep / October 2019 and further back. By the end of the book the pandemic has started so it is mentioned but as a background subject until a reflective ending.

2. Wish you were here Jodi Piccoult. This one is set right at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. It covers being trapped on Galapagos because of the pandemic but on an island free from covid contrasted with the traumatic times in US covid wards.

4. Chalet by Catherine Cooper. The main part of the book is set in Jan 2020. It was published November 2020 so I suspect the book was finished at the start of 2020. The epilogue is 6 months later so July time and mentions how well a business is going – it is like No! That business would have been closed for months, staff furloughed etc…

3. Is three by Ruth Jones ends at Christmas 2019. At the end of the book some of the characters are due to move to a different country however the implication is that there will be visits home and trips by the other characters to see them. If the book had been written in 2020 or later, it would have worked leaving story as it was in December 2019 when we did not realise what was about to happen. I think for the author it would have been tempting instead of having them sailing into the sunset to allude to the trauma and zoom calls to come!

5. If Roald Dahl wrote 2021. A book of short stories. There was a story about masks and the first story about health and safety gone made me laugh out loud! I think with Roald Dahl’s imagination though there would have been more stories about viruses causing havoc! There were not stories about viruses; I suspect the authors thought it was too soon. If book had been wrote later maybe there would have been.

Top 5 Tuesday Book Covers with books on.

For this week’s book scavenger hunt, Meeghan set the challenge of books with books on the cover. Hopover to Meeghan’s blog to see what Meeghan and other participants come up with.

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Books are part of the title being a narrative strand in the book alongside the story of the 2nd world war in Germany.

2. The book club by C.J Cooper. As the cover says one of them is hiding a secret. In fact technically to throw you off the scent more than one may have had a secret. However found this unbelievable in terms of the amount of people in the village that seemed to be able to hang around without having laid employment. The final secrets reveal also seemed a bit far detached.

3. Why you should read children’s books even though you are old and wise by Katherine Arundel. This is a non function book, I probably need to re read to remember the arguments for reading children’s books.

4. Little Men by Louise May Alcott. This is a follow up book to Little Women.

5. Hunter Davis lists. This is literally a book of lists, the cover show someone writing a list in the book. The book has all kinds of facts in and also just amusing lists that have been written.

Top 5 Tuesday Book covers with Clocks

For this week’s book scavenger hunt, Meeghan set the challenge of books with clocks on the cover. Meeghan and other participants, have probably gone for more typical timepieces than myself, therefore Hope over to Meeghan’s blog to see more!

1. Firstly egg timer type clock on Matt Haig; How to Stop Time.

2. Another one, with an egg timer; They both Dir at the End.

4. I may be clutching at straws here to try and get my favourite book on a list again. But some of my copies of One Day by David Nicholas have two faces facing each other and I wonder whether the gap inbetween is meant to resemble an egg timer?

4. Stepping away from egg timers! Who used to blow the fluff from dandelion and count each puff for the time I.e 1 puff = 1oclock etc… Totally inaccurate way of telling the time! The book I have with a dandelion on is 34 days. The book is largely set in Sheffield, which is where I live.

5. Another dandelion is On the Front of the man who did not call. And the reason was unexpected – not the usual type of reason ‘they’ do not call!

Top 5 Tuesday: Books with jewels 💎 on the cover.

I have looked through covers of books I have read in the last few years to spy jewels as that was the challenge set by Meeghan for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday.

1. An obvious one to start with: The Girl with the pearl earring.

2. The Titanic sisters in the book of the same name are both wearing earrings.

3. I think the woman on the cover of the Invitation is wearing an earring.

4. One of the girls on cover of Sorrows and Smiles is wearing a necklace.

5.The secret he kept has a wedding ring on the cover.

👑 Top 5 Tuesday for International Women’s Day 👑

Meeghan set the challenge for today of finding books with thrones on. I have no books with thrones on! I tried to think of other royal themes. Ultimately as we have a Queen in the UK and today is International Women’s Day I have found 5 books on my shelves with a girl’s name in the title.

1. Sticking with the Queen theme the first name is Queenie in the title of Queenie Malone Paradise Hotel. To be honest found this a bit dull.

2. Heidi a book I have kept from childhood.

3. Rebecca. I’m not keen on classics but I have read and quite enjoyed this ‘modern’ classic twice.

4. Marilyn’s child by Lynne Pemberton. This is the imagined story of a girl growing up in an orphanage but could it be that Marilyn Munroe was her Mother.

5. Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin. Black Eyed Susan’s are vivid yellow flowers with a black centre (eye). In the book the appearance of these flowers is associated with murders of teenage girls.

Memoirs of a Childhood Bookworm: Alfie gets home first by Shirley Hughes.

Sometimes in book tags I see prompts along lives of books that changed your life and I can never really think of anything. However I have, remembered a book that influenced me to do something ….

The book is Alfie gets in first. In the book he gets in first and manages to lock his Mum and baby sister Annie Rose out. This inspired me when my Mum was outside hanging washing out with my baby sister to lock the back door. I then could not turn the key the other way. I managed to get the key out of the lock. Then my Mum had to climb in a patio table for me to pass the keys through the window!

International Women’s Day Sheffield Walk

On the eve of International Women’s Day; I met a group at Ladies Bridge. Ladies Bridge took it’s name from the chapel built close to the bridge dedicated to the Virgin Mary also referred to as our lady.

Via Queens street. We then walked to the Diamond building of Sheffield University and viewed the sculpture of a moth that honours Amy Johnstone. Amy was a pilot and the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia hence the sculpture. There was a trial of moth sculptures in 2018 that spanned her home town Hull, Sheffield and Australia. Her connection with Sheffield is she studied at Sheffield University. We then proceeded to pass the Amy Johnstone building of Sheffield University.

We when then walked to the cathedral. Florence Nightingale used to go to services at the cathedral. Florence’s family originated from Sheffield. Florence was named after the Italian city where she was born. Her Father was born William Shore, he adopted his Uncle’s surname Nightingale before Florence was born. After returning from Italy, Florence lived in Matlock but frequently visited her Grandparents in Sheffield and the cathedral hence stopping at the cathedral. There are streets named in her honour but they are further from the city centre. There is Florence Road in Woodseats and Nightingale Street in Grenoside. Nearer to the city, close to Bramall lane there is also a Shore Street reflecting her Father’s family.

Whilst at the cathedral we looked across at Cutlers Hall. In 1908 Adela Pankhurst sneaked into the Cutlers Feast intending to disrupt speeches but she was thrown out before that happened and instead made a speech on the steps of the Town Hall.

We proceeded to the Town Hall. We looked at plaques of famous Sheffielder’s.

Our walk ended in Barker’s Pool where there is a post box painted gold to honour Jessica Ennis Hill and also a bronze statue of Buffer girls who were women who took up the roles of men in steel factories when the men were away at war.

Top 5 Tuesday 5 book covers with doorways

As Meghan who set the challenge quoted

Books and doors are the same thing. You open them, and you go through into another world.”

Jeanette Winterson

1. To start with I have picked possibly the most famous door in the UK. I can not think of a more widely known / pictured one? It is number 10 Downing Street. I have it on the cover of a book called the Goldfish Bowl by the former prime minister’s wife; Cherie Booth as well as Cate Haste. They interviewed other spouses and children of former prime minister’s to give a glimpse into personal life in Downing Street.

2. From one famous doorway to another… what other famous doors can you think of? I think Monica’s door in Friends with the frame is fairly iconic! Technically my Friends book Still Friends by Saul Austerlitz only has the grave on it not the door.

3. From one purple door to another… There is a purple door on my cover of Rachel’s holiday. Which I bought and read last year in order to try a Marian Keyes. Not subsequently read more but for light reading would consider one again.

4. This is a lift doorway. An open lift doorway showing blood inside the lift. The lift is the Escape Room of the book’s title. A book by Megan Goldin. Not the typical Escape Room that do as a voluntary fun activity! Hence the blood!

5. The only book on this list that I have not yet read. A Penny Vincenzi; A question of time. Another author good for light reading!