Interesting post on Shakespeare birthday? And birthday of new royal

Shakespeare’s birthday is often quoted as 23Mar but actually his date of birth is not recorded anywhere. Because of the date of his christening then his birthday is suspected to have been 23rd.

In contrast there is no doubt about date of the new royal birth today!

Lighthouses On St George Island and Guernsey

This is a picture of the lighthouse on St George’s Island Florida.

I watched Guernsey potato pie this evening and as the credits roll you hear snippets of their book club discussions including of Virgina Woolfe to the lighthouse. Like we said at my book club, the potato pie society thought, it lacked action!

Guernsey has several lighthouses, as an island with lots of coats.

St George’s islands

As England’s patron saint is Saint George then England could be said to be a island of St George’s.

This post is a picture of houses on St George’s Florida.

Pretty houses, but no pictures of the lighthouse mentioned.

There are other St George’s islands around world:

  • Alaska
  • Bermuda
  • Montenegro
  • Looe Island in Cornwall, England is also known as St George’s Island.
  • There is a fictional St George’s Island in the old English sitcoms Yes Minster.

On St George’s day, the significance of the name George to the Royal family

Today, St Georges day a new royal baby has been born.

The new Royal baby’s older brother who is 3rd  in line to the throne is called George.

George, Charlotte and the new baby’s Uncle prince Harry is getting married on 19thMay in St Georges chapel.

Happy St George’s Day!

St George is the patron saint of England and Ethiopia. Although during the World Cup in a couple of months time there will be plenty of white flags with a Red Cross, which is St George’s symbol; today is a normal working day and the day will pass largely without ceremony.

There is a dragon Emblemin the station in Sheffield not sure if this is to represent St George?

There are also roses, which is England’s national flower.

It is also the English playwrite William Shakespeare’s date of birth and death,