Overview of July


Seen none in July, therefore not seen Cousin  Rachal.


Read and reviewed: Insomnia Stephen King, Boy Made of Blocks, Small Great things, Watchmen (partially read).

Also read:

Eloise by Judy Finnagin. Bit too much about ghosts for me.

Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain. Very readable but plot line little unbelievable.


Reviewed Tribes.

Saw what We Wished For which is where a cast from Sheffield general public is gather think this was 3rd or 4th year. It was ok, but probably least favourite out of this type of production: was not sure about all nursery rhyme references. Some talented Sheffield performers.

Amateur production of All Shook Up. Elvis Music. Liked that although musical there was a strong plot.

In London, saw a post for Everbodies talking about Jamie which I reviwed early in year. It’s premiere was in Sheffield and now it is moving to London. Highly recommend Londoners! In November there at tickets from just £11.50. It is due to be on Nov to April.


Greenday on day did Day in my life post.

Tramlines. All music saw was free, had bits of time at least in: Huttons, Leopold square, Dev Cat, Washington, Crystal, Old House, Frog and Parrot ( very popular venue as do get good bands at times on Sat no admission as full and Sat night when raining uncomfortably full), Old House, Trippets and Madia Vale.

Some venues mentioned above were featured in Exposed guide but not all; that is flaw of fringe away from the main festival.

Highlights included: Hallmark of Hallam choir as all looked like enjoying so much.

Larkins (curly haired singer)
1/2 of The stoops

Early bird tickets are now on sale for £27.50 for the three day weekend. By time of tramlines this year tickets were £50.

Bad news. Crookes who I featured in summer love post are doing last shows then splitting up. There last Sheffield show is same night 😦 I have tickets to Rob Brydon 🙂

Fun Friday #11: Summer Projects🌻💛🎶: Summer Love ❤️ that Lasted

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Coming up AUGUST

This is my 291 post. I intended to get to 300 in August. 300th will be, If we were having coffee ☕️ post. Will also write about books and clothes. I