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Now Live: Be Mine Blog Party

What inspires graffitti ‘artists’ / street artists.

I don’t know for certain, I imagine as with lots of things it is different for different people. I can understand the desire to create / leave your mark / express your self. Not all people who are artistic / who want to express themselves can make a living from their art. Like people who may want to express themselves writing may, write a blog rather than earn a living out of it.

Who has not written their name or a message on a misty window / mirror, in sand or snow? As parents know, children seem to be born with a desire to write on walls, floors and tables rather than paper so maybe we are all born with the gumption to be a graffiti  artist? But some of us grow up or do not dare?

Perhaps we all have it in our genes the urge to write on walls. As this great blog post I read, points out there is evidence of cave  painting and hyreglyphics in Egyptian tombs.

A fascinating post (not mine) about street art.

Writing on walls can be a powerful communication method. Wilkipedia credits the first modern graffiti artist as being Cornbread who as a student in 1967 wrote on walls in an attempt to get a girl’s attention. In Sheffield on a bridge, that is part of the Park Hill flats the sprayed message ‘I love you, will you marry me’  has been immortalised in lights.

Now a days with the internet is possible to get messages across to a large group of strangers; though posts electronic walls, tweets etc… In times gone by expressing political views or making statements about situations has been enabled by writing on walls such as John Lennon’s wall where peace messages were painted during times of communism and the Berlin wall.

Wonderwall: John Lennon Wall Prague

Wonderwalls: Berlin

Despite  enhanced mass communications methods street art can still be used to highlight topical issue /  points of views.

Women’s rights street art

Global warming street art


Some art pieces need a large space and walls provide that space.

Some would argue those who spraypaint their ‘tag’ albeit that it may be a moniker rather than actual name reflecting the risks of tagging illicitly; are not so artistic. Perhaps taggers have different aims.

A quote from the following article (also linked above):

A fascinating post (not mine) about street art.

The article above also speculates the thrill that the taggers get from the process; the cat and mouse game with police. Then there are so called heaven spots, which is where tags are painted in difficult to reach places. it can be a wonder when you spot some colour , high up on a building; how on earth it was painted. Indeed unfortunately  heaven spots are also so called because of the risk to life.

I also wonder whether taggers get a thrill seeing their tag everywhere. I have noticed the Nop tag everywhere in Sheffield and it did cause me to think what it meant,; therefore it has had some impact on myself. It has been suggested the nop tag stands for Norfolk park and it is a gang symbol and that it stands for Not for Profit.

Wonderwalls? NO:P
I also see the word Quiet and initials SCS around Sheffield.

A couple of times in the same writing, I have seen the message ‘keep it real’.

I see the colours and words but never the people creating. So what do I really know?

The girl with all the gifts by M.R.Carey

I bought this book because it was on the reading list for book club. The back of the book, did not give much away about what the book was like; just one paragraph and some recommendations.

The front cover, has a yellow background and is warming and inviting. The paragraph on the back of the book is near the beginning of the book. At first there is mystery as to what is happening. Once it become apparent what the situation, the book was written about was; the suspense dissapaited and yet there was still 200+ pages to read. There are parts I like; glimpses of how characters, feel or what they are thinking. But in between, there feels to me to be a lot of waffle they takes some wading through take this for example:

‘It’s not a wall at all but an avalanche, a formless sprawl of matter in slow motion advance. It’s made from tendrils of Ophiocorddyceps, from billions of fungal mycelia interwoven more finely than any tapestry… ‘and so  this description for another three sentences, before there is whiff of plot moving forward.

The cover of the DVD which is based on the book more accurately represents what it is about, so if you want a little more clue about whether this book is for you then take a look at that. Reading on gives far more away that is not discovered untill near the end.


As it was Holocaust Memorial Day whilst I was reading this, I did ponder about the targeting of a group, because they are different.

Another day to remember the holocaust and some places dedicated to remembering (Boston, Prague, Austwich, Laxton)
In fact Melanie’s last conversation,  with Sargent Parks does express that trying to cull the second generations hungeries is preventing the new normal establishing itself.
The way the 2nd generation hungaries were being tested upon, also echos how individual’s rights have been trampled on prior to the Nuremberg code of 1947 which developed into the Declaration of Helsinki in 1964 and provides ethical guidelines as to how human test subjects rights should be protected. Of course it is debatable whether, Melanie was human . Having  her display mostly human characteristics rather than mutant attributes , does  of course  make you care about her and therefore raise questions about how she was treated. If it had been a sometype of random mutant I would have connected far less with this book, In this regards it is a clever book and the ending was rather poignant traditional type happy ending; or at least how I imagined Miss Justineau educating her new class and living happily ever after with them all looking after each other. Albeit there was just too much between the beginning and the end for me, that I just found it tedious, and whilst not hating reading it my enjoyment was limited, . Alas I’m sure I will enjoy discussing it at book club as I do appreciate that there it does have it’s merits and I expect there will be readers who connected with it more than I did.

Street City Sheffield ‘Mardi Gras’ Carnival

The next Street food event on Ecclesall Road, takes place February 24th and 25th. It has a carnival  theme. It does not specifically say it is for Mardi Gras,  but it is during traditional Mardi Gras season. Mardi Gras are celebrations (parades and carnivals) that occur in the two weeks prior to Ash Wednesday. This year Shrove Tuesday is on the Tuesday 28th February and Ash Wednesday is Wednesday 1st March.

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Sheffield Street City Food Market avec Music

A review by someone who saw original Year came out. Any reviewers out there who has seen T2 but not T1??? T2: Trainspotting – film review

John's Random Musings


If you’re in your 40s, it’s a pretty safe bet that, about 20 years ago, either you or someone you know will have had a Trainspotting poster on their wall. And owned the soundtrack. And, of course, went to see Danny Boyle’s second film, based on Irvine Welsh’s cult novel, that became a phenomena long before Boyle enjoyed a second lease of creative life as the mastermind behind the brilliant London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

The original Trainspotting captured the zeitgeist. Ewan McGregor’s opening Choose Life monologue, delivered over the unmistakable tones of Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life, captured the imagination of a generation. It propelled Boyle into the big league, showcasing his Scorsese-way with a camera and his keen eye for a set-piece. It also turned Ewan McGregor, then best known for the lead in Dennis Potter’s Channel 4 drama Lipstick On Your Collar, into an international superstar.


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My 2017 Trainspotting ‘Choose’Monologue 

Choose bring old enough,  to see history repeating itself. Female prime minster like; when you were a child. Spice girls, in 90s and now giving birth. More sinister the perceived threat of exclusion of sections of population like in the Holocaust.

Choose your time to be angry and engaged in politics; Brexit, Trump’s travel ban, attending demos outside town and city hall. Like those when you were growing up were angry about Thatcher, poll tax and other topics you were oblivious to at the time.

Choose brain being overloaded with usernames and passwords. Choose forgotten password option.

Choose instead of overhearing conversations at school about what cool kids are doing, seeing what ‘friends’ are up to without you from their Facebook posts; travel, nights out, weddings and children.

Choose being addicted to your phone. All so safe, alone at home, with only your phone. Choose nearly constantly, holding your phone to check e-mails, whatsapp, Facebook, step count, word games, turning heating up on Hive app.

Choose feeling superior because at least you don’t use your phone on toilet.

Trainspotting 2

According to an interview I heard Trainspotting 2. was intended to be watchable by both those who had watched the original Trainspotting and those who had not. It would be interesting to hear what someone who had never seen the original thought of Trainspotting 2; whether it was understandable, whether it inspired them to see the original. What follows should not spoil either Trainspotting 1 or 2.

I had not watched the original untill 2 weeks ago, being too young to really be aware of the original at the time. I liked the second one better, it had more pace. I watched the first on my sofa, so that may have led to me losing interest towards the end; maybe I would have engaged with the film and characters if I had watched in the cinema. The first was slow and rather incorrherent and to me thin plot being more about general atmosphere ; perhapas meant to echo being in a drug induced haze. In the second the characters are not quite so drug obsessed and the plot is more coherent, the cast matured to varying degrees albeit no one living the suburban scorned by the original choose  life monologue.

The updated monologue features in the trailer as images from the film flash up. Perhaps it would have been effective to bookend the film with the original and updated monologue. At the start the orignal monologue with scenes from the orignal film,  to recap or acquaint with the orignal film. Then keep the audience in the cinema as the credits went up with the updated version mixed with scenes from the film as a summary, as it is in the trailer. Alas for better or worse this is not how it is in the film. In the film although delivered powerfully by MacGregegor it is not necessarily smoothly incorporated into the sequence of the film.

Choose life.

Choose facebook, twitter, instragram and hope that someone somewhere cares.

Choose looking up old flames, wishing you had done it all differently and choose history repeat itself.

Choose your future.

Choose reality tv, slut shaming, revenge porn.

Choose a zero hour contract, a two hour journey to work. And choose the same for your kids only worse. And smoother the pain with an unknown dose of an unknown drug made in somebodies kitchen.

And then take a deep breath. Your an addict so be addicted. Just be addicted to something else.

Choose the one you love.

Choose your future.

Choose life.

It does feel retrospective with talk of looking up old flames, I have read that some have thought it did not seem like an appropriate speech for the character because the character would not have been using social media but, then the point of the monologue is not to reflect their lives. The characters would be very much aware of the themes in the monologue; revenge porn, zero hour contracts etc.. The film does show them using mobiles, accurately reflecting modern life. Perhapas the addiction referred,  to at the end is the addiction to phones and social media, taking pictures and communicating with ones you love albeit it can be isolating ‘hope that someone cares’.

Could anyone have written the monologue better? I have seen a website challenging people to have to better as part of a completion that closed a couple of days ago.


It seems Trainspotting for those who watched it at the time contains iconic cultural references. Politician Hannah Bardell had recently gave a speech tapping into 2017’s renewed interest in Trainspotting.


For me, I do find the new monologue thought provoking, the line  ‘see history repeating’ I  feel is very  relevant at the moment. I’m pleased to albeit late to have an understanding of the Trainspotting phenomen. I enjoyed the music in both, which reminds me of my 90s!

My 2017 monologue, now I’m in Trainspotting spirit.



Wonderwalls? NO:P

I have seen this tag (?) in various locations around Sheffield. But, I do not know what it means, so apologies if I have posted something offensive.

Anyone know what it means?

Is it only in Sheffield or has anyone seen it elsewhere?

It is even out towards Bradfield this is at the end of Dam Flask looking in the direction of Sheffield.

It has been suggested it is Norfolk park gang but why is it all over Sheffield?

Wonderwall: Sheffield city street art to be part of Chelsea Garden

    A garden that is to be part of Chelesea flower show is due to feature steeet art by faunagraphic. The garden called Greening Grey Britain has been designed by Nigel Dunnett who is a professor of planting design and urban horticulture at Sheffield university and is a royal horticultural ambassador. An example, of Faunagraphic work can be seen opposite Decathlon, on the same side as Staples.