Pintrest Book Clock

I saw this on pintrest.

I had a book scavange (I have previously posted about past book scavenges) to see what books I had that I could use to create a clock.

I did not have the 12 books needed.

I used 19 minutes for around the 4 position as 4 represents 20minutes so 19minutes fits about there.

Book Scavanger: What I did not have on my shelf….

  • An audio book. Last time I listened to an audiobook was as a child; casssettes borrowed from the library. Now the way to do it is to listen with phone; so there is nothing to put on the book shelf. I downloaded audibles, for a free trial which took about 10minutes and that was at the same time as cooking. I’m now listening to Cousin Rachal by Daphane De Mairier which is another one being turned into a film this year. As it is just one narrator rather than dialogue, you have to make sure you listen and concentrate; no looking at anything else on phone!
  • Looking at my book shelf most is caucasion, women like me. But that is swung a little by having so many Jodi Piccoult and Tess Gerritson. But my shelves do not represent everything I read; they represent what I have kept minus books that my sister has in her to be read collection. So I have nothing against reading books by someone of a different gender, ethinicity, religion, ability etc to me.
  • I think I have got into reading other books because of them having the tag ‘If you like Jodi Piccoult’. Of course Amazon also acts as an enabler to keep in one genre but hey it’s what I like; not too difficult to read but good characters and a dilemma to ponder.
  • Through going to a book club I definitely do read things, I would not naturally pick; however; that probably shows I know what I like as not many become keepers. Therefore on that basis this challenge has not tempted, me to read any steam book or any fantasy novels
  • For book club over last couple of years I have read a couple of 800+ page books; Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, which had some good bits , but weirder as it went on and for me too detached to realities along with length I was not enjoying it by the end. I borrowed it from my Dad, but if it was my book, I probably would not have kept it. Also for book club read Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which I mighthave enjoyed if it had not been dragged out so much; what did all the repeated drug binge scenes achieve?

Book Scavanger 4

A book with an unreliable narrator:

Curious incident of the Dog in the nighttime.

A book with pictures

The curious incident of the dog in nighttime includes some diagrams which, add to the narrative style.

Book Set During wartime

No Angel by Penny Vincenzi

This book covers from the Edwardian era to the First World War. Later books go up to an beyond Second World War.

A book with a month, day or meal in the title

This was originally meant to be one with month or day in the title but, could not find one. So added meal to the catergory; as saw Breakfast at Tiffanies  on the shelf. A very short book as novella rather than novel; only little action but a gentle mysterious aura.

A book bought on a trip

I bought Mark Haddon’s (who also wrote Curious Incident of the night) in Amsterdam airport.

Reading short stories: Mark Haddon and Emma Strout

A book with a family member in the title

Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. In this book the daughter in the title, is born with Down’s syndrome along with a twin brother. Her Father a doctor, who delivers, her tells his wife that the baby girl has died and gives the baby to the nurse to take to an orphanage. Inevitably the secret does not remain forever.

A book with character’s name in the title

The ‘classic’ Heidi.

A book set in two time periods

The midwives confession by Diane Chamberlain

The book flicks from 1988 early 90s when two babies were born to 2010 when the girl’s are teenagers and the midwife of both kills herself. The book has many twists and turns, before the secrets that prompted the midwives suicide are revealed. I was captivated and read this book in one sitting.

A book bought from a second hand shop

Captain Correlli’s  mandolin by Louis de Bernieres

I have not read it yet. I have been interested in it, since heard a reading from it at someone’s wedding therefore at 50p in a charity shop, it made sense to buy. If nothing else the cover is pretty to look at.

Book Scavanger 3

A Scavanger inspired by following; more of it to come next weekend.

Book inspiration including books made into films out in 2017

A book with season in title:

The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux

In this book 3 women turning 40 together, get to see how their life would have been if they took another path. After seeing this vision they then get to choose whether to keep new or old life and with each option whether they get to remember or forget alternative path. Thought provoking about, whether life leading is best or could have been better.

A Story within a Story

Think as Olive Kitteridge is a novel made up of short stories, it counts as a story within a story. See previous posts for more information.

A book with multiple authors

Previous Victims is a true crime story. It is about a family who’s baby daughter goes missing and it is unclear what has happened to the baby. Three years later the families second baby daughter also goes missing; casting further suspicion upon the family itself. The book is written by Don W Weber a prosecutor and stormy who was a prosecutor in the case and Charles Bosworth an investigative reporter who covered both apparent kidnaps.

A book with a red spine

This is my last remaining Enid Blyton. Mostly I had old paperback Enid Blyton’s, but this one my sister bought me as a child for my birthday.

Giving a way my Enid Blyton books; must have spent hours of my childhood reading them …

A book with a cat on the cover

I thought there would be multiple to choose from but could only find this.

A book made into a film released in 2017.

I had zoo keeper’s wife because I bought it to read before I watched film. I was talking to a friend who works at a cinema last night and she says it is not being shown much because it did not do well in first week. This seems a real shame as one of those true stories that is so amazing that, it would be totally unbelievable if someone had written it. The one cinema I could find that was showing it, is not showing it this weekend. During the week it was only being shown at 15.00 and next week at 12:00; so it is now rather a self fulfilling prophecy that not main people will watch. I ended up with a private screening as no one else watched it at 15:00 on a Thursday with me.

Zookeeper’s Wife Film

Are all true stories: non fiction? Review of The Zoo Keeper’s wife.



Book Scavanger 2

A book with letter Z in title or author’s name.

A book that was passed to me by someone who was given it, as a secret Scrooge. It looks like it was originally at Aberdeen library.

No intention of reading all 100 having, already battled through some of the author’s books including Donna Tartt and Angela Carter.

A Classic 

Do not really go for classics, but this is a puffin classic.

Oldest book on shelf

Depends whether first written or one I have had longest which is hard to remember.

I have picked this book which had as child and was second hand then so held together by selotape.

Book with key on cover

I’m not sure whether this is a key or not, but can not find anything better. It has definitely got a door on the cover. It is a book written partly by Cherie Booth; who was married to Tony Blair about the experiences of spouses of British prime minster’s before herself.

Book with animal on cover

Following on from, Roald Dahl giant peach, a adult Ronald Dahl book of short stories with a pig on cover.

A book with a girl on the cover

A to be read. Read other Diane Chsmberlin; good for holidays; so maybe this will end up being a holiday read.

A book with star on cover

A book with gold lettering

Something on shelf which is not a book

Ballerina my parents bought me in Spain.

Music Scavanger 2

A CD with a Z in title or artist name.

The band the Zutons who’s name is also included in the album title. The Zutons originally penned Valerie; made famous by Any Whitehouse.

CD with key on cover

Multiple keys on Oasis Single; Let there be love. B sides are Sittin’ Here in Silence (on my own) and Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Live at City of Manchester Stadium July 05).

CD with animal on cover 

A crocodile

On the cover of Beady Eye album; Liam Gallagher’s post Oasis band which is now also disembanded as he embarks on his solo career.

CD with girl on cover 

Two girls on Drugdealer Cheerleader cover. My favourite Drugdealer cheerleader song Fireworks is the first track on this album.

CD with star on cover

There was a star on the cover of Drugdealer Cheerleader album with the girls on. 

This Oasis single also had lots of Stars on.

The single Somgbird has the B sides (You’ve got) the heart of a star and Columbia live.

CD with gold letters

I could not find anything with fully gold letters on, but the letters on this T. rex best of are outlined in gold. Another cover with stars on.

Book case Scavenger Hunt

I love looking through people’s bookcases, in case you do to here is virtual peak at mine. Feel free to answer the questions yourself and put link to yours in my comments so I can peek at your book case.

1) Find a book for each letter of name or initials which ever want.

S = Some Old Lovers Ghost by Judith Lennox. Had this book since I was a teenager so along time. Think I have reread since and enjoyed.

A = A Tale for the time being by Ruth Ozeki. This is one I have bought because it is on the reading list for book club, later in the year.

R = Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. It was difficult to find one for R. This is one of 4 books my sister has read and passed on to me; had them on shelf for years; in fact think have moved the shelves and books across city and put back on shelf. I read 50 shades but not sure whether want to spend time on these which may just be copy cat books of 50 shades.

A = All is not forgotten

2) Count your age along your bookshelf. What book is it?

It is one in Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isle series; the Mephisto Club. They are crime / murder mystery thrillers centered round female police lady Rizzoli and foresenic scientist Isle. There is now also a TV programme Rizzoli and Isle based on the books; which I have not watched as do not want to ruin how see characters.

3) Pick a book set in your city/country.

Meet me by the steel. By Theresa Tomlinson. This is acutually a children’s book that my brother had whilst I was at university in Sheffield. I have kept it becaus it is quite interesting. The shopping mall in Sheffield was built on the site of a former steel works so there is a statue in the shopping centere of some steel workers. The book imagines that this status comes to life, therefore you get an insight into the lives of steel workers.

4) Pick a book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to.

I’m getting through places in this book, but still some to go. In particular would love to visit Italy.

5) Pick a book that is your favourite colour

I like blues and greens. There are pretty blues but this has sparkly bits in it, so I have picked this one.

I picked it up from discount book store and found it had been signed.

6) Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

I read the whole of the Understudy between acts when I was on my own for the weekend for a music festival, so that is a good memory of reading in the sun.

7) Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?

I was surprised I still had the Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter on my shelf. It was a book that read for book club and did not really engage mes in. It is short stories so as I have read couple of books of short stories recently now I have found it I may try to read one story then decide whether it is going to charity.

8) Which book in your to be read pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?

Insomnia by Stephen King as I have reading it on my list of things to do before I’m 35 as I have never read a Stephen King before. It is quite a thick book.

Thank you for the inspiration, hope inspires others too!

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