Books / hard copies of Newspapers vs Digital reading 

Advantages of books / hard newspapers over digital reading

  •  There are the usual points about the romance of an actual book; holding it’s weight, the feel of the pages, the smell …with a kindle everybook feels and smells the same. Afterwards if you go back to a book on the kindle; it is still the same. Whereas if you go back to a book it may have suncream on and remind you of a holiday.
  • Books have different covers. Miss out on that with a kindle. At a recent book club for To the Lighthouse by Virgina Woolfe; we compared covers. I would be tempted to collect different covers of the same book. Within the example of To the Lighthouse then different versions also have different notes in.
  • I love having books on shelves. I’m dreaming of having a reading room / libary; I have been looking up ideas 💡 on pintrest which I will share in future posts.
  • It is good to keep books you like they have memories attached. Like I can remember reading the whole of David Nicholas Understudy at Kendal Calling festival. Or you may have signed books or personalised books.
  • Your book shelves are a reflection of you. What have you kept? Have you kept it because you keep every book you have ever bought and therefore you keep having to buy shelves and your shelves are double stacked? Or have you been selective?
  • I like being able to pass books on when I have read them. You can not do that with a kindle. Every so often carrier bags of books will pass between my sister and I. The joy of receiving a bag of books the anticipation of seeing what is inside. Sometimes when I get s bag of books from my sister it will be books I passed to her; then I get to go through and remember book and decide what to keep. My sister’s husband does not allow open bookcases as books are all different sizes he thinks messsy; so my sister does not get to keep many books.
  • I like looking at other people’s book cases. You can. It go to someone’s house and pick up their kindle or phone to look through. But you can with books 📚 and bookcases. Sometimes you can ask to take books home with you!
  • Similar to above books 📚 look good on cpfeee tables and are good for dipping in and out, flicking through. You can also have magazines and newspapers on coffee tables. I intend to write a post about coffee table books.
  • Books are good for charities. You can take the ones you do not want there. You can buy new ones there. It is great going to charity shops, now there are not so many independent book shops, charity shops are where you can browse books not knowing what may find. You can see what books are well thumbed. Then when you buy books it goes to charity.
  • Because so much on internet that means hard for people to earn a living from writing. The guardian has free content but asks for voluntary donations. Without money to fund journalism the quality of journalism may be lowered?
  • On a Sunday I like a proper hard copy paper and magazine to go through.
  • I like the guardian online lifestyle section. But this shows how with online, can be more selective. You can end up with narroe view as only read what like and this is perpetuated because when read something online something similar is suggested. I think politics and global conflicts are important to be aware of but I do not necessarily enjoy reading a lot about them. With a paper you may not read whole articles but at least you see headlines and at least get a gist of what is hsppening; whereas online you may just go straight to whet like and therefore see nothing else.
  • You cam give books 📚 as presents but you can not really give a kindle book. Sometimes when books are given as gifts them a message is written inside the front cover.
  • You can collect books for example, different covers of the same book, first editions and signed copies. 
  • For children can have pop up books, books with different textures like the ‘It’s not my…’ series or pages cut out in other ways like the hungry catapiller.   Can you even get picture books on the kindle? There is joy in reading a book to a child.
  • Books can have shiner pages with photographs on within the other pages.
  • You can have a special bookmark to put in a book.

Advantages of digital over books / hard newspapers

  • The other side of books all feeling different to hold and kindle always being the same; is that for a long book the kindle does not put as much stain on wrist as a big heavy book! 
  • Carrying a kindle is lighter when want to take several books on holiday.
  • If you had a kindle rather than books; you would not hear one of your removal men commenting on carrying another box 📦 of books 📚 (true story).
  • There is so much material on the internet, do not need to pay for newspapers /magazines. I like flicking through articles on Flipboard and reading blogs.
  • It is easy to turn back pages in a book to check back on something.
  • Digital fiction enables an interactive experience.

Can you think of anything else for either list?