Princess 👸 Day

Check out Wonderwall360 for Princess pictures from today’s wedding from: toddler Princess Charlotte through bride Princess Eugenie to Princess Anne.

Princess stories (see previous post to vote for favourite 3). All the stories are also on instragram.


Princess shredded dress to bounce better.


Mattress uncomfortable because of hidden pea?

Shweta Suresh

Not all princesses wear sparkly tiaras.

Kat Myrman

She was a bitch, Daddy’s princess.


Tiara by day; cowl by night.

Shreya Punjab

Off with their heads!’ ordered Princess.

The Dark Netizen

Ruled men’s hearts; until midnight struck.


United Disney Princesses , break the internet.


Paparazzi fuelled car-crash fatality – Worldwide

Co host Kirstywrites

Daddy’s Princess. Sister’s rival. Mum’s worry.

The Princess bride 👰

The dress has a long train and a tiara borrowed from the Queen, with a central green emerald. The dress has long sleeves. Over the shoulders there is extra structure which frame her cleavage. The back is cut down to the a little below shoulder blades, rather than concealing scars from childhood operation for sclerosis of her.

Picture of the dress

Royal wedding day wedding 👰

Sat watching royal wedding. The last royal bride Meghan, has arrived in understated navy. Along with her husband Harry, his brother William and Kate in a simple pink dress and a beautiful hat. Zara is wearing a bright royal blue.

The Mother of the bride is wearing bright emerald green contrasting with her red hair. Her hat is trimmed with yellow to coordinate with yellow clutch. The bride’s elder sister is Matron of honour but, not wearing a traditional bridesmaid dress. Her outfit is royal blue.

It is a windy but, dry day in Windsor. Robbie Williams Father of one of the flower girls, arrived with his wife on one arm and Mother in law on other arm. Unfortunately his Mother in laws hat blew off and Robbie just looked shocked as he watched her collect it.

The groom has arrived and the bride is soon due; for the ceremony at 11.

At the same time I have been starting to prepare poll for this week’s 6 word story for prompt Princess.

Victober: Queen Victoria’s likely influence on Eugenie’s wedding

Firstly, Eugenie name relates to Victoria; Eugenie Victoria Helena. Queen Victoria named her oldest daughter, Victoria, in turn that Victoria named her eldest daughter Victoria Eugenie. Helena is the name of another one of Queen Victoria’s daughters.

Queen Victoria

Prince Andrew

When Eugenie marries on Friday she is likely to wear white, which is a tradition started by Queen Victoria, before her wedding brides wore yellow and blue. Queen Victoria insisted her daughter’s wore white.

Blue wedding dresses

Yellow wedding dresses

Eugenie is likely to include myrtle in her bridal bouquet, which represents love and including it was a tradition started by Queen Victoria. It was also included in Meghan’s bouquet.


Victober info


I saw this post about Victober.

I’m too old to be that in to YouTube so sorry, not watched videos from founders.

When I was 7, I visited Queen Victoria’s holiday Home Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. It was my party piece that I could recite that, Queen Victoria had 9 children and 40 Grandchildren. Recently looking at royal family, I saw how they descended from Queen Victoria. Appropriately for Victober the royal bride 👰 of the month is Eugenie Victoria whereas one of Queen Victoria’s grandaughter’s was called Victoria Eugenia. Victoria Eugenie was Queen Victoria daughter Beatrice’s daughter. This months royal bride’s sister is Beatrice.

Have you read Victorian literature for example Bronte, Dickens…? Any recommendations?

Another historic royal baby and wedding


No not an an anoucement of a honeymoon baby for Meghan or Harry. Harry’s cousin Zara has given birth to a baby girl. The girl will not have tirtle princess. She however broken record set by Prince Lois in April, for heavest royal baby recorded. Despite breaking the record set by Prince Loius the nerw baby, being much further down the sucession line, is getting less press than Prince Lois. No photos of baby yet released.

What next for royals, now Harry and Meghan are married

Princess Anne

The new prince’s name verses my prediction.

In addition to the wedding later this year of Princess Eugenie and Jack, in a first for the royal family there is to be a same sex marriage.  The Queen’s cousin Lord Mountbatten is getting married. It seems that the wedding is to be small and the Queen will not attend but this is not an indication that she is against same sex marriage; at the  State Opening of Parliament  2017, the Queen stated: “My government will make further progress to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination against people on the basis of their race, faith, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.”

Royal wedding: Part 11 Other Guests Outfits

My favourite outfit was Amal Clooney. Loved the bright yellow and the shape of the hat.

Next I liked the green dress of Kitty Spencer’s below with her siblings (Prince Harry’s cousins on his Mother side).

Next I liked Meghan’s suits co star Abigail’s polka dot dress.

I also liked Kate’s sister Pippa’s dress.

Kate’s Mother also wore green like The Queen and Meghan’s Mother. I like this shade of green.

I also like this shade of green.

Chloe Maddeley has had criticism for cleavage shown in this outfit. It is revealing.

The mix of colours at weddings are fantastic. The greens like above, the blues like Sophie and Eugenie, the yellows like Amal and Kate and the pinks …

Both above are ex girl friends of Harry. On the right Chelsea Davy and on the left Cressida Bonas.