Annexed by Sharon Dogar and other Anne Frank related posts

Today on Boxing Day, I have just finished The Annexed by Sharan Dogar. Starting the book, it was very vivid after visiting Amsterdam, earlier in the year. I could imagine the street and some of the rooms; not so much how the warehouse fitted in as don’t think see that. I liked that Anne was not glorified; it is described how Peter found her irritating. As the book continues they become closer, at this point I became less keen to read as you know it is not going to be a happy ending and there is no suspense. Partly,  I read it intermittently as book was at my parents but also I chose to start other books whilst at my parents. Sitting down to read it on Boxing Day, after a while I ended up reading blog posts about Anne Frank; I realised it was about 20years since read Anne Frank’s diary so could not remember details. Below are highlights of what I read. 

It would be interesting to have read Anne Frank’s diary and Annexed side by side. Annexed reference’s the diary albeit changing sequence of events; it includes some footnotes about alterations. It talks about romantic tension between Anne, Margot and Peter which you can imagine happening with teenagers in intimate, isolated environment but; I can not remember from the diary. In Annexed Peter asks Anne not to write about their closeness; so could it be this was not explicitly written in the diary. Anne rewrote her diary; conscious of recording the experience for public so it is not a private, raw venting diary.

The last part of Annexed is the time in the camp. I do not like all the italics breaking up the writing.

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