Walk a mile in my shoes: Number 11

I spotted these in a cancer research shop. They are monsoon, comfy to wear and have some sparkle. I like them enough that paid to have buckle repaired, when elastic snapped.


Walk a mile in my shoes: Number 8

Love these shoes! They were an impulse buy from Next. I have found them surprisingly easy to walk in; although they are high the wedge is curved so lots of pressure not put on sole of shoe. Occasionally my ankles have toppled in them, but I have not fallen over ever in them. I have not risked them for a while though as have had a sprained ankle.

Walk a mile in my shoes: number 7

I bought these boots, just before I went to Amsterdam in March 2017 to replace an almost identical pair that were becoming really thinned soled. They were less than £20 from De

They must have walked miles, over 5 days in Amsterdam; I was doing over 20 thousand steps per day.

These ones again are already going thin.