Walk a mile in my shoes: 36

My Mum and I both bought a pair of these in the M&S sale. I wore mine lots for nights out as they are elegant but comfy for dancing for hours. So when I was going to a family hen party in London and was going to be tight for time whereas my Mum was getting into London earlier I gave my Mum my luggage including silver shoes to take to the hotel. When I saw my Mum, in London she said she had upgraded my shoes; I was mysterfyed. It turned out as she had never worn her silver shoes; she had decided to give them to me :). You never know how comfy a pair of shoes are going to be; in hindsight when you have found a good pair you often wish you had bought two pairs, but it is too late. Now I have got a new pair of shoes I really like. The old pair is slightly battered but wearable; I keep them at my parents in case I need dressy shoes unexpectedly whilst there. Then I have new pair at my house which I still enjoy wearing on nights out 🙂