Read my lips: A Stiff Drink

It was Jake’s story that I enjoyed most.

From reading all 3 narratives, I’m mysterified about who I the reader was. Was I the same person to all the narrators.

I think instead of chapters it would be better to head messages in terms of days sent, to give a better idea of time.

Overall probably took an hour to go through all three narratives. Of course it is up to you, how often leave narrative … you just may get pop ups tempting you back.

Next I’m going to try Karen as digital fiction, which is an app by Blast theory. Again if anyone uses either Stiff Drink or Karen; it would be interesting to see how the experience compares as our narratives may not have been the same!

Digital fiction app Read my lips ๐Ÿ‘„: Stiff drink AnnieK

Digital fiction app Read my lips ๐Ÿ‘„: Stiff drink Annie

The app was free to download. I’m reading the one free story in the app which is called Stiff Drink. There are ย other stories in the app, costing 99p each.

There are 3 characters who’s story you can follow. I have started with Annie. Which was top of list of characters.

The story is told as texts. You get text after text and between texts get the dots indicating other person typing.

Every so often get to choose to respond. Sometimes just have one response to click on and untill click on can not see more of the story.

You kind of wish, it was sophisticated enough that you could, write own responses. Sometimes you get to choose between two responses.

But sometimes response to question does not come, like in below instance.

I read a few texts on Monday then cane out of app. As had turn notifications on for app, Tuesday a notification popped up, like a text asking if still there.

Texts are broken up at start of chapters.

Anyone fancy reading as well to see what happens, if choose different responses?

Anyone previous experience of digital fiction?