Wonderwall: Summer 1997; 20 years ago.

1997 was an exciting summer in terms of Oasis. Firstly just before the summer holidays, I bought tickets for myself and Dad to see Oasis. I spent about 5 hours redailing before finally getting the tickets.

Then I was able to anticipate the release of Be Here Now; I always knew I would not be able to buy it on the day of release as we were going on holiday to Spain the day before it’s release. I was able, by hanging on the balcony of our villa; get a sneak preview as the boy from next door was playing it.

During  the holiday Princess Diana died.

William announces forthcoming 3rd child, few days after 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Memories of 31Aug1997

I bought cassette of Be Here Now   on the ferry coming back. I  was finally able to listen to my own copy on the long  car journey , navigating through the traffic as people headed to London for Princess Diane’s funeral. The casssette was not played the whole way back; we also listened to the radio to catch up on the news that we had missed from the week. Whilst we were still travelling at midnight the news of Mother Teresa’s death came through.

Scavanger hunt 3 to come next weekend….

As a teaser ….Scavenger 3 is based upon the following

Book inspiration including books made into films out in 2017

I thought I would have several books with cats on the cover, turns out I do not! But loving an opportunity to look at book covers; as when read the focus is on the inside!

There are whole books about cats such as Cat called Bob then cats are part of other books; surely there must be loads of books with cats on the cover? Have you got any?

More Hull city of culture sights: from steel bears to a bare blue army.

Another Larkin toad.

Seen at here:

Also saw a Larkin toad. Also saw a Larkin toad in a front garden in Cottingham as whizzed past.

Bears on lampposts in Albany Street.

Clock in flower bed.

Wilberforce statue from Princess gardens.

Lovely little walled garden behind Wilberforce myseum in the museum quarter.

I did also attempt to take a picture in Ferrens art gallery but, failed because as I have now found out for you; this is not allowed. They have interesting exhibition called skins, for those who do not mind nudity; statues and pictures. Pictures include those of Sea of Hull project. Where masses of naked volunteers were painted blue for art installations. There is interesting video showing the making of the installations; with the naked blue army wandering through Hull.

Hull City of Culture: Good Friday day out

30+ moths, 2 toads; Land of Green Ginger, gold Post box and Gold phone box; features of a walk around Hull

Book inspiration including books made into films out in 2017

This post looks set to inspire a scavenger hunt in a couple of weeks time ( I have already prepared next weekend’s Scavanger)

intro to reading challenge 2017 | Small town ramblings

In the meantime I have been inspired to buy a book of letters.

I looked into books made into films 2017. It turns out hidden figures which I did not really enjoy as a film was originally a book.

Hidden Figures Film and food at Showroom Sheffield

I saw the 50 shades darker film having read the trilogy years ago.

From Drag Queens to Bondage aka Everyone’s talking about Jamie to 50 Shades of Grey

I have order zoo keepers wife which , comes out as a film next week. Will not have read before film comes out but hopefully, I can read in time to see at the cinema.

There is also a Daphne De Mairier film based on book Cousin Rachal out in July. I enjoyed Rebecca.


Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

I got Portia too. Anyone get anything different.

Blog party untill anniversary of Shakespeare christening tomorrow 26th April.

Histories and Mysteries

shakespare-to-thine-own-self pd

I am pretty sure that Shakespeare, in his writings, must have explored every possible personality type. His plays brought a blur  of notorious and memorable characters —  heroes, villains, wenches, fair ladies and noblemen.  Which one most represents you?  Here is a fun little quiz for all Shakespeare fans!

Which Shakespeare character are you?

Please post your results in the comments! Have fun 🙂

As it turns out, I am Portia from ‘The Merchant of Venice’. I have no objections —  after all she was a smart woman who knew the law 🙂


If you have never seen ‘The Merchant of Venice’ you are in for a treat! This 2004 version stars Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons. Running time about two hours. Hope you get a chance to watch it.

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Should Shakespeare plays contain more nudity to attract more interest?

Lots of people find Shakespeare boring would something more visual help?

For example,  at the party where Juliet and Romeo first see each other what if every was covered in lots of glitter. That would beat the party in Baz Lurmans play surely?

Blog party continues until anniversary of Shakespeare’s christening on 26th April. There is a quiz to see what Shakespeare character you are. Would that character go out with no top just glitter?

Come join the party; with or without glitter!