I wouldn’t * walk 500 miles BUT love to read about such journeys

It is a thrilling adventure to walk day after day to get from place A to place B hundreds of miles away. There is a risk of blisters though, doing it therefore an alternative is to read about the adventures!

* I do contemplate long distance walks and I’m crazy enough to may be do it for the achievement and adventure. At present just reading about such journeys.

Over just a couple of days this week I have read The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. It is about true life story about a couple who upon bring evicted decide to walk the South West coast path which is 630miles. Raynor’s Winn has been told he has a terminal disease although it can only 100% be confirmed at post mortem. It has made me think what terminal means; looking it up it is a disease that can not be cured which will ultimately lead to death. Sometimes the times the term life limiting is used instead of terminal. Walking 630miles do not seem to fit with those terms although some people with a terminal condition will deteriorate faster. The book is also thought provoking as regards homelessness. I definitely recommend!

For a blog about long distance walking I recommend 50foothead about the ongoing journey from foot of England lands end to the top of the head of Scotland John O’Groates.

I also enjoyed reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harald Fry by Rachel Joyce. A fictional story about Harald Fry setting out to post a letter but walking past letter boxes to the next letterbox and ultimately deciding just to keep walking for days to deliver his letter.