Walk a mile in my shoes 38

I originally had these when, I worked in an office. I then wore them, for a couple of months at the end of last year waitressing. The soles became so thin. My feet soles hurt from walking on barely there shoe sole. As soon as got up and put feet on floor they hurt. Therefore it was a pleasure to throw these shoes.

Walk a mile in my shoes: 36

My Mum and I both bought a pair of these in the M&S sale. I wore mine lots for nights out as they are elegant but comfy for dancing for hours. So when I was going to a family hen party in London and was going to be tight for time whereas my Mum was getting into London earlier I gave my Mum my luggage including silver shoes to take to the hotel. When I saw my Mum, in London she said she had upgraded my shoes; I was mysterfyed. It turned out as she had never worn her silver shoes; she had decided to give them to me :). You never know how comfy a pair of shoes are going to be; in hindsight when you have found a good pair you often wish you had bought two pairs, but it is too late. Now I have got a new pair of shoes I really like. The old pair is slightly battered but wearable; I keep them at my parents in case I need dressy shoes unexpectedly whilst there. Then I have new pair at my house which I still enjoy wearing on nights out 🙂