The final of first series of This is US

It looked like the final episode was going to be about Jack dying but keeping the audience guessing right to the end, that was not what the story was about. Could it be my crazy theory that he is not dead be true?

Penultimate This Is US further evidence of my theories (contains spoilers)

This is US random theory from someone mid series

I do not really believe my crazy theory, but I came up with it because I did not believe in the seemingly perfect relationship of Jack and Rebecca presented. As I thought the final episode of the first series showed cracks in their relationship. A fantastic end to the series seeing the cracks. More reasons to watch the next season to see what happens to Jack and Rebecca and if and how Jack dies. I have enjoyed the variety formats of episodes; different character groups and different combinations of time periods.

This is US random theory from someone mid series

The final This Is US has not yet been shown in the UK so I do not know how it ends, but loving seeing it played out. In the meantime I have tried to second guess and I have come up with a far fetched twist that Jack was actually physically abusive and manipulative  in order to control Rebecca. However, the family have tried to block out how nasty he was as they want to put a positive spin on their childhood / lives. Perhaps he is not physically dead just metaphorically dead to the family.

I’m backing my theory up as follows:

  • Rebecca had to wear a high necked, long sleeve wedding dress to hide bruises from Jack beating her up.
  • Rebecca was not sure about Motherhood but Jack started slipping her fertility medication to boost egg production, hence how she got pregnant with triplets.
  • How did they get to adopt Randal just like that? Usually there would be months of paper work and approval of home setting and who would approve someone adopting a baby when already had two of the same age …unless they were bulled into it.
  • Jack separated Rebecca from her family in order to control her. That breakdown at thanksgiving was staged to prevent her seeing her family! He also poisoned her against her family meaning she had no one to tell about the abuse.
  • Kate’s weight is due to his abuse of her.
  • Jack forced Rebecca not to perform for years. Preventing her earning again having finical independence.
  • Jack’s best friend supported Rebecca emotionally when the truth came out and that of course led to their marriage.
  • Rebecca actually preferred to be called Becky but he always called her Rebecca like her parents had and that made her feel like a child and hence she was for a very long time accepting of his control.