Walk a mile in my shoes 👠 number 4

Again red, again a great way to add a pop of colour to an outfit. Have worn with jeans and little checked skirts ( either blue or red skirt) and black tights.

These are also from Marks and Spencer’s, shame sole has always felt a little thin, so limited wear a little; still they have made lots of appearances.

Walk a mile in my shoes: Number 1

I said not all my shoes were glamorous. These I wear in garden.

I have had two gardens. 

During first weekend at my current house, I popped out to bin in these shoes, jogging bottoms and a t-shirt that I had thrown on to unpack in. The door closed behind me. It turned out the lock was type that locked as soon as door shut. I was locked out in these shoes. I had to walk to tram stop in them. Get tram to train stop. Then get train to parents in them. Longest I have worn them for and only time out of the house!

Coming up: New Monday Blog Series: Walk a mile in my shoes

This series will be about my shoes and where they have walked. Of course based on the quote, from to Kill a Mockingbird.

One leg is slightly longer than the other, so to make it easier on back, I wear a heel wedge. This affects shoe design I prefer as need something can fit wedge in.

I walk with my heels slightly turned in so inner heel of shoes wear down fast and I walk a lot in some shoes so shoes, do not last me long. I walk lots of different places; so if my shoes, could talk, they would have some stories to tell! I would like to try to share, some of this with you and also you get to see my shoes – not that they are glamorous; as I say I wear them out quickly!