Walk a mile in my shoes: 19

These are beautiful. I bought them for a wedding to wear with a pink dress. They were comfortable enough to wear all day and night. 

I’m saving them to wear at another special occasion. Unlike the rest of my shoes; these are kept in a box. I keep them in the box the shoes of Walk a mile in my shoes; 19.

Walk a mile in my shoes: 18

I bought these from next at the same time as the yellow shoes of Walk a mile in my shoes 8. I thought these were the sensible pair of the two but although the yellow ones are higher; these black ones are more painful to wear. The angle of wedge of black shoes puts lots of pressure on balls of feet whereas yellow ones jeep feet more level.

I still have the box, so know they were £35. I now keep the shoes I will feature in edition 19 in the box.

Walk a mile in my shoes 17

Cute black ankle boots. Can be worn with jeans or a skirt.

Bought late 2016 from Marks and Spencer’s.

It seems not for walking far. On a day when unexpectedly walked 15min to a park and was in park a few hours they really squeezed toes in and started blisters, plus rubbed back of right ankle so when started to walk back it was agonising and opted for a bus instead.

Walk a mile in my shoes 16

These have only been worn outside a couple of times outside the house. The first time I wore them I wore my them to walk 20minutes as part of journey to work. Within first few mins they had scaled skin off back of heels but I had to keep going. 

The second time I wore them I put plasters on but they were still doing the same.

I have tried sticking these plastic heel protectors from Avon in but they will not stick. Think may be time to give them to charity. Or could try this tip came actors on Life of Angela’s Pintrest (Angels can also be found on WordPress).


Walk a mile in my shoes 15

These were the first walking boots I bought after needing to buy more because had lost one of pair as cut off when broke leg (see Walk a mile in my shoes 12).

They have done miles. Including a walking holiday in Poland. One walk zig zagged across border with Slovakia. Dramatic mountain views. The farmer, ploughing field with horse was a quaint scene to watch.

The soles are starting to be quite worn down.

Walk a mile in my Shoes 13

10 weeks after breaking my leg I was bridesmaid to my sister. All the bridesmaid had the same shoes so I had to wear the shoes bought even though they had thin heel. I managed to walk down aisle in shoes and just one crutch. I swapped into more comfy shoes for the evening reception.

Lilac is not a colour I like much but I have worn the shoes a couple of times since. I also had a matching bag. These are only matching bag and shoes combination I have.

Walk a mile in my shoes 12

I only have one of this pair as the other one was cut off as I broke my left leg wearing it:

Previously they had walked many miles. On the day last wore, I was in the Lake District. I climbed to submit of Eagle Crag, in the Borrowdale valley, I then walked across to summit of Sargent Graf before returning to Eagle Crag submit to decline.

I was descending down rocks and the ledge walking on became thinner, I then placed a wrong foot and plummeted. As I plummeted it, there was no time for my life to flash through my head; there was just a feeling that I would not know anything beyond impact. However I landed and there was relief of being alive and aware of landing. But then I looked at leg and simultaneously pain kicked in. My leg looked like jelly it was clear the bones were not intact. 

I rang mountain rescue who cut the boot off. The Great North Air Ambulance also arrived and landed a little below my location then I was taken on stretcher in the helicopter to Carlisle hospital.

I have some years put a plant pot in the boot, now only has one.